Genghis Khan

How good is Genghis Khan on a scale of 1-10?

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I think Genghis Khan is one of Maiden's most programmatic songs. When I listen to Transylvania, I don't really envision vampires, but when I listen to Genghis Khan I can totally envision Genghis and his army riding into battle. With the steady gallop of the opening with the high speed riffs signaling the beginning of the battle. It's an early instance of Maiden telling a story through music and they're already pros at it.

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7/10. A pretty good instrumental tune! But I think it would have been better if it was longer and had some more sessions. Still has a very cool atmospheric feel to it as does every song on Killers.
5. Cool little instrumental but I much prefer Transylvania.


1980 - Iron Maiden - 6.67

8 - Prowler
6 - Sanctuary
7 - Remember Tomorrow
6 - Running Free
9 - Phantom Of The Opera
7 - Transylvania
4 - Strange World
6 - Charlotte The Harlot
7 - Iron Maiden

1981 - Killers

6 - The Ides Of March
6 - Wrathchild
6 - Murders In The Rue Morgue
5 - Another Life
5 - Genghis Khan
Another great instrumental, brilliant work by all of them. Steve rules on the Killers album, espesially on this track. 9/10
Genghis Khan is a phenomenal track. It gets to be a thrash metal song when it really gets going and I love the stellar drumming from Clive Burr on it.
I'd really love to be able to appreciate the instrumentals that others seem to enjoy so much. I do enjoy the climax to this though and prefer the whole thing to Transylvania.

Haven't heard this one for a while. It begins with a part somewhat similar to TRATB and manages to go completely nuts after. Good song.

Maiden's greatest instrumental. That's hard to pull off when all your instrumentals are amazing. Love this song, one of the band's catchiest tunes - and it doesn't even have lyrics. One that always ends up stuck in my head, and one I always come back to.
this riff-orgy
^This. 10/10
It’s creative, very fast and everything, but I don’t think as a whole it’s so amazing, and you tend to forget it even exists. 6/10
A very strong instrumental. Not as good as "Transylvania", but strong enough to be a huge highlight on a rather mediocre album. It doesn't stretch too much that it becomes boring, but isn't too short to be unsatisfying. Serves its purpose and actually delivers. 8.
A busy opening breaks into a memorable march, then cuts into another series of busy and repetitive sections before emerging into a classic Maiden galloping groove with soaring harmonized leads. The leads fade away and the repetitive guitar gradually winds down to a close.

The march portion is good and the galloping groove portion is great, but the rest of the track is forgettable. 6/10.
Perfect instrumental. Really awesome; I'll have to see if I like this one or "Losfer Words" more this time around. 10/10.
Best song of the Di'Anno era. A song so strong it doesn't need any vocals, it's great fun and a great construction of guitar riffs, bass pluckings, and drum beats. Not their best instrumental, but certainly a good one. 8
Like ''Transylvania'' this instrumental could have ended with lyrics, but it's better as it is. This has to be one of the fastest Maiden songs (especially at the middle). Brutal drumming from Clive! When the twin-lead guitar harmonies starts after the fast part - it's amazing! Essential Maiden! The best part of the song for sure. The guitar melodies resembles the ones in SIT album. It's one of the best middle parts of any song (this melodic riff/s could have been used for a separate song). It's not my favorite instrumental, but it's fun. 7/10.

Fun thing: according to Nicko, the song was written as a filler to the album and the working title was ''Jenkin's Barn'' (info is from Iron Maiden Commentary)