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Will it bother you if you go to see KISS and they use backing tracks and lip sync on the upcoming tour?
Yes it would bother me and yes they will use backing tracks on the upcoming tour. At least Ozzy doesn't use it and tries his best with the voice he has. I saw him this past summer in Bristow, VA and he sounded good.


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Yesterday, Kiss kicks off their ''End Of The Road World Tour'' ->
Two things:
1) I was not blown away of the stage set - lots of pyro (as always) and a big video screen (like the one that Priest and Helloween recently uses). Their classic big inscript ''KISS'' was shown only on the last song and was not part of the stage design - just part of the big video screen. Although, it has some squares above the band during the whole show, which is a nice addition and looks great.

2)Predictable setlist - some strange inclusions, needs more surprises ! But if the tour continue for 3 years, they have plenty of time to rotate songs. Imagine to play the same set of songs for 3 years in a row. :eek:
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so this is the setlist they've been teasing online with surprises? Very disappointing. Sure War Machine and Hide Your Heart were unexpected, but the rest is par for the course.

If it's their final tour, they should do what Priest did on their Epitaph tour and play at least 1 song from every lp. I notice they skipped Rock and Roll Over, Asylum, & Crazy Nights!


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What a shit storm this band has become (they really always were, but what a crappy way to go out).

Simmons could have just said "we are happy with the band now, it would be cool of Ace, Peter, and Bruce came up and did some songs here or there" ... instead he took the low road and trashed Ace and Peter as a way to sell Tommy and Eric. Pretty pathetic, especially given they have been working with Ace a bit over the past several years and Ace helped Gene sell his vaults.

On the other hand, Ace would have come off better if after his groping accusations he did not end it with him demanding his job back.

Shit storm for sure.


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Opening night of the End of the Road tour is tonight. Will certainly be intertesting to read the reviews and reactions come tomorrow...


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Setlist is more or less what I expected, a couple decent surprises. Is anyone concerned about spoilers?


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1. "Detroit Rock City"

2. "Shout It Out Loud"

3. "Deuce"

4. "Say Yeah"

5. "Heaven's On Fire"

6. "War Machine"

7. "Lick It Up"

8. "100,000 Years"

9. "God of Thunder"

10. "Cold Gin"

11. "Psycho Circus"

12. "I Love It Loud"

13. "Hide Your Heart"

14. "Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll"

15. "Love Gun"

16. "I Was Made for Lovin' You"

17. "Black Diamond"

18. "Beth"

19. "Do You Love Me?"

20. Rock and Roll All Nite"


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Full show from the first night of the tour.

I changed my opinion for the stage set (now that I see more decent footage) - it looks amazing. The big video screen is cool.

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