Discussion in 'Maiden Chat' started by Black Wizard, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Randalf

    Randalf Ancient Mariner

    It seems that Satan's work is done.
  2. Wogmidget

    Wogmidget I rather like the restless nights

  3. Kalata

    Kalata Out of the Silent Planet

    Trolling is the virus in the Internet these days. Sad but true.
  4. Without a conscience they destroy
    And that's a thing that they enjoy
    They're a sickness that's in all our minds
    They want to sink the ship and leave
    The way they laugh at you and me
    You know it happens all the time
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  5. Magnus

    Magnus Ancient Mariner

    Would you prefer them being bottomist?
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  6. Brigantium

    Brigantium Grim Reaper Staff Member

    We can be anal.
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  7. Jer

    Jer I’m not a fish, I’m a man

    So you’re claiming that we are bottomist, then? :p
  8. Zare

    Zare sorry Zed

    May I remind everyone that we live in 21st century. All setlists are beautiful. You may not accept one, for what it is, but rooting for a forceful change should be equal to hate speech. #setliststoo
  9. Kalata

    Kalata Out of the Silent Planet

    Who's that ?
  10. Magnus

    Magnus Ancient Mariner

    Do you have a dictionary at home, Kala?
    I suggest you check "humour", you'll be in for a treat.
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  11. matic22

    matic22 Ancient Mariner

    I want to add What is sarcasm and how it works to it...
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  12. Kalata

    Kalata Out of the Silent Planet

    Haha, my comment was a joke, so you better watch out.
    ....''do not meddle with things you don't understand''.
  13. Black Wizard

    Black Wizard Cereal Litigator

    Santa Claus is coming to town.
  14. Daedalus

    Daedalus Trooper

    I don't understand the talk about planning that far in advance being a pain in the a**.

    Yeah, when I got my seats for Philly, the show was still 8 months away.

    But 7/30/19 is the Iron F*cking Maiden show, and everything else gets planned around that.

    At this stage, this may or may not be the last chance to see Maiden live.

    These cats have been at it for 40 years, and every tour could well be the last.

    You want to be lackadaisical about getting your seats, and run the risk of getting lousy seats, or worse, shut out altogether, that's up to you.

    I got mine the day they went on sale, and have 1st level, just about center stage seats.

    I could have had floor seats, even closer, but I'm 54 years old now, and I don't roll like that anymore.

    I missed a lot of Maiden tours because I got married and raised a family. Your priorities change.

    My youngest child just got her Master's last year, so I suddenly have time (and $) for myself.

    As far as ticket sales slumping, I couldn't care less. I've got my seats.

    Maiden aren't going to put on a half-assed show if it's not a sellout.
  15. LooseCannon

    LooseCannon Yorktown-class aircraft carrier Staff Member

    I mean, it's pretty moot. It'll be a sellout.
  16. GhostofCain

    GhostofCain Ancient Mariner

    Hear! Hear!
  17. Legatodave

    Legatodave Nomad

    ssupport for LA show is FUZZY!!
    does any one know who fuzzy are? Never heard of them
  18. KidInTheDark666

    KidInTheDark666 What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine too

    You mean Fozzy? Chris Jericho's band.
  19. Black Wizard

    Black Wizard Cereal Litigator

    Now there's a man who knows how to build a wall.
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  20. Niall Kielt

    Niall Kielt Pulled Her At The Bottle Top

    Poppycock, sure his wall couldnt even stand up to a decent brass quartet
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