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Exactly what I posted after you in the video of Iron Maiden Italia. At the end of your video and at the end of mine, there's a lovely indication about the songs that could be played next year... Will Alexander be the Great attraction on stage in few months... :D
Next year is for the album tour and they will play most of Senjutsu or the whole album (btw, if they play the whole album I think the tour will have only 1 leg, if they don't, then I can see a 2nd short leg in 2024 with a new album or Hits tour in 2025. The album is too good to have only 1 leg). ATG and SIASL are possible surprises, but I don't think they want to play more songs from Somewhere In Time (they only play WY and HCW throughout the years), it's too good to be true and the title track is brutally fast. Bruce is a master of hype. A Hits tour around the 1986 classic? If there is another Hits tour it will be after the album tour, but I think they will skip their usual formula this time. Steve wanted to recrod a video from the original tour, maybe he wants to re-create this tour again, but I doubt it (although it's curious to see a modern version of the 1986-1987 stage set) - the focus next year is on Senjutsu.
Oh, as for 2023 Maiden set? Well all/most of Senjutsu and 1-2 less-obvious classic cuts would make me super happy, really.
Me too.
Somewhere in Time and SSOASS are Maiden's top albums, we already had a maiden england tour (with 3 important songs missing + no still life) so it's time for a tour where they play the entirety of somewhere like blind guardian do.
They've never played a classic album back to back live. About Maiden England selection of songs, I think they didn't want to copy the original tour so much.


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Maybe you're right. But, I bet that would be a tour focused on 'Senjutsu' AND 'Somewhere In Time'. As I have said once on this forum, there's some songs on 'Senjutsu' that can be linked to 'Somewhere In Time'. First of them : "Lost In A Lost World" that recalls "Stranger In A Strange Land" by its title. We also have "Days Of Future Past" which suggests something like a "Deja Vu". Finally, we have "The Time Machine" which refers to the theme of the entire 'Somewhere In Time' album : time.

So that could be logical to have a setlist based on 'Senjutsu' AND 'Somewhere In Time'. More precisely : the entire 'Senjutsu' live + 4/5 songs of 'Somewhere In Time' + 3/4 hit songs.

I guess this setlit could be this one (but I could be wrong) :

1) Senjutsu
2) Stratego
3) The Writing On The Wall
4) Lost In A Lost World
5) Days Of Future Past
6) The Time Machine
7) Darkest Hour
8) Death Of The Celts
9) The Parchment
10) Hell On Earth
11) Alexander The Great
12) Wasted Years
13) Déjà Vu
14) Stranger In A Strange Land
15) Caught Somewhere In Time
16) The Trooper
17) Run To The Hills
Since we're doing setlists for the next tour, here's mine:

3.The Writing on the Wall
4.The Time Machine
5.Darkest Hour
6.Hell on Earth
Blade Runner End Theme
7.Caught Somewhere in Time
8.Wasted Years
9.Sea of Madness
10.Stranger in a Strange Land
11.Deja Vu
12.Alexander the Great
13. The Number of the Beast
14. Infinite Dreams
Encore 2
15.The Trooper
16. The Clairvoyant


Caught Somewhere in Time
Can I Play With Madness
The Trooper
Writing on The Wall
Darkest Hour
Hell On Earth
Iron Maiden
Fear Of The Dark
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Running Free


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I mean didn't Bruce tease the Somewhere in Time tour on stage at Download 2007? I wouldn't completely rule it out, but I'm not expecting a SITjutsu tour.