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Is there any scientifical explanation to why do cold drinks (sodas and stuff) taste so much better than when with average room temperature?


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First impulse for an explanation would be conditioning. But I'm sure there is more to it.

Now check this out: St. Louis Cardinals - Chicago Cubs: 5:1. Baltimore Orioles - Toronto Blue Jays: 6:4. Bayer Leverkusen - Hertha BSC Berlin: 3:3. The latter is the best score they've had in about a hundred games. I'm so glad that sports isn't very important to me, because otherwise I'd be depressed for only supporting teams that suck.

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I really want a beer. I've been trying to stay alcohol free in training for a 5 mile run, but i miss beer.

I think a Guinness is calling my name....


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Yeah, it doesn't apply in my case either. Late 40's has brought a contentment and an ease of life that didn't exist in my teens and 20's. I'm a happier old dude than I was a kid...

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They did, but they are still firm favourites to go through in my opinion. With the same dominance at home, they will be unlucky not to win by two (which they could have done today, if you look at the number of chances they created).