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Bloody hell. After a conference dinner consisting of red cabbage, something very related to Norwegian lefse and grilled goose, with plenty of wine to go with it, I ended up discussing with my professor and a PhD student from another department (still a Norwegian) about whether or not the Scandinavian countries should form a common football league with 5 clubs from Norway, 5 from Sweden and 5 from Denmark - or not. I'm very skeptical to that because earlier attempts to do this - albeit being between regular league seasons - have attracted crowds of 100-500 rather than 10 000 - 15 000. Now my female Iranian colleague, who doesn't touch alcohol, returned to the hotel.

After this, the slivovic came back. The German fella with a baby returned to his hotel after having a little taste of it. As the good drinker I am, I think I had most of all, and of course discussed more footy with other Norwegians as well as ice hockey with the Slovaks before the discussion turned to ice hockey, the weather and tram schedules in Bratislava.

Then we returned to the hotel. Only me and "my" professor went to the hotel bar for a few beers. After discussing music for three beers or so, we pretty much agreed that Led Zep and Black Sabbath rock - but besides that, he will stick with Neil Young and Bob Dylan. I think I'll stick with Maiden and Priest.

Na zdrowje!


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Eddies Wingman said:
Now my female Iranian colleague, who doesn't touch alcohol, returned to the hotel.

Once more on this topic, I think Iranian girls are both God's greatest gift and his biggest taunt.


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Wooooo my first post in the topic. Beginning to sober up but I still qualify. CBF reading this but I was just at my friends 18th. No way I can pull off an epic post like Perun has...

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Forostar said:
4 wodka's. I don't feel drunk but slower. I don't dare to go further because I have to fly tomorrow/

[Nearly sober post]: Just came back from the pub after watching the FA cup and having a few beers. I must comment on this: A wise decision. After that evening with wine, slivovica and beer I had an absolutely dreadful trip back to Norway. Flying with a hangover is horrible.


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On Sunday I was seriously hammered for nearly half a day. Do you think I thought about posting here?


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It's Tuesday/Wednesday 2 AM and I've had three beers, the most I've had this year. Who would have thought?



I am drunk at this very moment. It is a strange feeling... almost like I'm driving a car, but I'm steering from the backseat. I'm watching the world from the backseat  :bigsmile: Been  awhile since I posted here, and posted on this forum :)


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Ever noticed how Thin Lizzy manage to make even their guitars sound drunk? I bloody love that band.

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Oooo-kay. Just came home from a chemistry/chem-eng student party, with a great dinner and plenty of wine to go with it. For some reason the table I was placed at was full of: 1. other "old" male students/former students, including one of my best mates, 2. chicks from 1st and 2nd year. Each of us old guys tried to live up to our responsibility, each buying an extra bottle of wine for the table - on top of the two glasses that were included. The chicks turned out to be very moderate drinkers, most of them - meaning each of us guys had our bottle of wine and then some.

Afterwards managed to keep away from the dancing, instead ending up chatting with a couple of professors and then receiving advice on my love life from a cute (but occupied) 5th year student chick. She and I also spent time to try to convince another 5th year student to grow a beard (after the chick first had complimented me on my beard).

During the dinner I also received an SMS telling me that Man Utd were 2-0 up against Arsenal in the FA cup. Yay!


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oh he< gu<a, doyou know whTS WATCHING YUß

No? Mell, then take a look................


I'm having a kebab right now, so if things don't go the way you expect them right now... blome (what? What'ts the English word? Blame?) the Turk for.... np whait, blame for me.

Anyoway, I think its time to mention thiS: tHEREs a bunch of members I love on this board, and they are, in no particular ordeer: LooseCannon, Forostar, Wasted, Eddies Wingman, SMX, Shadow dn then somew. Ill conlude be zabane Farsie: In chiz ke man neveshte budam kheily ghashang bude. :)
Wow, that wass akward. :huh:

:shred: :shred: :shred: :rocker: :rocker:


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I have made a LooseCannon Executive Decisions.

It is true that I am awesome.

And everyone here is too.

People should come to my house and party.

I live in Antigonish NS. Fly in to Halifax and we will get so drunk. There is nothing to do here but we would still destroy this little fucking town.

Everyone here is awesome. Perun is like a great friend. One of the best. SO is wasted. And I wanna meet Albie and Zare and fucking SMX and fucking that other guy an dyeah. And mosh and fucking mega wherever he is I guess in the fucking army.

And fuck, nush, Foro, even though sometime sI get angry at you you crazy ductham ...dutchaamn.....dutchman. FUCK. yeah. Come over here and get the fuck drunk on Canadian beer. And then thers' Zare. I said Zare already, fuck yerah.

And the n0000000000000000bs

Fuck yeah

Who is a n0b now? Is it fucking Travis? You post a lot you psycomotehrfucker but thats ok. And then fugazi take a fucking bow. Who the cock else? fuck. I forget you al because i am drunl. sdrunk. drunkl. DURUNK. DRUNK. YEAH! I FUCKING SPELLED DRUNK!


THat guy is the fucking shit
Cornefed props motherfucker. This forum is full of fucking SMART people. Id on't know if you noticed but it is. SMX is brilliant, we have a lawyer, it guys, fuckign Perun the Iran man, and all sorts of brillian folk. Chaospiant needs to be around more often he rocks. Great n00b. We need a b00ns of the year award. n00b iof the year. You know what i mean i almost dropped my laptop fuckers.



Nightprowler Jupz fuck!! yEah!! Fucking Unknown One I think he's australian but i can'r emember MARMALITE AND DINGOS AND FUCKINF CROCADILE DUNEEE


goddamn. I hate that jackass that runs my country not as much as SMX hated BUSH but it is still a lot. FUCK FUC KFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK

WHO ELSE IS THERE!!! cocksucking suns of bitches yeah. fuck I had to send an email. this is long so I am gonna sign off with SHADOW. Give that man props. He has grown up on this roummf. forum. and he is awesome.....

I love you guys. This forum has been one of the best parts of my life, and I wouldn't trade you for the world. Be cool.