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So yeah, I entered this sweepstakes to win a copy of En Vivo! before I bought it. I won the sweepstakes today and I just bought En Vivo!, any of you guys want it that don't have it yet? I might also give to my friend who is getting into Maiden.


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So, my first attempt at cooking with tofu was a success. I think I'm on a roll these days.


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Anybody mind if I split those posts and put them in the Maiden Pictures thread where they belong?

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Dude, I so know what you mean.

I have come to learn that I can only control me, and not my surroundings. I have a hard time accepting that sometimes, even tho I understand it.


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Had to do a presentation to the main folk in IT about our new PCI-DSS compliance software package. It seemed to go quite well. I hate standing up in front of people to give a talk, so I was not looking forward to it.