365 Albums In One Year

Time to start reviewing a live album or two. Here is my live album criteria
  • Setlist Choice /30
    • Pre-album listen setlist thoughts [If Applicable, if not score is split between the lower two] /10
    • Flow Of Record /10
    • Following album listen thoughts /10
  • Individual Performance /10x number of songs
The Live Album's I plan on doing will likely have rather high overall so I will be sorting them separately for my complete review in terms of any end of project total rankings. I also will try to review the majority if not all of the albums which has songs featured on the live album prior to reviewing the live album. Although some will definitely not get all of the albums reviewed if any.


135/365; Live Album #1

Strangers In The Night - UFO
Format: Vinyl

Setlist Thoughts [Prelisten]: The album looks like a strong set, 13 tracks only 2 of which I personally wouldn't include but overall the set has an ebb and flow to it along with a killer opening track and a strong ending. - 8.5/10

Natural Thing - Kicking into high gear from the start the band launches into Natural Thing from the No Heavy Petting Album, Schenker delivers the opening riff and Phil comes in singing in great form. This song sounds better in a live setting than studio - 9/10

Out In The Streets - Transitioning from the previous track seamlessly, Paul begins the piano and Phil comes in singing beautifully over the mini epic. Schenker's guitar tone is beautiful and heavy. The band delivers a killer performance - 10/10

Only You Can Rock Me - Continuing on the strong track onslaught the band brings new life to the opening track of obsession, both Phil and Michael sound stronger here than on the actual album. - 9.5/10

Doctor Doctor - The piano and slow building guitar solo intro of the classic track begins the final song of side 1. The band comes in soon afterwords and the band remains tight as ever throughout - 10/10

Mother Mary - Keeping with the momentum side 2 kicks off with the majestic Mother Mary, a killer track throughout - 10/10

This Kids - Kicking off strongly, one of the two tracks before the listen that I would have omitted. Overall not quite on par with what has come before but the song is heavier live than on the album - 8/10

Love To Love - The ultimate UFO ballad closes off side 2, an absolutely brilliant performance, the late Paul Raymond delivers some beautiful keyboard work, Schenker unleashes a heavy solo at the end whilst playing elegantly throughout the track Andy and Pete hold the bottom end steady and Phil sings one of the best ballads in Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. Unbelievable performance - 10/10

Lights Out - Bringing the band back into high gear they launch into Lights Out, the opening riff/vocal deliver is a little less clear than the record but the heaviness of the song is brilliant. The call-out to Chicago is great. Thus far this is the only song which isn't quite on par with the studio version, having heard lights out live in person I can say it is a massive live track. Oh and the added lyrics from Mogg are a nice addition. - 9/10

Rock Bottom - Fan requests for the classic show closer open the recording, Michael does a short solo bit before going into the main riff and the band. The main portion of the song is solid but the solo... is absolutely monstrous, i'm going to balance out between the 8/10 for the song itself and the 10/10 for the solo - 9/10

Too Hot To Handle - Side 4 opens with a heavy track, the better production of sorts comes back for this side of the album. A super strong mid tempo track with Phil singing strongly over the band - 9/10

I'm A Loser - The second track that I will consider one to be a poorer choice for the album, although it isn't a bad track, dynamic and a nice change to the setlist's rock onslaught. - 8/10

Let It Roll - The album begins to close with the incredibly fast paced Let It Roll, Phil sings aggressively and Schenker lets loose some killer guitar work. Andy's drumming is really strong on this track. - 9.5/10

Shoot Shoot - The album and show closer is a brilliant rendition of Shoot Shoot, featuring a nice cowbell intro, the increased pace does wonders to the track. Absolutely amazing way to end the album - 10/10

Flow Of Album - The overall flow is really good throughout the set, fast rocking with 3 tracks which are slower being This Kids, Love To Love and I'm A Loser. But they all feel perfectly placed throughout the album. From a flow standpoint the album does an outright amazing job - 10/10

Final Setlist Thoughts - Though This Kids and I'm a Loser are lower portions of the setlist for me the set as a whole is absolutely amazing although not quite perfect - 9/10

Overall 93%

Amazing live album by a super underrated band.
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Carry Fire - Robert Plant
Format: CD/Digital

The May Queen - A calm intro with some acoustic guitar work throughout opens the latest album of the legend himself Robert Plant. Not my preferred way to hear Robert but still a nice song - 8/10

New World... - This song clicks 100% for me, it is a strong lighter rock track which tells the story of the discovery of the New World. A beautiful track - 9/10

Season's Song - I have to say the way Robert's voice has been preserved so well over the years for these calmer tracks is fantastic. He continues to deliver ballads and acoustic tracks beautifully. That being said this song is entirely about Robert's voice begins surrounded by calm but uplifting music. - 8.5/10

Dance With You Tonight -Another track featuring Robert's vocals greatly. A decent track - 7.5/10

Carving Up The World Again... A Wall and Not A Fence - Wasn't pulled into this track at all - 6.5/10

A Way With Words - An odd intro makes way for Robert to sing almost in silence. This track would be much better if it was a third its length, incredibly slow - 6.5/10

Carry Fire - The title track of the album has a very traditional eastern feel to it, a stronger track, with the band delivering some amazing work. Very different from what I'm used to but I like it - 9/10

Bones Of Saints - The most upbeat song thus far on the album, a solid track - 8/10

Keep It Hid - Calm with nice vocals but doesn't pull you in - 7.5/10

Bluebirds Over The Mountain - A heavier sounding intro leads into a track featuring a guest on it. A solid track - 8/10

Heaven Sent - The final track on the album begins with a solemn sounding riff, Robert sings beautifully. A decent track closing off a relatively decent album - 7.5/10

Overall 78%

The Metal Opera Part 1 - Avantasia
Format: CD/Digital

Prelude - An ominous introductory track sets the stage for the fantasy world. - 7.5/10

Reach Out For The Light - Coming in powerfully before the band launches into some rapid fire drum and rhythm work, the sheer speed of the drums is slightly off putting since it holds a drum machine sound. A strong solo. - 8/10

Serpents In Paradise - The next track begins with some nice guitar work, the drums sound less machine like here. Vocally fairly strong. The calmer mid section is a nice switch up - 8/10

Malleus Maleficarum - A choir based intro sets the stage for the next track, a transitional one which sets the stage for the next track. - 7.5/10

Breaking Away - Transitioning from the slow intro track into a faster song once more with a keyboard/synth opening. Another solid track - 8/10

Farewell - A flute intro begins a longer track, very symphonic sounding, the song mellows out into an acoustic section as vocals begin. It soon gets heavier again. More dynamic than previous tracks. This track feels a little too long but it is really good - 9/10

The Glory Of Rome - Faster once more, the vocals are more operatic on this track once more. Overall a rather strong track - 8.5/10

In Nomine Patris - Another transitional track leading into the band's title track - 7.5/10

Avantasia - A partial fade in intro kicks off the bands eponymous track, a solid track - 9/10

A New Dimension - Yet another transitional track, these all serve a purpose but they are getting a little excessive. Since none most could easily have been used as an intro tagged onto the next track. - 7/10

Inside - The shortest proper track on the album. Overall a decent track - 7.5/10

Sign Of The Cross - An absolutely monstrous track, amazing vocally and straightforwards despite its relatively longer length - 10/10

The Tower - A piano intro leads into the final track of the album, the longest track on the album. Not quite on par with Sign Of The Cross but still a really strong track - 9.5/10

Overall 82%

Jar Of Flies - Alice In Chains
Format: CD/Digital

Rotten Apple - Opening up the EP is the longest track on the album, a somber track with some very droning style vocals from the band, a solid track - 7.5/10

Nutshell - A great acoustic track with an electric solo, Layne sings amazingly throughout the song. - 10/10

I Stay Away - A nice intro segues into some harmonized vocals from the band, a stronger track which fluctuates between lighter and heavier. - 8/10

No Excuses - A precussion based intro leads into a track where Jerry takes the lead vocals on, his vocals are fairly solid. Another stronger track - 9/10

Whale & Wasp - A short instrumental piece, crying guitars with calm acoustic work beneath, the crying guitars I think are supposed to be the whale. The tone of these guitars is overall fairly nice aside from when they cry persay. - 8/10

Don't Follow - Jerry sings again on this song, the opening notes sent shivers down my spine. Very somber. A very calm but amazing track, the second portion where Layne takes over is a little weaker thus the rating - 9/10

Swing On This - The album closet starts off with a bass intro, this track doesn't connect with me as well as the majority have on the album - 7.5/10

Overall 84%

Album 93/365

1. The Titanic Overture - Oh my god, I'm loving this opening. The acoustic guitar here is great, and Blackie sounds really good with a quieter and emotional performance here. There's build-up, and then the bass kicks in. And then the electric guitars hit the scene. The riff here is a banger. I like the orchestration here too, making it feel like a real overture. The acoustic guitar comes back for an emotional ending to the song. I really like this one, it's great. Not really a full song though, which gets it a point knocked off. 9/10

2. The Invisible Boy - Lots of hard-hitting drumming on this. A very classic sort of metal rocker type of song. The chorus section is awesome. Really like this one too. 10/10

3. Arena Of Pleasure - Ooh, now that's a fuckin' way to open up a song. This is a really banging, anthemic metal song and I like it a lot. Great performance from Blackie too. 10/10

4. Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue) - Lot of build-up with this one, and the actual riff is awesome. A very solid verse, and the pre-chorus and chorus are awesome. Some great stuff here and I like the change-up that takes place partway through. This Charlie dude is a real rapscallion, it seems. Goddammit, this song is nothing short of amazing. It's so fucking good. A bit lengthy, but so worth it. 11/10

5. The Gypsy Meets The Boy - A quiet sort of thing here, but Blackie does a great job at making it quite a theatrical sort of song. Some great acoustic guitar stuff as well, before heavy guitar finally comes in at the 2:20 mark. The final piece of the song features a flump of a vocal though, but the rest is great. 9/10

6. Doctor Rockter - Oh lord, this is another great song. I assume it's about drug and alcohol addictions? It's got a furious pace and a great chorus. Blackie is sinister as fuck. 10/10

7. I Am One - A roaring crowd opens this before Blackie shouts out to the crowd welcoming them to the show. We build up into another fiery riff, and while this song doesn't blow me away completely, I love the "long live" bits. Did Blackie drop the n-word there? Weird. But most of this song is pretty great. 9/10

8. The Idol - A party, an angry manager, a droning out, heartbeats, a phone call, and then into a translucent piece of music. The protagonist is trying to come to grips with all the shit that's happened now that he's become a star. There's some great stuff in this song, particularly in the chorus and the solo sections. We end with Jonathan about to enter the stage. This one's as long as an epic, but only because of the minute long opening and ending sections. But it's a great song. 10/10

9. Hold On To My Heart - This one seems like a holdover from the '80s era of power ballads, with an acoustic verse and a big chorus. It's pretty good. Not the best power ballad I've ever heard though, and not as good as some of the songs on here. But I like it overall. 9/10

10. The Great Misconceptions Of Me - Great epic closer detailing the protagonist's suicide and roping in elements of previous songs for the grand finale. Sad, fitting, great song. 10/10

Great concept album about the lows of being a rock star. Maybe not as good as Mindcrime or Abigail, but it's got good lyrics, great performances from the band, and "Murders In The New Morgue" is probably the best song I've heard from W.A.S.P. yet. So good. Pretty great album.

Rating: 97%

Album 94/365

1. Titanic Overture - Yo... what are the odds that the two albums I'm listening to today open with songs called "Titanic Overture"? Was that intentional on W.A.S.P.'s part? Anyway, it's good. 7/10
2. 10 Minutes Before The Worm - Decent short thing but it doesn't really go anyway. 5/10
3. Swing Low Sweet Cherrio - Not bad, but it also doesn't really go anywhere and seems like they're just mucking about by the end. But there's a couple good parts where the music starts grabbing you. Just not enough. 6/10
4. Today Mueller - Kind of a nice little song. Some swing to it and good melodies. 7/10
5. Living - This one seems like the band is going for a sort of Beatles-esque vibe. I quite like it. The vocal harmonies are very nicely arranged. Good stuff. 8/10
6. Fields Of Regret - Some nice harmonica here. There's a lot of experimentation but it's an enjoyable listen. 7/10
7. No Longer Umpire - Another weird but enjoyable listen. 7/10
8. Levity Ball - Another decent listen, but this one isn't actively going places. 6/10
9. B.B. On Mars - Just... average. Short, goes nowhere. 5/10
10. Reflected - Pretty cool little song. Kinda catchy. 7/10
11. Apple Bush - Dunno what they were taking when they wrote this, but they must've been decent enough drugs because it's not a bad song. Good verses, although the chorus isn't the great. Probably more of the same. 7/10
12. Earwigs To Eternity - Also doesn't really go anywhere. 5/10
13. Changing Arranging - Pretty good way to end the album. 7/10

One album down, twenty-six to go. Interesting to hear how Alice Cooper started and will be interesting to see how he / they evolve(s) from here on out. Not an amazing album but it's a decent enough listen.

Rating: 65%

Stained Class - Judas Priest
Format: CD/Digital

Exciter - A drum intro leads into some nice guitar work. Rob comes in singing closer to the classic era's vocal style, solid guitar solo. Not an amazing track but a relatively strong one. - 9/10

White Heat, Red Hot - Another nice intro riff kicks into song #2 another strong track throughout. - 8.5/10

Better By You, Better Than Me - A solid track, nice groove to it. Just read up on the lawsuit and I'm amazed by the logic behind it. Overall a solid track with some nice vocals from Rob and a strong groove - 8.5/10

Stained Class - The title track wastes no time coming in with a heavy riff and a solo before a galloping sensation ensures. Thus far the weakest track overall. - 8/10

Invader - An odd intro leads into the middle track on the album, it goes on for a little too long for my liking. A relatively lackluster track thus far - 7/10

Saints In Hell - A longer track, nice groove but Halford's vocals just are outside of my sweet spot for him and in a less than pleasing pitch. Overall a solid track - 8/10

Savage - A decent track. - 7.5/10

Beyond The Realms Of Death - An acoustic intro breaks up the aggression presented thus far on the album. A monstrous epic track. - 10/10

Heroes End - The album itself closes off with a track which takes a little bit to get going, another solid track throughout - 8.5/10

Overall 83%

Bonus For Metal Essentials: Race With The Devil - Opening with a lower moan/wail by Rob before picking up into a rocking track. Short and to the point - 8.5/10

Overkill - Motorhead
Format: Youtube Audio

As a whole this album is unrelenting with some solid musicianship but as a whole the album suffers from 1 major flaw for me. Lemmy's vocals don't connect with me I feel like for some people they would be great but they are far too gravelly for my liking. That being said Overkill is a rather solid track and the rest remain in the 7.5-8 range. I give Motorhead credit they have a lot of sheer talent just aren't for me. The drum intro's for most tracks are well done. Another highlight was No Class, short and direct the instruments are played incredibly well on that track. Tear Ya Down has a nice lick.

Individual Scores are in: Metal Essentials Part II

Overall 78%

A Farewell To Kings - Rush
Format: Vinyl

A Farewell to Kings - Beginning slowly with a calm intro the song kicks off and Geddy begins singing. I have never gotten into rush but this track has a solid groove to it, quite progressive all packed into a 6 minute package. Overall quite strong - 9/10

Xanadu - Track 2 begins with a long instrumental piece, very calm at first with tapping, eventually becoming much louder and more in your face with synths, drums and guitar work. Overall the work is rather strong in the instrumental section having some lower portions. A spoken deliver ensues before transitioning into a sung style. Overall a rather strong track - 9/10

Closer To The Heart - Side 2 begins with an acoustic style intro, the intro is super familiar but I can't fit the rest of the song. A relatively strong track - 9/10

Cinderella Man - Starting off heavier before transitioning acoustic as Geddy comes in. A dynamic track not quite on par with the last 3 - 8.5/10

Madrigal - The shortest track on the album it is a decent track but it doesn't have the dynamics of the previous tracks or the amazing musical performances. - 7.5/10

Cyngus X-1 Book I: The Voyage - The final track of the album goes full science fiction, I'm okay with this. Quite dynamic with varying speeds and instrumental sections. The vocals come in about half way into the track, delivering some strong vocals. The ending of the song calms down before erupting into a fury of drums and guitar with Geddy singing super high. Overall not my favourite epic and will require future listens. - 8.5/10

Overall 86%
Adjusted - 87%
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Time to get a few discography runs a little closer to being finished...


Animal Magnetism - Scorpions
Format: Vinyl

Make It Real - Calmer rocker from the Scorpions, catchy lyrics with some solid riffs underneath, the band recorded the album in 6 weeks according to a documentary on it, in a room where all the guitarist and Klaus had to sit on a single bench. A strong start to the album which could be slightly heavier... - 9/10

Don't Make No Promises (Your Body Can't Keep) - A straightforward rocker, 80s sexist lyrics at their finest. A solid rocker - 8/10

Hold Me Tight - A slower track with some nice guitar work, Klaus delivers some solid vocals, not an amazing track but decent throughout - 7/10

Twentieth Century Man - Picking the pace up again is another rocker with a solid riff, another shorter track, overall decent but not amazing - 7/10

Lady Starlight - A majestic ballad closes off side 1 of the record, Lady Starlight is an amazing ballad, super calm and the only Scorpions song with an orchestral arrangement on the studio version. Unreal track - 10/10

Falling In Love - Side 2 kicks off with a crunchier rocker. Not a great Scorps track but not a bad one either - 7.5/10

Only A Man - An a Capella intro leads the way for some nice guitar work from the band to kick in, a better track than the majority of what has come before. Klaus has some nice moments to shine on this track - 8.5/10

The Zoo - A brutal rocker, I prefer the rerecorded version but the original kicks ass as well, fast paced riffing into a slower track with some great vocals and solos - 10/10

Animal Magnetism - The title track closes the album, a rather dark sounding track compared to the rest of the album. A solid track - 8/10

Overall 83%
Okay, can I just ask how you know if a song has moved from 8.0 to 8.5?
Basically and 8 is something that I won't turn off if it comes on, 8.5 I will find myself choosing it occasionally purposefully. Basically the song has grown on me and deserves a little more points overall.

Piece Of Mind - Iron Maiden
Format: Vinyl

Where Eagles Dare - A furious drum beat kicks off the reknown 4th album from Iron Maiden, Bruce delivers strong vocals on this track. Adrian and Dave lay on a guitar assault and General Steve keeps the band in line with some strong bass guitar work. A really strong song, which also doesn't feel its 6 minute length. Bounced between a 9.5 and a 10 so I figured just give it a 10... - 10/10

Revelations - A song with a killer intro riff, but Bruce's vocals for some reason don't do too much for me in past listens. The varying speed of the song is a nice change. I quite frankly haven't heard this song since last summer in full since I refused to listen to it, I'm glad I did since now it feels fresh and I have found some appreciation for it. - 8.5/10

Flight Of Icarus - A great riff to head bang to opens up the 3rd track, Bruce delivers amazing vocals. Chorus isn't perfect but it is incredibly well structured for a live sing a long style. Great solo into breakdown and overall the rest of the song is absolutely perfect. - 10/10

Die With Your Boots On - Side 1 closes with another war themed track, a nice riff which hints of what is come in the future introduces the song. A fun fast paced track - 9/10

The Trooper - Side 2 kicks off with another absolute monstrous classic rocker. The Trooper has a memorizing opening riff. The aggression in the guitar, bass and drums is unreal. The chorus is easily chantable. And Bruce doesn't lay up throughout the song. - 10/10

Still Life - An odd spoken intro leads into the second track on side 2, a calmer intro ensues, soon becoming louder faster and heavier. A solid track overall - 8.5/10

Quest For Fire - A solid track, with a nice solo, not great lyrically or musically but still a decent listen - 7.5/10

Sun And Steel - A track which picks up the pace once more. I like the riff, the chorus is solid. - 8/10

To Tame A Land - The final track on the album is the longest one. A nice extended intro leads into a heavier riff. Bruce's vocals feel rushed due to Steve's word filling style. Overall not an amazing track but fairly solid - 8

Overall 89%

Album 95/365

1. Mr. & Misdemeanor - It's a decent enough song, but again, doesn't really go miles and I'm not sure I like Alice's singing on this one. Production seems a little dry too. 6/10
2. Shoe Salesman - Huh, this is an interesting one. Very soft, nice melodies, and while I don't know if I'm getting the lyrics or not, I quite like it overall. Certainly not what I think of when I think of Alice Cooper though. 8/10
3. Still No Air - A good start devolves surprisingly quickly. I think the bass on here is great, but the rest is just blah. Poor show. 3/10
4. Below Your Means - Much better than the previous one. The first part of the song is quite nice and the jam section at the end is a pretty cool bit of music. 8/10
5. Return Of The Spiders - Pretty speedy song, sounds like it's the kinda thing that would make for a good driving song. 7/10
6. Laughing At Me - Ooh, I really like this one. The melodies are great, I mean really great. Probably the best song from them yet. Short but sweet. 9/10
7. Refrigerator Heaven - Better than I expected, actually. Short song but it's groovy, man. 7/10
8. Beautiful Flyaway - Lovely piano on this one. Very cool stuff. 8/10
9. Lay Down And Die, Goodbye - Wikipedia says there's actually something happening in this one, but all I got was seven minutes of silence, not counting the opening bit. I'll mark it as N/A for now.

With the exception of "Still No Air", this was a really solid album. I quite enjoyed it. Certainly a big step up from the previous record.

Rating: 70%

Album 96/365

1. Caught In A Dream - A great riff opens a great song, in turn a great opener to the album. This is clearly a step above just about everything that came before it in terms of songwriting, and it's a pretty great song overall as well. Love the drive it's got here. 9/10
2. I'm Eighteen - Y'know, I never really paid much attention to this song before in comparison with Alice's other hits, but it's actually really good. Love the melodies, and the lyrics are quite accurate ones. Great song. 10/10
3. Long Way To Go - Another great song. Catchy and has some great drive. Alice is definitely coming into his own as a vocalist with this album. Good stuff. 9/10
4. Black Juju - A long drum intro before Alice announces the topic of the song with "BODIIIIIIEEESS!" The synth here sounds like the beeping stuff the doctor used to check my hearing today. But it fits the song's atmosphere quite well. Some interesting stuff throughout. It's the band's longest song yet but it also has the most substance from any of their long songs, IMO. Not quite as good as the first three but it's a very solid piece. 8/10
5. Is It My Body - Pretty groovy song. 8/10
6. Hallowed Be My Name - Some good stuff here, but part of the chorus is a little weird. Definitely the weakest song on here so far, but it ain't bad. 7/10
7. Second Coming - This was pretty great, just stopping short of knocking it out of the park. I really like the religious lyrics and the piano. Quite nice. 9/10
8. Ballad Of Dwight Fry - Damn, this is awesome. A very dark sort of song about a person being committed to a mental institution, and with a mix of acoustics, piano, and traditional rock instruments, they really bring the song to life. Great song. 10/10
9. Sun Arise - Great cover, great way to close the album. 9/10

Big, and I mean BIG step forward from the first two records. The band has finally seemed to find their niche and I predict good things to come going forward. Very strong album.

Rating: 88%

Album 97/365

1. Under My Wheels - Yeah, I'm not too sure about this one. I know it's a classic at all, and while I think it's a pretty good song, it just doesn't throw me over the moon. 8/10
2. Be My Lover - If the ending was different, this one would get top marks. It's got a fairly standard rock 'n roll riff, but the band uses it superbly. Just... that ending doesn't really jive with me. The rest of the song is awesome. 9/10
3. Halo Of Flies - The Coop sings about spy organizations in an attempt to prove that the band can write a King Crimson sort of epic. And they pull it off pretty well. The ending gets a bit much but most of the song is great. 9/10
4. Desperado - Some great moments, others not so much. Solid song overall I'd say, but not mindblowing. 8/10
5. You Drive Me Nervous - Began as a solid song, but it never really went anywhere. 6/10
6. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah - Yeah, this one didn't really go places either. 6/10
7. Dead Babies - A much better song, this. The verses are really good and I like the dark subject matter driving the song. 9/10
8. Killer - Good beginning, but then it just drones on and on and on. 7/10

Yeah, Killer isn't quite the killer album I was hoping for. No song really hits it out of the park, and there is some filler here. Certainly a step down from the previous album but still better than the first two.

Rating: 78%

Album 98/365

1. School's Out - There we go, this is what we've been leading to. The iconic hard rock of the Coop is finally cemented with this classic song, easily the most famous Alice Cooper track, from both the band and the artist. And it's awesome. Catchy, anthemic, great music. 10/10
2. Luney Tune - This one's actually pretty good. Nice melodies throughout and it's a cool way to continue on from the previous song. 9/10
3. Gutter Cat Vs. The Jets - This one's not quite so good. I like the bass here but the rest isn't mindblowing. 7/10
4. Street Fight - I like this. It's not really a song and more along the lines of an interlude but it's pretty good. 8/10
5. Blue Turk - I wasn't really into the song as much at the beginning but by the end I was swinging right along. Love the bass bits and the trombone on this track is awesome. Great stuff. 9/10
6. My Stars - Some great moments but it runs a bit too long for me. 8/10
7. Public Animal #9 - Solid song. Got a nice breeze to it, but it's nothing really special. The ending is kinda eh. 7/10
8. Alma Mater - A lot of this was great, but the last third wasn't quite as special. 8/10
9. Grand Finale - Pretty good instrumental closer. 8/10

Solid album, but only the title track really knocks it out of the park. The rest is good though and it's a step up from Killer.

Rating: 82%