365 Albums In One Year

I went to the used record store today and found some harder to find records, although I've reviewed all but 2 of them through digital...


Taken By Force - Scorpions
Format: Vinyl

Steamrock Fever - A strong heavy rocker from the german machine; Having heard this song live I can say it does better in that enviroment but it still is a strong studio track. Klaus delivers solid vocals and the chanting chorus is a nice touch. - 9/10

We'll Burn The Sky - The final of the Roth era epics. Klaus sings beautifully on this track dedicated to Hendrix. Roth delivers a killer lead. Rudolf some great rhythm work. Herman and Francis deliver on the lower end. Dynamic and powerful once again an amazing live track. - 10/10

I've Got To Be Free - A different guitar intro from Roth kicks off track 3, a solid track not one that really grabs you, instrumentally fairly solid - 7.5/10

The Riot Of Your Time - An acoustic intro with some heavier electric guitar in the background. Klaus sings fairly well, the layered vocals explains why this song wasn't a concert staple. Overall another solid track - 8/10

Sails Of Charon - Side two begins with a early Scorpions classic, one which has never been played by the band live! An eerie intro is silenced by the sound of Roth's guitar coming in and instantly begins soloing. Klaus sings some of his darkest lyrics in the catalog about the ship ride towards the afterlife with Hades. - 9/10

Your Light - A solid bass and guitar intro leads into the next track like the previous one written entirely by Roth. Klaus' vocals on this track aren't unreal but overall an enjoyable song. I like the solo - 8.5/10

He's A Woman, She's A Man - Hard hitting and to the point this next track is silly but strong. Another strong rocker - 9.5/10

Born To Touch Your Feelings - The album closes off with the only true ballad on it the incredibly soft Born To Touch Your Feelings which would be redone years later for MTV unplugged and become the title track of a ballads collection. A calm track even when the band come in stronger. Overall a nice way to end the album, I just wish the voices at the end weren't there. - 8.5/10

Overall 88%
154/365; Live Album #2

On Stage - Rainbow
Format: Vinyl

Initial Thoughts - A very short setlist however the album goes for over an hour, The medley helps make up for the shorter setlist. Still I'm Sad is intriguing since I know it has Dio singing unlike the album. Mistreated is a great Purple track. Overall it is solid for a preliminary setlist by a band known for reinventing their songs. I will say it should of had one or two more from Rising... like ya know Stargazer. - 8/10

Kill The King - Following a Wizard of Oz intro the band kicks off into a track from their then upcoming album. Dio singing varys in overall strength on this track, Ritchie Cozy, Tony and Jimmy deliver some killer backing, what a band. - 8.5/10

Man On The Silver Mountain/Blues/Starstruck - Man has an increased speed but does it sound good. Dio sounds much better on this track. Transitioning from the previous track a nice blues guitar solo with some nice bass keys and drum work. Dio comes back and gets the crowd to talk before erupting into another sped up track, this time from Rising. A strong track on the original album this song remains strong when the band is playing it. Dio ad-lib a bit on this track before transitioning back into Man on the Silver Mountain - 9/10

Catch The Rainbow - Side 2 solely contains the ballad from the first album, Catch the Rainbow, extended with a slow intro, the regular intro riff comes in and Dio begins to sing sending chills down my spine. The magic becomes apparent when the Dio begins to ad-lib again whilst the band begins to build before erupting with Ritchie and Cozy leading the charge while Tony builds the atmosphere with the keys. The band calms down and quiets down as well after a little bit before once more erupting with a brilliant building solo from Blackmore with Cozy's thundering drums. Absolutely unreal, only issue is it is a little too long for my liking. - 9.5/10

Mistreated - Side 3 is once again a single track taking the whole side, the Deep Purple track begins with another extended intro, the shredding from Ritchie at the beginning before the actual riff is revealed is great. Dio sings way better on this track than Coverdale but both versions are amazing. The midsection of the track is where the extension really takes place personally I'm very fond of the Live In Munich version of Mistreated but this one is great in its own way just more subdued. The ending harmonies are great. - 9.5/10

Sixteenth Century Greensleeves - Side 4 only contains songs off the debut album. The first of which is a song that I wasn't a huge fan originally. A nice calm intro from Blackmore before a roaring guitar comes in and the track gets much heavier. Dio delivers his fantasy lyrics well as always, this version is a much more enjoyable version than the original - 9/10

Still I'm Sad - The album closes off with a track which was an instrumental on the first album and nearly 8 minutes shorter. Dio sings this time and it makes the track more enjoyable, dynamic and featuring every member really well another solid track - 8.5/10

Flow Of Record - Overall the record flowed fairly well the length of the extensions in the middle two sides back to back was a little much but the band preformed really well - 8/10

Closing Thoughts - On Stage is a really strong album with some double edged sword moments. It jam sessions are amazing but they can go on a little too long at times and take away from other potential tracks on the album. That being said the only track I wouldn't say was improved was Kill the King which stuck very true to the original. So in closing a strong live record which I would suggest picking up after going through all the first 3 studio records first. - 9/10

Overall 88%

I may have to review Live In Munich if I have time...
Those live records kind of ruin Rainbow for me. They don't play their best songs, they play ludicrously long blues jams while having a singer like Ronnie James Dio on the stage, I honestly never listen to them.
@The Dissident is sure flying through these album reviews!
To be fair I start a full time 10 month degree program in school starting in August so I want to get to the point where if I can't listen 2-3 days a week I'm good. That being said I'm currently 2 weeks ahead of Schedule due to starting on the 20th.

Those live records kind of ruin Rainbow for me. They don't play their best songs, they play ludicrously long blues jams while having a singer like Ronnie James Dio on the stage, I honestly never listen to them.

I feel like the draw to them is that the songs chosen aren't those you would choose to listen to from the studio records. Although only 2/6 would fall under that category for me on On Stage. The jams was very much the style of the larger bands in the 70s look at Deep Purple and Zeppelin for examples of such. That being said I feel like they could be trimmed back to provide more accurate setlists seeing as A Light In The Black AND Stargazer were played on the tours which most their Dio era live albums came from...
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Sin After Sin - Judas Priest
Format: CD/Digital

Sinner - A longer track kicks off the album, a solid track, I think in later years the better production could have made this song come across much heavier. Overall a strong track - 8.5/10

Diamonds And Rust - A cover tune follows up, this cover originally written and preformed by the creator of Zeppelin's Babe I'm Gonna Leave You. A nice gallop like beat to this track. A solid track - 8.5/10

Starbreaker - A faster track with which is solid but not much variation throughout it. - 8.5/10

Last Rose Of Summer - A calm guitar intro leads into a Priest Ballad, a pleasant track - 8/10

Let Us Prey/Call For The Priest - Another longer track starts off slower before ripping into a quick paced track. Another solid track - 8.5/10

Raw Deal - Another long track, this one is much more geared towards the instruments than the previous track, a nice groove and like all the other tracks thus far is solid - 8.5/10

Here Comes The Tears - A slower track appears once again, Priest isn't known for ballads of sorts so it is a surprise to find two of them on a single album. Overall another solid track - 8.5/10

Dissident Aggressor - The final track of the album fades in and gets to the point. - 8.5/10

Overall 84%
Diamonds And Rust - A cover tune follows up, this cover originally written and preformed by the creator of Zeppelin's Babe I'm Gonna Leave You. A nice gallop like beat to this track. A solid track - 8.5/10
Have you heard the original song? It's stunning and makes for a nice off-set to the Priest cover, which is also great.

Presence - Led Zeppelin
Format: Vinyl

Achilles Last Stand - A later epic from the legendary rockers. A brutal fade into drum intro launches this fast paced track, the galloping bass line is wonderful. Robert delivers some killer vocals. A great track - 10/10

For Your Life - A mid paced track, not as amazing as the previous track but still solid with a nice solo from Jimmy - 8.5/10

Royal Orleans - The only track with writing credits from all 4 members on this track. Quite a short track compared to the 11 and 6 minute tracks which it follows. Nice call and answer style. - 8/10

Nobody's Fault But Mine - Side 2 kicks off with another Zeppelin classic track, a great guitar intro leads into an echoed intro from Plant. The guitar licks from Page on this track are really solid and they suit the vocal delivery incredibly well - 10/10

Candy Store Rock - An upbeat rock track which feels along the lines of Elvis for some reason a decent track - 7.5/10

Hots On For Nowhere - Another decent track - 7.5/10

Tea For One - The final track of the album goes back into the longer territory, having a nice intro. Slow and drawn out. A nice bluesy number from the band closing off the album nicely. - 8.5/10

Overall 86%

For Those About To Rock - AC/DC
Format: Vinyl

For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) - The brutal mid paced title track kicks off the second Brian Johnson album. An amazing show closer which frankly I feel should be an opener but at the same time this track is unreal great performances from the whole band. - 10/10

Put The Finger On You - Maintaining the energy although the chorus is a little weaker overall a solid track - 8/10

Lets Get It Up - A mid paced track on the slower side. Overall not quite as good as the previous tracks. - 7.5/10

Inject The Venom - A step up from the previous track, Brian continues to deliver some strong vocals. The changeover from the Bon era's live feeling to the more polished but still somehow raw sounding Johnson era is evident here. - 8.5/10

Snowballed - Side 2 closes with a strong straightforward rock track, closest thing to the title track thus far in terms of pure rock n roll energy - 9/10

Evil Walks - Similar to side 1 a slower track kicks off side 2, another solid track overall - 8/10

C.O.D. - A call and answer style chorus makes this decent track stand out a little but overall it remains decent - 7.5/10

Breaking The Rules - Another slower track, overall this album has some really solid tracks. Nice groove on this track. - 8/10

Night Of the Long Knives - A decent track - 7.5/10

Spellbound - The album closes off with yet another midpaced track. A solid track to close off a solid album - 8/10

Overall 82%

Album 103/365

Two guys write and record an album in ten hours. It's under twenty minutes, there's a lot of silly stuff on here but also a lot of quality material that sprung out. Certainly not a masterpiece but it's a very fun listen.

Rating: 80%

Ghostlights - Avantasia
Format: Vinyl

Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose - The Meat Loaf sounding track kicks off this concept record. The only track lacking guest vocalists due to Meatloaf passing on the track. Overall a nice poppier track with great instrumentation - 9/10

Let The Storm Descend Upon You - The longest track on the album comes in wasting little time it delivers a truely epic track. Amazing chorus. - 10/10

The Haunting - A dark piano intro leads into the final track on side 1, Dee Snider is a great guest vocalist on this track. Overall another strong track - 9/10

Seduction Of Decay - A heavy riff opens up side 2, Geoff Tate sings on this track, overall a solid track, not quite on par with the opening 3 tracks but still good - 7.5/10

Ghostlights - The title track comes in with a fury picking up the pace from the previous one. Very high vocals throughout. - 8.5/10

Draconian Love - Slowing down, some darker vocals from our guest singer before Tobi comes in. The contrast in vocals is nice. Overall a solid track - 8/10

Master Of The Pendulum - Side 3 kicks off with a slow burning start, before igniting into a blaze. An enjoyable track, strong vocally like every other track, dynamic and unique. - 8.5/10

Isle Of Evermore - Another slower intro with a dark and ominous background, a slow ballad with some nice female guest vocals - 8.5/10

Babylon Vampires - Transitioning back into a heavy feel once more the final track on side 3 opens with some nice guitar work. - 8.5/10

Lucifer - Side 4 opens with a piano intro to the shortest track on the album. An amazing ballad - 9.5/10

Unchain The Light - A solid track with some nice high notes - 8/10

A Restless Heart And Obsidian Skies - The final track on the album begins slowly, a building track. Overall a nice way to end the album - 8/10

Overall - 86%

Distance Over Time - Dream Theater
Format: CD/Digital

Untethered Angel - A calm intro leads into a heavier backing with some odd vocals but they work. Overall a solid track - 8/10

Paralyzed - The second track comes in with a consistent riff, vocals are better on this one, overall another solid track - 8/10

Fall Into The Light - A strong intro leads into a longer track with some nice vocals overall. Dynamic with several changes. - 9/10

Barstool Warrior - A strong opening kicks off this track with some nice melodic guitar playing. Overall another solid track - 8.5/10

Room 137 - The next track gets heavier. And is fairly solid - 8.5/10

S2N - A decent track doesn't do too much for me - 7.5/10

At Wit's End - The longest track on the album, and the lack of massive diversity is starting to get to me. All these songs have sounded roughly the same. Individually they are pretty solid but in a row it is getting a little tiring. - 8/10

Out Of Reach - A change up from the heavy onslaught. The piano intro is nice but by the time the song picks up the pace it is already halfway through it's runtime. - 7.5/10

Pale Blue Dot - An odd intro leads into the final song on the album, longer and progressive. A heavy drumbeat kicks in and a nice way to close off the album - 8.5/10

Overall 82%

Likely will only listen to 1 more DT album for this review set, although we will see based on my enjoyment of it...

High Voltage - AC/DC
Format: Vinyl

It's A Long Way To The Top If You Wanna Rock And Roll - A fantastic track opens up the first album; holds all the AC/DC tropes and some bagpipes - 10/10

Rock N Roll Singer - Starting off slower than the previous track but with the classic AC/DC sound, raw yet so clean guitar sounds and a great groove. A solid track - 8/10

The Jack - Slow and brooding, about getting an STD. Quite long and boring - 5/10

Live Wire - A low bass line opens the first sides closer, a better track than the one before but it takes a little bit for this one to really get going. - 7.5/10

T.N.T - Side 2 opens up with the classic AC/DC song which I frankly am so done hearing. But TNT remains a staple for a reason, strong energy and easy to listen to - 9/10

Can I Sit Next To You Girl - Another mid tempo track, a very calm chorus for AC/DC - 7.5/10

Little Lover - Another slower track, again, relatively boring - 6/10

She's Got Balls - Continuing on the slow and relatively boring track order is the penultimate track - 6.5/10

High Voltage - The final track of the album is the title track, the opening riff has more energy than a large chunk of the album. - 7.5/10

Overall 74%

Open Up And Say... Ah - Poison
Format: Vinyl

Love On The Rocks - A solid opener kicks off Poison's second album. Nice and commerical sounding. Overall a decent track - 7.5/10

Nothin But A Good Time - Following the luke-warm opener we kick into one of Poison's most well known tracks, a really good commercial track - 9/10

Back To The Rocking Horse - An enjoyable track but that's about it - 7.5/10

Good Love - Better than the previous track but not by much - 8/10

Tearin' Down The Walls - Another decent track - 7/10

Look But You Can't Touch - More of the same - 7/10

Fallen Angel - Every so often the band hits it in the right spot this is one of the better tracks on the album, nice solo - 8.5/10

Every Rose Has Its Thorn - The massive power ballad. A great track - 9/10

Your Mama Don't Dance - A cover tune, overall a decent track - 7/10

Bad To Be Good - Another average track closes off an average album - 7/10

Overall 77%