Adrian, Janick and Dave's guitars and Steve's basses

Discussion in 'Maiden Chat' started by matic22, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Kalata

    Kalata Out of the Silent Planet

    It's definitely from The Beast On The Road Tour '82.
  2. Kalata

    Kalata Out of the Silent Planet

    Am I crazy or Adrian is playing with a black Ibanez Destroyer guitar (1982, TBOTR tour) ? :confused:

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  3. matic22

    matic22 Ancient Mariner

    It's his red one. Blue light+ sparkle CAR colour makes it seem black. The only black destroyers Ibanez did at that time had 3 pickups and a tremolo (Phil Collen's one).
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  4. matic22

    matic22 Ancient Mariner

    Probably the most recent photo of Steve with the Lado Bass.


    It was definitely taken after 1989, since the top Marshall head is a Jubilee. A black one, which came out in 1988. Maiden didn't use Marshalls during 86-89 period, so it has to be NPFTD sessions at the Barnyard.
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  5. Edington

    Edington More Than Two Problems

    Jesus, that headstock is hideous.
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  6. Meliegree

    Meliegree I don't care

    Or you can say that room is quite similar to the one in Holy Smoke video (I didn't check the video, but this was first thing in my mind when I saw this picture :D ).

    This bass is hideous. The headstock is just cherry on top.
  7. mihai

    mihai The Prisoner

    Your guitar geek knowledge is pure gold for this forum. Nice job!
  8. matic22

    matic22 Ancient Mariner

    True, but I don't know when Steve acquired the house (I suspect it was after World Slavery tour)

    Also, could it be that Dave used that Mesa Boogie on some of the solos on NPFTD/FOTD? I always tought that his sound got somehow more smooth during that period... I contributed that to the CAR Jackson with Duncans, but now that I see that Boogie...
  9. matic22

    matic22 Ancient Mariner

    Well, TBH, I was never a fan of Adrian's Lados (let alone that hideous bass of Steve's), especially the gray burst one. The black one as a whole looked much better. And those strange ugly Rockinger tremolos... In addition the Les Paul sounds so much better on Live After Death (but that guitar is so magical that no other guitar of H's comes close to it sound-wise IMO, except maybe the new Black LP Standard he bought in 2017).
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  10. srfc

    srfc Ancient Mariner

    I think it was earlier than that since he had the World Piece Tour Eddie in the driveway.
  11. The Garlon

    The Garlon Prowler

    I'm sure this video has been posted before. But if Dave is using a separate power amp and pre amp what exactly is the JCM 2000 being used for?
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  12. matic22

    matic22 Ancient Mariner

    As a power amp. Signal comes from the rack to the FX return port of the JCM 2000. The rack-mount power amps aren't used.

    Dave briefly used JVM410's during TBOS tour (as does H since 2013), but he has since switched back to JMP-1's, which were modified by Voodoo Amps.
  13. matic22

    matic22 Ancient Mariner

    I think when he bought the house, he went to IM warehouse storage and took some props from there.
  14. KostamojeN

    KostamojeN Prowler

    Anythings possible :D

    But I think the mesa is Jan's. :)

  15. KostamojeN

    KostamojeN Prowler

    Looks like a Dean V from the World Piece Tour :)

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  16. matic22

    matic22 Ancient Mariner

    Yes it is. Dave got a V and H got a Baby ML during their short lived endorsment.

    I think Dave used this guitar on Wratchild and DWYBO during that tour.
  17. Caio F.

    Caio F. Prowler

    I've found some sources stating the use of Mesa Boogie amps along with Marshall amps going back as far as Powerslave era. But it is known that Janick is a long time user of Mesa Boogie amps, so they could definitely have been used on NPFTD and FOTD.
  18. Zare

    Zare Automaton Sovietico

    I too, would like to be a long time user of Mesa Boogie amps.
  19. Ruflux

    Ruflux Ancient Mariner

    I've always been under the impression they're okay when you have someone dedicated to working on them when things go wrong, but hellish if you don't and lack a spare.
  20. Caio F.

    Caio F. Prowler

    I think they are probably used mostly by Janick in studio, as Janick is known to having included Mesa Boogie studio preamps in his gear. Recording and mixing three guitarists is not an easy task. Music producers generally recommend recording guitar parts with different guitars and amps to avoid frequency conflicts during the mix stage. So I think Janick probably uses/used Mesa Boogies to avoid this as Adrian and Dave use to play through Marshalls.

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