Genghis Khan

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What is interesting is how Nicko could know - he wasn't in the band in 1981.

Nicko had notes written for him for all of the Listen With Nicko "episodes". Of course something were made by him while recording them but the essential stuff (history, dates, details) were given to him way before he entered the studio to record, so that's how he knew stuff from before AND even when he WAS in the band
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I feel conflicted giving this rating because Genghis Khan is pretty good. I'm just not particularly fond of instrumentals.
Compared to Transylvania, this is the forgotten Maiden instrumental. It’s fairly similar in scope, however I think there are a lot of aspects that make this a more interesting track. The presence of Adrian Smith makes for some more interesting guitar parts, the playing is a lot tighter, and the slow gallop break with the soaring guitar harmonies is epic. It definitely has the feel of being thrown together at the last minute, but not a bad attempt at a filler instrumental. The song would probably benefit from a guitar solo or an additional part of some sort. 7.
The album’s second instrumental is a three-part piece that recalls the militarism, might, and glory of the titular ruler. The first part has a marching beat that brings to life Genghis Khan leading his warriors into battle; the second speeds up as the group slaughter their enemies; and the third (and best part) shows us his success as he forges the Mongol Empire. Pretty great stuff! 8/10
Just like the other instrumentals, this one is fantastic as well. (Un)Fortunately this one doesn't have a definitive version played by a different band lol
It features a lot of interesting riffs, melodies and tempo changes. The second half has the infamous riff that sounds like a riff from Infinite Dreams, as well as the Last Resort riff from Papa Roach. All in all a severyl underrated song and one of the highlights of the album. Another 8.