Food thread!

It's just chocolate. Typically on a butter. If it's unsettling to look at, put another slice of bread on the top.
I don't know what Saap meant, but it was unsettling to me too. Okay, maybe just plain weird. Chocolate sprinkles don't belong on a slice of bread.
Yeah we call it that or ananas pizza.
My most eaten is probably margarita. (with added funghi)
The local place does a Hawaiian Heatwave pizza which is ham, double pineapple, and hot peppers, and it is fucking fantastic.
Just had Indian food delivered. Delicious! Vindaloo curry with chicken and garlic naan. (Our Swedish Indian places are not big on pork...)
All I can eat at those temperatures (22 °Ré & °Rø - nice coincidence but not what I'd like to have at home at bloody midnight) is a mixture of youghurt and Bulgarian white cheese (for those of you having no idea what the latter is, think of feta, only better*). Gives you proteins, fats, salts, micronutrients and water, and if you add a spoonful of honey at the end, you've got a dessert, and carbohydrates plus other stuff as well. If you insist on fibers, add a slice of rye bread. If you're bold, adventurous, or @Night Prowler , add an egg.

* Perhaps I should try to sell this phrase to one of our ministries - agriculture maybe, or tourism** .
** Admittedly, it depends heavily on the manufacturer and, often, the particular batch. Feta is much more stable in that aspect.