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So, in his last home meet as a High School student, my son won his 3200m and 1600m races. That was pretty fun to see. In a few weeks he goes to Sectionals to qualify to run at State-- I think he can do it!!

I was super happy when I ran a 5K averaging just under 10 minute miles... and he ran his mile in 4:51... not record setting, but damn fast.

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Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
I was just thinking, wouldn't it be awesome if all the bands released the instrumental versions and the master tracks of the songs on their albums ?

Travis The Dragon

As far as instrumental versions go, only if they cut out parts that repeat since they would just sound exactly the same. Also, demo versions of songs would be sweet.

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Thanks for the well wishes for my son!

Phew, spent the weekend cleaning the garage and doing plumbing :(

I'm almost glad to be back to work!

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User: my laptop says it's not connected
Me: is the ethernet cable plugged in?
User: yes, I've plugged it into my computer but still not connected. This always happens to me here!
*wasted leaves office walks across the building to office*
Me: ....um..... you've unplugged the cable from the wall....
User: yes, that's how I connect, I unplug it from the wall and plug it into my laptop!!
Me:.....but....the other end is plugged into another computer.... not the network...you need to unplug it from the other computer and put that end in your laptop.
User: Well, someone told me to do it that way!
Me: *sigh*


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Stephen Hendry retires.... man was he good. Probably the best who've played the game:

In 1990, he was the youngest-ever snooker World Champion, at the age of 21. He has won the World Championship a record seven times and was snooker's world number one for eight consecutive years between 1990 and 1998, and again in 2006/2007. Hendry has the distinction of holding the most world ranking titles (36) and leads the field of snooker players with 775 competitive century breaks. He also holds the record with Ronnie O'Sullivan for the most competitive maximum breaks, with 11.

I remember seeing him in the 1990s and I always felt sorry for my other "heroes" (e.g. Steve Davis) who were beaten by him. There were times when he was invincible.

Just a few days ago the King of the Table hit a maximum again:
Really, check the last couple of minutes of this vid if you don't want to see it in total. Great to see this enthusiasm!

Now who can break his record of 7 world titles? Ronnie O'Sullivan? John Higgins?

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O'Sullivan has the talent to do it, but his motivation is always a question. I can't really see him winning four more World Championships.

Still, this time around he is playing great again, and leads 9-7 before the final session of the quarter-final match against Neil Robertson. The only remaining player in the tournament I can see beating either of them, is Maguire. A final between O'Sullivan and Maguire could be great. I was hoping for Hendry - O'Sullivan, but Maguire played some outstanding snooker in the quarter-final.

I'm happy Hendry got a maximum in his last World Championship - it means he goes out in style despite the bad result in the QF.