I was about to say that Sanskrit has eight cases, then I saw the context of this post. :facepalm:
We've had 11 cases, all of which are either people who were in an impacted region or a person living with that person. No transmission outside of that as far as we know.

Our health authorities are taking coronavirus very seriously, which is why it hasn't spread. The US is doing a decent job too, to be fair, although the lump of melted wax currently occupying the Oval Office is downplaying it as much as he can. Italy didn't take it seriously, which led to an outbreak.

I am most concerned for nations like Iran where I am sure they are hiding the extent of the disease. Their mortality rate is way higher than anywhere else...hmm.
First US death reported in Seattle. Has anyone seen any suspicious bibilical horses around?
I don't have high hopes about how it'll be managed here. Someone was allegedly sent home from my office this week because they'd been in contact with someone who'd been to northern Italy who was showing symptoms. But no announcement has been made to staff, so either it's nothing but malicious gossip, or they don't want to risk people staying away from work until or unless they test positive. Neither would surprise me.
I know Travis asked us to grow the fuck up, but allow me to share this nugget my beautiful country has contributed to this Coronavirus thingamajig:

I tried looking for one with subtitles in English, but no luck. Essentially, it says to wash your hands, don't touch your face, use desinfectants, etc. The world is in a panic, it came from China, yada yada... kinda catchy, not gonna lie LOL