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So, I decided to surprise my wife when she would come home from the hospital and decided to cook... and made my first shepherd's pie (well, cottage pie, but whatever). So yesterday I had to make my first chicken broth as well. It all went really well and - false humbleness aside - it tasted awesome. Even wifey was very pleased and that means a lot to me, because she's an incredibly talented and disciplined cook. But honestly it's all because of the recipe and my willingness to follow it closely, nothing else.


(I didn't use the lid, by the way, I just cast it aside there)

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@Brigantium did you know about this place in Manchester?

They even have a vegan option.
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So, with a bit of a lack of bread and assorted other things in the house, and competition serious over shopping delivery slots, I'm looking into new recipes to try. Today: Irish potato cakes. We had mashed potato with a meal yesterday, and deliberatly made slightly too much, with a view to trying out other stuff made with mashed potato. I'll post pics if they don't look too bad.