365 Albums In One Year

Them Bones and Dam That River should be 10’s. :mad:

Also, don’t forget to mark down solo Bruce and Blaze on your list...
Them Bones and Dam That River should be 10’s. :mad:

Also, don’t forget to mark down solo Bruce and Blaze on your list...

They could get higher, Dam that river is more likely, as I add almost all songs ranked 9 or higher into my driving playlist. Many 8+'s get into it as well.

As for Bruce/Blaze solo stuff, I try to only listen to album I have in a hard copy of some format so it would likely depend on me finding/ordering a copy of it at some point. But that being said Bruce's solo work I have added 2 or 3 to my list. As for Blaze that will depend on if I like his vocals on The X Factor and Virtual XI since I plan on doing all Maiden Albums in my review...

Plus I'm starting to get a little tight since I've decided to add 10-15 Live albums to the list so those will take up some space on the list and will mean I need to make a slightly different evaluation criteria.

A Matter Of Life And Death - Iron Maiden
Format: Vinyl

Different World - The shortest track on the album kicks off the War themed album, killer riff and the track makes short work of any worries in terms of performance from the aging band. Chorus is a little weaker but I like the harmonizing done in it. - 9/10

These Colours Don't Run- Beginning slow with a calmer intro before the band comes in telling the tale of a man being sent off to war, Bruce doesn't sound as strong at times on this track but it is still one that is a really strong track, the harmonized guitar solo is wonderful.- 8.5/10

Brighter Than A Thousand Suns - Side 1 closes with the first epic of the album. Super heavy riffing throughout, the chorus when Bruce lets loose on the high note is amazing. Strong solos, this track is incredibly strong although at times I do skip it in favour of some later tracks when it pops up in my playlist - 10/10

The Pilgrim - Picking up the pace, Not quite as strong as the tracks which flank it. But still a strong one. - 8.5/10

The Longest Day - One of the best prechorus' ever written. Yes the chorus is a weaker one but it still is super anthemic and instrumentally amazing. - 10/10

Out Of The Shadows - Beginning with a drum based intro the final track on the first LP comes in and slows down considerably, I like the chorus a lot, Verses aren't mind blowing but a really strong track - 9/10

The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg - A calm intro leads into heavy track some nice soloing and throughout the track brutal riffs and Bruce delivers. Don't remember this track being so amazing. - 10/10

For The Greater Good Of God - PLEASE TELL ME NOW LIFE IS!!!!! Chorus alone earns the 10/10, but the entire track is a masterpiece- 10/10

Lord Of Light - Following up the perfect side 3 is side 4, the final side kicks off with a melodic but quicker paced guitar lick Bruce sings lightly, the song soon erupts and Bruce lets out some of his highest notes on the album, once more brutal guitar work ensues and Bruce keeps up the amazing vocal performance, the calmer parts are a little weaker than the heavier parts but this song is amazing and the solos more than make up for the lighter sections - 10/10

The Legacy - An acoustic intro leads into the final track on the album the intro I feel could be a little darker in Bruce's delivery. This track almost screams orchestral. The heavy riffs following the introduction followed by the increase in tempo of the acoustic guitar is brilliant. The band comes in full on at a mid tempo track, Bruces vocals don't quite do it for me entirely here. Janick's solo begins with the brutal riff again before. A track which I will have to revisit - 9/10

Overall 94%

Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin
Format: Vinyl

Custard Pie - A heavy riff with some strong vocal delivery over top a great way to kick off the album - 8.5/10

The Rover - Another heavy track, Robert delivers some great vocals on this one. The bass and drum work helps elevate this song. The fact that this track was an outtake from Houses Of The Holy in itself is unreal. But it is far more fitting on Physical Graffiti. - 9.5/10

In My Time Of Dying - The lengthy blues epic, In My Time Of Dying closes off side 1, heavy with a beautiful groove and Plant delivering some outstanding vocals. A masterpiece - 10/10

Houses Of The Holy - The title track to the previous album kicks off side 2, another super strong track and mindboggling that it was left off of its respective album although once again it fits better here. A punchy riff with some of Roberts most clear vocals - 10/10

Trampled Under Foot - A strong keys based intro leads into an concert staple. Quite a strong track - 9/10

Kashmir - The song that took me forever to appreciate, in studio Kashmir is a solid track, live the track is a monster. But over time it has grown so much, this song is a masterpiece closing off side 2 in style. - 10/10

In The Light - Side 3 begins with another progressive track, an interesting intro, synthy but with a violin bow on an guitar. Zeppelin's experimentation at their finest, great harmonized vocals come in a guitar, drum and bass breakdown leads to some nice groove, Robert's vocals are fairly good. The instrumental passages are really strong. - 9/10

Bron-Yr-Aur - A short sweet instrumental track. Not amazing but a pleasant one nonetheless - 8/10

Down By The Seaside - A calmer track, Robert sings very well, the band creates a very relaxing feel to it, it picks up the pace a little and becomes a little muddled. A solid track - 7.5/10

Ten Years Gone - Side 3 closes off with the last longer track of the album, relatively dynamic. Dedicated to the girl that Plant left to pursue music. A solid track - 8.5/10

Night Flight - Wasting no time side 4 kicks off with a shorter track, this IV outtake is very keys driven and is a decent track - 8/10

The Wanton Song - A crunchy riff opens, a nice groove is on this track. - 8/10

Boogie With Stu - A decent track, not a super strong one. Pleasant but not great - 7.5/10

Black Country Woman - An acoustic intro with some studio chatter before hand. Another of the many outtakes this time from Houses of The Holy, of the outtakes this is the one that sounds most like the album. A nice drum beat comes in and the acoustic feel continues. - 8/10

Sick Again - Closing off the album is another heavier track ending off on a slightly stronger note - 8.5/10

Overall 87%

Felt a little bloated by the 4th side.

Dr. Feelgood - Motley Crue
Format: Vinyl

T.n.T (Terror 'n Tinseltown) - A quick intro kicks off the album serving as a perfect segue into the title track - 8.5/10

Dr. Feelgood - A heavy feeling begins the first true track of the album. Motley deliver some great riffs and Vince is strong on vocals for this track - 9.5/10

Slice Of Your Pie - Starting off calmer the track soon gets heavier. A solid track throughout. A nice solo from Mick Mars - 8/10

Rattlesnake Shake - Another nice intro lick starts off this track, another solid track from the band, they finally are sober and have hit their mark with an album, thus far... - 8/10

Kickstart My Heart - One of Crue's strongest songs an absolute killer rock track, aggressive and anthemic. - 10/10

Without You - Side 1 closes with a power ballad. This is no Home Sweet Home but it still is an outright amazing track. -9.5/10

Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S) - Side 2 kicks off with another well known Crue track. Another great tune - 9.5/10

Sticky Sweet - This track has the right feel in terms of musicality but I can't get into it. - 7.5/10

She Goes Down - Another track in the same vein as the one above. - 7.5/10

Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) - A lighter rock track. better overall than the two prior ones, a solid track - 8.5/10

Time For Change - Another piano ballad of sorts. It closes off the album nicely - 7.5/10

Overall 85%

I likely won't end up doing Theater of Pain, so this likely will be the last Motley Album in the list
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Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin
My favorite Zep record. It isn’t perfect — “Boogie With Stu” and “Black Country Woman” don’t quite get me going — but the sheer amount of variety that one album features is hard to top. So many great songs.
My favorite Zep record. It isn’t perfect — “Boogie With Stu” and “Black Country Woman” don’t quite get me going — but the sheer amount of variety that one album features is hard to top. So many great songs.

It was a great album. I preferred Houses Of The Holy, it is such a unique album. But PG is amazing for variety, I think it could have been a near perfect album if they had cut back a couple of the tracks and done a single album but then again that would remove the variety which is a good quality of it.
Houses of the holy is my favorite. Every song is top notch. Physical Graffiti is fine but has a ton of filler on the second disc.
Houses of the holy is my favorite. Every song is top notch. Physical Graffiti is fine but has a ton of filler on the second disc.
Agreed, I will be doing all the albums [Including Coda]. Absolutely amazing catalog for the first 6/7 albums the last 2/3 still are strong just not quite on par with the first 6/7

Skid Row - Skid Row
Format: CD/Digital

Big Guns - A solid opener kicks off the debut album of Skid Row, a shorter track. - 7.5/10

Sweet Little Sister - A fast paced track relatively punchy. Bach delivers some higher vocals than before. Still just a solid/decent track - 7.5/10

Can't Stand The Heartache - A better track than the previous two, getting more quality here than before - 8/10

Piece Of Me - A solid bass line kicks off the shortest track on the album, this track falls back down in quality. - 7/10

18 And Life - One of the gems on the album, absolutely amazing Bach delivers some killer vocals and the band is on fire, so much feeling in the guitar solo and Bach's brutal high notes. - 10/10

Rattlesnake Shake - Not to be confused with the track from the previous review, this one is a rather poor track - 7/10

Youth Gone Wild - Catching lightning once again the band launch into their best rocker of the album. An anthemic track a rather strong track throughout - 9/10

Here I Am - A nice guitar lick kicks off this track, not amazing but better than most of what has come before - 7.5/10

Makin' A Mess - Transitioning well from the previous track, a solid rocker - 8/10

I Remember You - Bach's best performance on the album bar none, those screams are amazing. I'm a sucker for power ballads. - 10/10

Midnight/Tornado - A heavy guitar riff kicks off the final song on the album, a strong track - 8.5/10

Overall 81%

Definitely carried by some amazing tracks
I like Houses too (although I relistened to "The Crunge" not too long ago, and I thought it didn't really hold up quite as well as I once thought it did. Kinda like "The Apparition" for most MaidenFans, I guess).

Hysteria - Def Leppard
Format: Vinyl

Woman - Before I even start I have to say vinyl 1 is absolutely amazing 4 brutal classics 1 strong track and then there is Woman. A solid track kicking off the album, the production of Hysteria is so polished as a result it is amazing and complex but at the same time so commercial. - 8.5/10

Rocket - The aforementioned strong track, Rocket is a track which I feel like could have been longer [Check out the extended Lunar Mix] but the album version still is really strong. Rick Savage's bass is a driving force, killer harmonies throughout. And who can't mention Rick Allen the man who modified his drum kit so he could play with one arm, this track feels like it could be a massive solo vehicle and the only downside is they don't capitalize on that. - 9/10

Animal - Side 1 closes with a fan favourite, Animal is a short and polished track featuring some great guitar work from Phil and Steve, the intro alone is beautiful. Joe comes in soon and begins singing. An amazing pop-metal track - 10/10

Love Bites - Side 2 kicks off with the best ballad in Def Lep's catalog. Joe sings beautifully throughout. The band does their job perfectly throughout. Backing vocals are top notch - 10/10

Pour Some Sugar On Me - Anthemic and a strong track - 10/10

Armageddon It - A wonderful intro riff kicks off the final track on side 2. Another absolute monster classic track. A strong rocker throughout - 10/10

Gods Of War - Easily the best deep cut on the album. Gods Of War has a killer chorus and is a relatively longer track throughout. Some killer guitar work throughout. If Def Lep were to take any song from Hysteria or later and re-add it into this set, it would have to be this or White Lightning. - 10/10

Don't Shoot Shotgun - Another rather strong track, punchier and straightforwards, once again a killer chorus throughout. Stronger than Rocket but not on par with the masterpieces - 9.5/10

Run Riot - I'll be 100% honest Hysteria should of been a 9 track album. This is not one that makes the cut for me. Closing off Side 3 is a rather fast paced track, it is relatively solid but not super strong - 7.5/10

Hysteria - The title track kicks off the final side of the album, a calmer ballad and a super strong track - 9.5/10

Excitable - One of the two outright filler tracks on the album, it is catchy but not a great track - 7/10

Love And Affection - The album closes off with another ballad, it is a decent track overall but I feel like it needs some more work - 7.5/10

Overall 90%

The Works - Queen
Format: CD/Digital

Radio Ga Ga - A concert classic opens up Queens 11th album. Easily chant-able with some killer work from Freddie on vocals, the synth work is great. - 10/10

Tear It Up - A drum intro kicks off track 2, Brian lets loose on his guitar early on. A solid track - 8/10

Its A Hard Life - A more mellow track, another relatively solid track - 8/10

Man On The Prowl - A quick drum intro segues into a track in the vein of Crazy Little Thing Called Love. This song sounds too much like Elvis for my taste - 7/10

Machines ('Or Back To Humans') - Another synth filled intro, a track featuring the amazing vocals of the whole band. An odd track but then again it is a Queen track. - 8/10

I Want To Break Free - Another classic track, which features quite the music video for the time of its release. A strong track - 9/10

Keep Passing The Open Windows - A track featuring some nice drum and guitar work. It remains a solid track that goes on a little too long. -8/10

Hammer To Fall - A killer later Queen track, this is a monstrous track. - 10/10

Is This The World We Created? - An acoustic track closes off the album. Freddie sings great as always. - 9/10

Overall 85%

Trouble - Whitesnake
Format: CD/Digital

Take Me With You - Beginning quickly this track maintains speed and David delivers some solid vocals overall an enjoyable track - 8/10

Love To Keep You Warm - Switching to the bluesier side of Whitesnake, not as strong as future blues tracks from the band. It is an okay song. - 6.5/10

Lie Down (A Modern Love Song) - Getting to the more electric rocking side again, a little better than the previous track, Bernie has a nice guitar solo on this track - 7.5/10

Day Tripper - Bluesy once more, vocally better than the previous one. A nice groove, a talkbox solo occurs within the track. - 7.5/10

Nighthawk (Vampire Blues) - A drum intro kicks off this next track, the band comes in and the pace increases, David comes in and sings quite fast. Another decent track - 7.5/10

The Time Is Right For Love - Shifting to a more mid paced tempo, Jon lord's organ works great with the guitars. Another decent track. - 7/10

Trouble - A decent track with an absolutely killer solo - 8/10

Belgian Tom's Hat Trick - A solid instrumental track not much else to say here - 8/10

Free Flight - Bernie Marsden takes lead vocals on this track, a solid track throughout. None of these tracks are really standouts. - 7.5/10

Don't Mess With Me - The final track lets David sing once more, a stomping drum beat soon transitions into some quick guitar work another solid track - 8/10

Overall 75%

Fly To The Rainbow - Scorpions
Format: CD/Digital

Speedy's Coming - The first true fast paced rocker of their career Scorpions hit their mark on this short and strong rocker. A killer solo from Roth, Schenker plays great rhythm along with the lower end. Klaus has discovered how to sing for the majority of a song unlike their debut. A early masterpiece - 10/10

They Need A Million - A nice acoustic lead introduces the track. Klaus sings calmly, the chorus is a little weaker but then again it isn't repeated much so it is okay. The song soon picks up the pace and Klaus relinquishes vocal duties to Rudolph who delivers some solid vocals not amazing by any means but still solid, really strong instrumentally - 8.5/10

Drifting Sun - Roth takes on the vocals for this track, his vocals do nothing for me. Instrumentally a relatively strong song but his vocals just bring it crashing down - 6.5/10

Fly People Fly - Klaus comes back to lead vocals on this calm track, co-written with Michael Schenker following his departure from the band. A decent track overall. Not super exciting but some nice guitarwork. - 8/10

This Is My Song - Picking the pace up again, Klaus delivers some nice calm vocals. Overall Uli delivers some nice licks and the band does a great job in general - 8.5/10

Far Away - Another calm track that picks up, it isn't quite as strong as some of the previous ones. But still a decent track - 7.5/10

Fly To The Rainbow - The massive title track, a strong epic which sadly is now rarely played although that may be because Roth's era is overlooked and he delivers some spoken word on this track. Regardless it is a masterpiece - 10/10

Overall 84

New Jersey - Bon Jovi
Format: Vinyl

Lay Your Hands On Me - The album opens up with one of Bon Jovi's heaviest classic tracks. A hard rocker with David Bryan playing his keys like a church organ. Ritchie delivers some strong riffs on this one. One of the best in their catalog. - 10/10

Bad Medicine - A strong track but completely overrated. - 7.5/10

Born To Be My Baby - Side 2 kicks off with another classic track, in the vein of livin on a prayer this song takes aim upon the working class and does a strong job throughout. A strong rocker - 9/10

Living In Sin - The best ballad on the album, darker themes on this one than the better known ballad on the album. A masterpiece - 10/10

Blood On Blood - Side 2 closes off with a song about remembering where you came from, overall a solid track, it is a nice longer piece from the band. - 9/10

Homebound Train - Side 3 kicks off with a heavier track, a solid track throughout, some nice guitar and drum work on this track. - 8.5/10

Wild Is The Wind - Another of the underrated tracks on the album, Wild is the Wind is another incredibly strong track featuring everything that made Bon Jovi so popular but in a slightly heavier format. - 10/10

Ride Cowboy Ride - A very old sounding song, it serves as a great intro to the next track however they should be a single track. Individually it is a decent track - 7.5/10

Stick To Your Guns - A rather strong track which transitions perfectly from the previous track. It keeps with the cowboy theme of the album thus far. Overall another strong track - 9.5/10

I'll Be There For You - A really strong ballad, but Bon Jovi has so many better ballads I don't get why this one gets so much attention. This album alone has 2 or 3 stronger than it depending on how you classify them. - 9/10

99 In The Shade - The last fast rocker of the album a solid one not an amazing killer track but one which is quite enjoyable. And frankly should of finished off the album... - 8.5/10

Love For Sale - As I said this song should have been left off the album, while it fits the theme it really is a weak track which serves no ultimate purpose. - 6/10

Overall 87%
It's tough to rank albums on the average score of each track on an album. An album is composed of so many elements. The overall songwriting, production, pace, performances, atmosphere (related to production, but encompasses more than just a production), themes dealt with, concept, even cover art all contribute to what an album is. I'm not gonna overly criticize this undertaking that you and Diesel are embarking on. It is pretty monumental and I don't want to undermine that. Good luck in the next odd 100/200 days.
It's tough to rank albums on the average score of each track on an album. An album is composed of so many elements. The overall songwriting, production, pace, performances, atmosphere (related to production, but encompasses more than just a production), themes dealt with, concept, even cover art all contribute to what an album is.
I agree. I’m mainly using average scores right now because they’re accurate to how I feel that actual album is worth ATM.