Anyone wanna ship me a hazmat suit? And a respirator? And a flamethrower?
7 deads and 222 infected in Italy. Shit. There were 2 deads and 50 infected yesterday.
People are traveling to other european countries from north Italy and there are some people who says that there is no anyone who is controlling if they got it or not nor Italy airports and the arrival airports from the rest of Europe.
EU says that they don't need to to close Borders. This is scary!

Venice Carnival has been canceled.
Some football matches this weekend have been suspended
Now the Testament-Exodus & Death Angel concert has been canceled too.
One of my Italian colleagues told me neighboring countries have closed their borders to Italy and stores are out of basic items, because people are freaking out and staying in.
Some of the latest updates from here:

The 53 cases in the US reported so far is definitely something to keep an eye on.

Coronavirus cases surge in Italy, Iran, South Korea.
UAE bans citizens from traveling to Iran and Thailand over coronavirus outbreak.
Only Hong Kong residents traveling home from South Korea will be allowed in.
Iran is on the front line of the Middle East's coronavirus outbreak.
Iraq's first coronavirus case is a student from Iran.
100,000 people affected by Italy's restrictions, officials estimate.
CDC issues new travel advisories for Italy and Iran.
Chinese government approves decision to ban consumption of wild animals.
Japan says it's found the cruise ship passengers who were released by mistake.
Iranian lawmaker says 50 people are dead, but health ministry says official toll is 12 .
There are now 219 confirmed cases in Italy and five deaths.
Hundreds of East Asian tourists in Israel to be flown back home.
Vietnamese airline Bamboo Airways suspends flights to South Korea.
Italy reports its 4th coronavirus-related death.
Five new cases confirmed in Hong Kong.
Afghanistan announces first confirmed case.
Kuwait confirms 3 coronavirus cases.

Coronavirus will "decrease earnings and growth" around the world, analyst says.
Health official: "We are in the phase of preparedness for a potential pandemic".
California city goes to court over possibility of housing coronavirus patients.
Coronavirus has pandemic potential, but it's not there yet, World Health Organization says.
Oman suspends flights to and from Iran during coronavirus outbreak.
California naval base could receive US coronavirus evacuees.
Italy has yet to identify the source of its outbreak.
The Dow has lost all of its 2020 gains.
Oman reports first coronavirus cases.
US stocks plunge because of coronavirus fears.

San Antonio reports 6 cases of coronavirus.
Trump: "Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA".
Dow finishes the day down more than 1,000 points due to coronavirus fears.
US senators will be briefed tomorrow on coronavirus.
Canada confirms 11th case of coronavirus.
Carnival cancels all cruises to China through mid-March.
CDC has confirmed 53 cases of novel coronavirus in the US.
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I think it's sad and downright pathetic that some of you are making jokes about this. How would you like it if your loved ones were affected by it or worse, killed? What if you came down with it? It's something that should be taken a bit more serious IMO. Seriously everyone, grow the fuck up.
My grandfather today is flying back from Sicily and today media informed about first cases in Sicily.

I'm little scared because in Poland is hard to get to doctor in normal cases, with this virus it will be a mess. From what I heard - to this day no one is checking people returning from Italy on Polish airports and twice hospitals told people returning from Italy with flu symptoms to go back to work WITHOUT testing them.

But hey, soon will be election day and this is more important than some kind of virus, right? :)

I'm starting to think about making small supplies for a week or two in case of worst scenario.