Food thread!

Those aren't fries, those are British late night takeaway chips in all their thick and floppy glory. I'm told this delicacy is called a 'London' by the Middlesbrough.
Latest from the Lockdown Kitchen:
I turned the entire crop of pears I got from the tree in our garden into just four jars of stuff. Dark stuff = spiced pears poached in red wine. Light stuff = pear, onion, chilli and garlic chutney, which is probably going to be too spicy to eat with cheese or salad, but it might get sweeter over time.
120616324_10158143622009143_8987226424359319350_o - Copy.jpg
But seriously, you do realise I wasn't being sarcastic with the "impressive"?

I once made some jam, in Home Ec at school. It took so long and was an awful lot of faff and when I'd finished the result was so unremarkable that I just never bothered again. Anyone who can just do it and turn out something like that has my full admiration :)
Looks like cheap gagh knockoff from Ferenginar.

Very bad and dishonorabru
It's the resemblance chocolate strands have to mouse droppings. Still, we've all made that mistake. :)