Can this still be real or just some crazy dream?

Something in my head is telling me that I was dreaming about something I already knew about, but the other part of me says that this is shit I just made up.

The dream was basically about a young man who lived with his uncle. His uncle seemed to have a Bluebeard situation going on. When going up the elevator he would pull a curtain down over him, and there were strange things in his house like old grandfather clocks and rooms that were locked. The young man was pretty solitary without many people in his life aside from his uncle.

To be clear, I might be embellishing this dream a bit but it felt like a movie so I’m trying to fill in the cracks. I’ll put an asterisk on stuff I know I’ve altered in my brain.

It started from a third person point of view but as the man continues to dig deep into his uncle’s secrets he eventually sort of dons a John McClane kind of look and begins writing a journal which becomes part of the narrative. See, his sister went missing a long time ago and no one ever discovered what happened with her.

At one point a young woman enters the scene too. Maybe he met her on a walk, idk. But the two of them try to unravel the mystery together and the man winds up a music box that used to belong to his sister. The one thing I remember now is something about sugar and “but then where has the body gone?” And at this moment they pull apart the old grandfather clock and her body falls out, just as her reanimated ghost carcass thing enters the room and screams, fade to black.

So I don’t think it was a music box in my dream, I think my brain actually had like a insert coin here, see dead sister appear, and the timing of her appearance came at the right moment. I don’t know why this feels familiar but I can’t figure out why at all. Maybe I’ll turn this into a story. There’s some frightening concepts here.
I had some pretty disturbing dreams last night.
In one dream I was walking on a street and started to feel dizzy. I collapsed and fell on the pavement in slow motion. Then there was a bright light and the zooming sound of a medical scanner. I realised I was in a hospital and heard soft voices on the background. I tasted blood in my mouth and couldn´t breath because I was wearing a mask.
Then I woke up but immediately fell asleep again. Different setting this time. I lived with my parents in a different house and they looked younger, about the age when I was a kid. In the dream I was aware they weren´t my real parents and I was stuck in some parallel universe, in the dream my grandmother was still alive too. My dad realised I was not their son and held a knife to my throat. Then I woke up again. :oops:
It was winter and I saw my crush in the middle of nowhere. She made me feel very welcome and was clearly happy to see me, even though I didn’t have much to say. Quite a disappointment to wake up to the mundane reality.
In addition, I dreamt of my mother who had grown so old that she couldn’t move around on her own anymore.
Tonight’s dream was crazy indeed.

I was back at university but the building was far more convoluted and complex. I got a phone call from a professor, urging me to find the classroom of Dr. Zirk. Both the caller and Zirk were unfamiliar to me. I went searching while the professor on the phone wouldn’t stop talking, telling me not to be late to class. I looked at my watch, it was 18:59 and the class was supposed to start at 19:00. When the annoying caller finally hung up, I passed a group of theatre students and overheard them mentioning Dr. Zirk. “A lead,” I thought and approached them. A beautiful student girl showed me the direction of Zirk’s classroom, even though I hadn’t said anything. I went in the direction, there was a small hallway and classroom doors on either side of it. One of the doors looked like it could be right so I entered. Inside was a colourful children’s playroom. “I don’t think I’m in the right place,” I said and the instructor told me where I could find Dr. Zirk. When I went out the door, the tennis balls the kids were playing with rolled out of the room and I had to throw them back in. I walked around the corner and knew I had reached the right place. It was several minutes past seven already. Embarrassed to be late to class, I was lucky that Dr. Zirk hadn’t arrived yet. Soon, he did arrive and sat me down in front of a computer. There wasn’t even a classroom, just a table at the end of the hallway, and I was the only student there. Zirk was a man in his forties with messy black hair. On the computer, he showed me a video of a black man who had undergone surgery to have the facial features of a feline, and his face was dyed green. His behavior indicated that he was using heavy drugs. It was a very disturbing video, with detailed views of his face, a cat-human monstrosity. I never found out why the doctor showed me this, as the dream ended there.
Just woke up and remember most of my dream which was like a mixture of a war movie and a scifi thriller...
I lived with mom and suddenly a guy on the street screamed "Get out the house they´re coming! They´ll enter from the left!" Mom said he yelled this every day because he wants you to leave the house to rob you. Because I was curious I went outside just to look, the sky was blue grey and I saw a plane flying over. Then another, and another,...bombs were dropping and I shouted to mom: attic or cellar? She said attic but cellar would´ve been a better shelter. All of a sudden I was on the street running. News flashes through my head from screens that were placed on the street with faces of Putin. I felt lost because I know we were doomed. I ran over a bridge and looked back at the sky... No planes this time! From as far as I could see the sky was covered with spaceships! They were hanging next to each other in perfect symmetry. Suddenly I noticed the bottom of the spaceships were sliding open and a swarm of bees(?) was leaving.
I stumbled and fell, I crawled up and stood under the bridge with my ankles in the mud. The alien swarm arrived and I tried to be dead silent so they wouldn´t notice me. With my back to the wall, I stood under the dark bridge and let the swarm pass. There was a blobbing sound made by my foot which slipped away into the mud. In my left eye I noticed a dark figure standing still. I held my breath but I was sliding further away in the mud. The figure was still there. I closed my eyes and was sliding further away. Then I heard voices and I opened my eyes. People dressed in old shabby clothes were gathered around me. An old lady asked if I was thirsty and gave me a bottle of water. I asked "how much for the water", it was a ridiculous low amount. I realised I had my wallet with me but there was only a 20 Euro bill. Her mouth dropped open. "You shouldn´t pay with such a large bill" she said. I said it was ok and drank of the water. It had a weird taste. All of a sudden I was in another environment with people I assumed were friends or colleagues but I didn´t know them. We were talking about the invasion and someone asked for money again. My wallet has changed into a small black purse filled with the same euro coins. A woman dropped the purse and all coins were falling out. She picked one of the coins up for a better look and asked. "Strange coin, and what is Europe?"
Surprised with her answer I asked what year it was. The guy next to me, who looked like a young blond version of Brendan Fraser said "1930, why?"
I told somehow I travelled through time and this wasn´t the end because the aliens came back years later so we had a chance to beat them...
Then I woke up.
I was wandering in a place far North, where it was extremely cold, windy and snowing. I thought: “THIS is the pure essence of black metal - blizzard, forest, untouched landscapes, eternal solitude…” I found an old wreck of a wood cabin and stepped inside what was or had been a sauna. There was a monstrous figure in the dark corner of the sauna, which was scary, but posed no immediate harm.
Had a dream that I bought a Slayer album on vinyl, called World Wide Revolution or something like that. They had a song on it called “The 50 Greatest Death Metal Songs of All Time”, and the way they put it together was through taking lines from every song and assembling them into their own song, while in the notes documenting where the lines came from and where the song ranked in their list. Interesting approach.
I dreamt my friend and I could fly when it was April Fools. I remember flying in the mall, down a hill and at one point I was about to jump from the balcony but then I started doubting myself. (This part was kind of similar to another dream I think I wrote about here.) When it got close to midnight, I constantly kept track of the clock so I don't drop midair when April Fools ends. But there was something involving hertz and the harmonic series that prevented us from dropping like that. I woke up unusually happy.
I had another snake dream (I have a pet snake irl, sod off Freud). I was trying to save an escaped reticulated python from the road, but it kept trying to bite me. Poor thing got run over and I knew it would die, but carried on trying to get it out of the road for some reason.
I had a dream that I sincerely hope wasn't a premonition. I was watching Maiden live on the Senjutsu tour. They started with the title track, then Stratego, then The Writing on the Wall, then Lost in a Lost World... as we reached Days of Future Past the audience were figuring out they were going to play the whole album live and started to leave. By the time they'd finished The Time Machine the arena was half empty, Bruce simply shouted "Good night my friends, we'll see you again!" and acted as though they were supposed to be playing a short set.
Had one... Friday night I think it was that got to me a bit for some reason. I was in a psychiatric hospital, the doors to the cells opened and all the inmates slowly came out into the corridor to see what was going on. Guards were escorting an absolute giant of a man with some horrific deformities/injuries. He stood around ten feet tall, his body was massively swollen and round but his arms were normal-sized leaving them sticking out awkwardly. Both his hands had ten fingers, as though they were two hands fused together, they were also skeletal and black. I couldn't clearly see his face, but he had a thick, greying beard and his eyes were either shut or not there. He was shirtless, the skin was pale yellow and covered in sores. As he approached the inmates began to panic as none of them wanted to share a cell with him. Their fears were justified as one of the giant's sores dripped blood onto a nearby inmate which immediately started eating through his skin like acid. The giant seemed genuinely distressed by what he'd done and cried out "Don't I deserve another chance?" in a voice gentler than I'd expect from a man of his stature. However, I decided I wanted out and ran for it. I fled up some stairs and locked myself in a bathroom, where I managed to squeeze out of one of the windows and fell down into the grounds.
I was about to play against chess grandmaster Jan-Krzysztof Duda in a world champion title match. I was nervous to play against someone so vastly better than me but I was keen on revising the few openings that I know, like Queen’s Gambit, Sicilian, Ruy Lopez, so that maybe, just maybe luck would be on my side and I could win.