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Number 6

Ancient Mariner
Playing "Dolphin" rn. I think "Hello" is my favorite so far. The only song I found a little bit meh is "Choking the Cherry", not that it's bad though.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
“Hello” is really good too. You should also check out the music video version which is different because it’s backed by grunge rather than electronic stuff.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Ok, she's good. She's very good. How has she been slept on for so long?
Hello came out in 1995 and it was another five years before the follow-up was released (which took a year and a half to record and finish). Then, just as she started picking up momentum and her label had given her a three album contract, they dropped her due to a merger. She then basically became enslaved by the person who bought out her copyrights and it took until 2010 to free herself from it. She’s still been recording music, but she’s not released any official Poe material since 2012, and that was just a 50-second loop piece. She’s likely got stuff in the works but god only knows when it’s coming.

;tldr she got fucked over by the music industry.

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

The Verdict - Queensryche
Format: CD/Digital

Blood of The Levant - The opening track kicks off with some fast paced drumming and base with a slower guitar before Todd kicks off with some easily recognizable vocals. Sounds very old school Queesnryche at this point. This track shows how good a drummer Todd is and he has filled in greatly at least on this track for me. Overall an enjoyable track but nothing groundbreaking - 8/10

Man The Machine - The second track keeps the energy going, picking up the pace even more than the first track. Another strong track, I could see this song being really strong live. Better than the first - 8.5/10

Light-Years - An interesting intro segues into a heavier section before slowing down a little. Melodic and dynamic this track is the best one thus far which seems to be a trend on the album - 9/10

Inside Out - This track starts off rocky for me but it quickly becomes a solid track. Todd's vocals are dynamic on this one, clearly a song about empowering ones self. Solid tune - 7.5/10

Propaganda Fashion - They completely skip the introduction on this track, kicking off with a bang. Another solid track, nothing really sticks out overall from this track for me - 7/10

Dark Reverie - The ballad of the album begins with some much calmer guitar work and Todd singing along, in typical Queensryche fashion it isn't a sappy ballad. 8/10

Bent - Heaviest track thus far into the album, the calmer bridge is a nice transition from the overall hard feel to the song. Another strong track - 8.5/10

Inner Unrest - Another solid track, the overall production is wearing on me a little at this point, the bridge is dark but the song is solid nonetheless - 8/10

Launder the Conscience - The instrumentation on this song kicks ass, the vocals are solid. I really like this track - 9/10

Portrait - The final song on the album begins with a heavy prodding base sound, a somewhat dynamic track, not mind blowing but definitely something worth checking out - 8/10

Overall 81%
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Ancient Mariner
Was just gonna listen to this for fun but figured I'm behind I'll rate it and finish of the Dio years of Rainbow



Rising - Rainbow
Format: Vinyl

Tarrot Woman - A majestic keyboard intro leads into Blackmore's roaring guitar and Dio's unreal vocals. This band is tight as fuck and this song is a clear indicator of what is to come. The fantasy lyrics are perfectly executed and absolutely are exemplified by the sheer talent of the band. - 10/10

Run With The Wolf - A slow song, Dio has some strong vocal performances on this song, the band plays well. But it doesn't quite jive as perfectly as the previous track. That being said I think that it is a really strong track just overshadowed by the genius of the previous track and the 2nd half of the album.... 8/10

Starstruck - Starstruck features some wonderful guitar work again from Blackmore, the lyrics are delivered amazingly by Ronnie expertly detailing Blackmore's stalker from a previous tour. Another really strong track - 9.5/10

Do You Close Your Eyes - A solid rock track, lyrics are a little cringy especially coming from Dio. But the vocals really mesh with the band. -8.5/10

Stargazer - A brutal drum intro leads into one of Blackmore's greatest riffs and in turn my personal favourite track by Blackmore and a strong contender for my favourite Dio track. On vinyl the keys are much more prominent than on CD/Digital and the track which already was unreal is sent to further heights. If I allowed myself to rank above 10/10 this song would have it. Anyone who hasn't heard Rising should do so solely for this song. - 10/10

A Light In The Black - Following Stargazer is a task that very few rock songs can live up to. A Light In The Black is a song that does a solid job at it. It in itself is a really strong track, Kill guitarwork from Blackmore and Cozy puts in work on the drums. This song is another easy rating - 10/10

Overall 93%



Lights Out - UFO
Format: CD/Digital

Too Hot To Handle - A strong mid paced track, with some real nice guitar work from Schenker. Mogg delivers vocally. Overall a really strong track - 9/10

Just Another Suicide - Another slower paced track, more strong guitar work from Schenker and the gang. Mogg is one fire once again. - 8.5/10

Try Me - A piano intro starts off this ballad, Phil sings sentimentally, an absolutely beautiful ballad. Schenker's outro solo just provides a brief taste of whats to come on the album closer. - 9/10

Lights Out - The Blistering title track tells of the London bombings, amazing in every aspect. - 10/10

Gettin' Ready - A slower mid paced track, much calmer than the title track, it starts off fine but isn't quite on par with the rest of the album - 7/10

Alone Again or - A calmer cover tune, short and sweet, some nice acoustic guitar work, not a standout track but it is a nice change from the harder sound of the rockers previously. 7/10

Electric Phase - A midpaced track, solid work overall by the band. 7.5/10

Love To Love - A beautiful calm ballad with roaring instrumental sections, this song is amazing, and is how to perfectly balance heavy and soft. 10/10

Overall 85%



Moonglow - Avantasia
Format: CD/Digital

Ghost In The Moon - Tobi starts singing before the band even appears on this track, piano driven intro with some introductions of the band. The track continues to build up and unlike later tracks lacks guest singers. The track has a solid pace and decent instrumental work the midsection with the buildup onwards really helped this track out. Not an amazing start to the album overall but a solid song. - 7/10

Book of Shallows - A fast paced drum beat accompanied by a dynamic guitar work leads the way for Tobi and friends to come in, this song sounds much heavier than the previous track, I it is 100% an Avantasia track. Overall better than the previous track but not amazing but there are strong moments dispersed within it. - 7.5/10

Moonglow - The title track clicks for me, absolutely love Candice Night on this track, this track is great. Harmonies, with the the Opera like feeling to it, with dynamic interactions between Night and Tobi. -9/10

The Raven Child - A calm intro introduces the longest song of the album, before kicking into high gear around the 2 minute mark for a heavier instrumental section then calms down once again. The alternation of heavier and light sections really works well on this track. The ending of the track is epic. 9/10

Starlight - A shorter track with some faster paced sections and calmer verses for the most part. This song flew by me. Solid song - 7.5/10

Invincible - A piano ballad featuring Geoff Tate, showing off the pipes that made him and Queensryche so good in the 80s and early 90s. This ballad isn't groundbreaking but it is a killer preformance by Geoff and the instrumentation is perfect for this song. - 9/10

Alchemy - Segueing from the previous track Alchemy shifts into a darker feeling than previously before the guitars kick in bringing the heaviness to the forefront. This track pulled me in and I think it absolutely rocks - 9/10

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn - A synthy opening kicks off the final longer track of the album, the song quickly explodes into another longer rocking track. I wasn't sold at first but it really is a strong track - 8.5/10

Lavender - Another strong track from this album, as a whole the album's weaker points have been getting fewer as the tracks progress. This song is solid start to finish but not quite great - 8/10

Requiem For A Dream - Organ/Churchy intro quickly is replaced with heavy drums and guitar as the band kicks back into high gear, the sheer speed of this track is a double edged sword, it works really well but the vocals get caught up in trying to stay on pace with the band at times. - 7.5/10 (would be about 7.75 if I allowed that as a rating)

Maniac - A decent preformance turns this cover into something that doesn't feel too out of place on say a deluxe edition of the album but as the album closer it just doesn't fit. Overall a good cover but not needed for the album -7/10

Overall 80%
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Ancient Mariner
Let another discography run begin...

Lovedrive - Scorpions
Format: Vinyl

Loving You Sunday Morning - The midpaced classic opener kicks off the first of the classic albums by the Scorpions, Klaus and the gang put in some really good work here. 10/10

Another Piece of Meat - The second track kicks the album into high gear, the raunchy Another Piece of Meat is filled with strong hooks and amazing guitar work from Schenker. This song kicks ass - 10/10

Always Somewhere - Any scorpions fan can tell you that song #3 is often a ballad. Lovedrive doesn't differ from this pattern. The sentimental ballad honestly of their 70s material this is easily one of the best ballads but the German machine wrote many amazing ones in their time. Peaceful and beautiful guitars. Klaus sings wonderfully and the song doesn't stay too long. A unsung masterpiece - 10/10

Coast To Coast - One of the few instrumental tracks that I like, the guitars really sing on this one. However I still wish it had vocals of some sort somewhere in it to make it another Scorpions classic rocker. - 10/10

Cant Get Enough - Side 2 kicks off with the blistering Can't get enough, roaring guitars and Klaus is screaming to the heavens. So much energy in this performance, people who think Scorpions are only Hair metal like Rock You Like A Hurricane, need to hear this song and the title track. Blistering speed and ferocity another easy 10/10

Is There Anybody There? - The only weak song on the album, but it isn't really weak just very different. A nice groove is present throughout and the song has some nice guitar work. A solid track -8/10

Lovedrive - Kicking back into high gear the title track charges forwards taking no prisoners, Michael is back doing lead for this track once again and his skills are evident throughout. The bass work on this track is strong as well. The song has a bit of a gallop to it off the start. Klaus puts in work as well, and Rarebell has some solid drumming - 9/10

Holiday - The Album closes off with another ballad, the mighty Holiday begins calm before entering a heavier midsection and closing off with an extended solo. 10/10

Overall 96%
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Ancient Mariner

The Strange Case Of... - Halestorm
Format: CD/Digital

Love Bites (So Do I) - An aggressive assault by the band kicks off the album. Lzzy is taking no prisoners and the song is poppy enough to be beyond catchy but heavy at the same time - 10/10

Mz Hyde - Drums and some atmospheric guitar introduce the second track, taking the role of Mz Hyde Lzzy, the jump in quality between the 1st and 2nd record in their talent is evident thus far. - 9/10

I Miss The Misery - Transitioning from the previous track I Miss the Misery is the poppiest of the first 3 songs, but it still rocks throughout, designed for the live show this track has plenty of room for extended solos. Lzzy has a nice scream in it as well. - 8.5/10

Freak Like Me - An anthemic track kicks off with some keys before bringing in more heavy sounds once more. Solid instrument work throughout, Lzzy as always delivers. The imagry in this track is well set out it is a call to action for all her "freaks" - 9/10

Beautiful With You - Calm and more clean guitars introduce the next track which Lzzy sings in a more melodic way, this track is a nice change of pace and a solid mid tempo ballad at that. A solid track - 8.5/10

In Your Room - Another ballad, slower than the previous one but it lets loose after the first minute, it isn't the most amazing ballad but it isn't bad by any means. It is sung from a comforting someone and making them feel wanted. A solid track with an important message - 7/10

Break In - The heart wrenching piano ballad about being found and brought back from darkness the opposite of the previous track in that regard. Unbelievably beautiful track - 10/10

Rock Show - Infectious and poppy, but oh so good. Rock show is reminiscent of the feeling of the first concert ever or the first time seeing a legendary band it conveys the energy of it wonderfully and spreads the energy into the listener, oh and the solo is really good too. - 10/10

Daughter Of Darkness - The intro to this track has Lzzy singing along to the drums before the rest of the band kicks in. Another solid upbeat track, but it doesn't quite grab me fully; I could see this track growing on me. - 9.5/10

You Call Me Bitch Like Its A Bad Thing - Starting heavier before getting slightly poppy, this track has a nice pace to it and the track is solid overall. - 8/10

American Boys - This track has a good groove, Lzzy sings slightly differently than before and her voice soars over the chorus. I was expecting the quality to drop on this track but t doesn't and brings us to the album closer in style - 8.5/10

Heres To Us - Another amazing ballad, Lzzy and co can really get some great ballads early in their career. This song doubles as an anthem and is highly relatable, a classy way to end of a really consistent album - 10/10

Overall 90%
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Ancient Mariner

Led Zeppelin IV - Led Zeppelin
Format: Vinyl

Black Dog - The classic call and answer rocker of Black Dog kicks off the album, this song is hit and miss with me but I cannot deny the amazingness of the introduction, Overall a deserved classic and for me one of the two truely overplayed songs on the album. - 8/10

Rock and Roll - Another classic intro leads into the second overplayed song on the album. Rock and Roll is a solid track but it is one that is overhyped by society. That being said it is a pretty strong rock tune that does deserve to be recognized as a classic tune. - 8.5/10

The Battle Of Evermore - The folky Battle of Evermore is a great hidden gem found on IV. The only downside is I'm not a huge fan of the guest singer's vocals. The true brilliance of this song is shown by Heart's cover. Regardless the song is brilliant and deserves to be known more than the previous two tracks on the album - 8.5/10

Stairway to Heaven - A masterpiece, deserving of the airplay it gets. Love it or hate it Stairway has become one of the most well known songs in history and it does so with the building epic that it is, culminating in a brilliant guitar solo and breakdown. This is another brilliant song. Once again Heart's cover is amazing, and in this case on par with the original. - 10/10

Misty Mountain Hop - A track which took me a while to get into the groove with, but now it is such a fun song. The band is tight on this track and the groove of it is really infectious. -9/10

Four Sticks - I really don't get four sticks, it does nothing for me Plant's delivery is so similar to the rest but it just doesn't jive. The band preforms a forgettable song overall but 1/8 aint that bad. - 6.5/10

Going to California - A peaceful song, Going to California is another example of Zeppelin's majestic ballads. - 8.5/10

When The Levee Breaks - A powerful closing track, When the Levee Breaks is the strongest song on the album. Dark and Heavy, this song is another brilliant masterpiece preformed by the band. - 10/10

Overall 86%



Vol 4 - Black Sabbath
Format: CD/Digital

Wheels of Confusion - Bluesy Guitar work kicks off the opening to track number 1, Ozzy's singing in the opening is really strong, progressive and overall a work of brilliance I'm pleasantly surprised by this track. -9/10

Tomorrow's Dream - A rocker of sorts, with some really strong riffage from Tony, the guitar work on this track really is strong. Another surpisingly great preformance from Ozzy as well. - 8.5/10

Changes - A piano ballad by Black Sabbath sounds weird, well thats cause it is in a way. A solid song, which is really not a typical sabbath song but it really works. - 9/10

FX - What the fuck is this? I see 0 reason for this to exist, absolute waste of space. - 0/10 [For the purposes of the overall album this track will be excluded.]

Supernaut - Killer groove kicks the album back into high gear following the waste of space, an absolute barnstormer of a track. Really like the instrumental work by sabbath on this track. Overall not quite perfect but a killer track - 9.5/10

Snowblind - Sabbath has been on fire with Grooves thus far in the album, Snowblind is no different, the thinly "veiled" cocaine references are delivered solidly by Ozzy. Overall a solid song, with an amazing outro solo. - 8.5/10

Cornucopia - A dark and heavy riff introduces the next track, another strong track overall but it doesn't quite click for me. A solid - 8/10

Laguna Sunrise - A nice transitioning instrumental, really well worked out by the band and the acoustic guitar is a nice choice, why couldn't FX be actual music like this? -8/10

St. Vitus Dance - The next track kicks off nicely, I really like the groove on this track -8/10

Under The Sun/Everyday Day Comes and Goes - Feels slightly disjointed but the songs overall are solid tracks. 8/10

Overall 85%



Second Skin - The Mayfield Four
Format: CD/Digital

Sick & Wrong - Holy shit this song kicks off with some killer vocals by Myles, singing in a lower voice than usual with Slash reminding me of some darker Alter Bridge tracks. I'm absolutely blown away - 10/10

Loose Cannon - Transitioning quickly from the previous track, the second track keeps the momentum going, Myles Vocals maintain that lower and aggressive style, this time it isn't as perfect but this song shows just how well he would of fit in Velvet revolver. A strong song overall. -8.5/10

Mars Hotel - Starting off slower, the song features Myles having a soaring chorus. Dynamic, straight forward but never boring just short of perfection. - 9.5/10

Lyla - For the first time we get Myles completely clean vocals in what seems to be a nice acoustic ballad. The band quickly informs me that I'm wrong and I can't tell if i'd have liked it more as acoustic, the song is strong and it amazes me that this band broke up and weren't bigger, absolutely unreal, but we now have SMKC and Alter Bridge so I have no issue with that fact... -8.5/10

Eden (Turn The Page) - The First Mayfield Four song I heard, Myles and company are masters of sentimental ballads, this track is absolutely killer filled with emotion and live this song is also absolutely majestic and pure. - 10/10

High - Another faster paced song, each song has its own unique feel to it thus far, Myles does some amazing Vocals and Lead work overall on the album. This song has killer guitar work. The bridge following the solo with Zia killing those drums is wonderful - 9/10

Carry On - A calm introduction with soft singing from Myles, the second ballad of the album, about halfway through the instrumentation gets really heavy, which exemplifies the message of the song. Pure talent -10/10

Backslide - Kicking back into a fast track, at this point there isn't too much one can say, this band is tight, Myles kills it on vocals and guitar, the backing vocals are really strong as well. Another solid track - 8.5/10

White Flag - The calming and majestic White Flag, this song like Eden blew me away when I first heard it, as Myles begins singing I get chills down my spine and the hairs on my arm stand up straight. Perfection, and one of Myles best performances bar none. - 10/10

Flattery's Crutch - The only song thus far that hasn't fully clicked with me. It has a real strong rock feel to it. For now I give it a - 7.5/10

Believe - Another very unique track, not amazing but boy is Myles solo great. Not bad by any means. - 8/10

Summergirl - The album closer begins acoustic with Myles singing softly, the song progresses this way, pausing halfway the energy of the band begins to rise before the full band comes in for a subdued finale, with Myles belting out an amazing high note - 9.5/10

Overall 91%

The unreleased song Reign Over Me from these sessions is also another amazing 10/10 to check out.
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Ancient Mariner
Totally have a paper I should be writing...


Rocks - Aerosmith
Format: Vinyl

Back In The Saddle - The album kicks off with a classic tune, the rocking Back In The Saddle, this song is the full embodiment of Aerosmith, aggressive, sexual with a killer groove and Steven's trademark screams -9.5/10

Last Child - A slower mid paced track, the band is much more subdued on this track but the groove remains, this song isn't really all that great but it is a solid track - 7/10

Rats in The Cellar - Picking the pace up again, the band is on fire for this track, and Steven has fairly good delivery for the vocals, the outro solo is a nice touch. -8/10

Combination - Side one closes off with a rather unremarkable track although the Harmonies on this track are really strong. -7/10

Sick As A Dog - Side two kicks off with some more nice harmonies and the band as per usual does a really solid job. Steven delivers on this track and another nice outro. -8/10

Nobody's Fault - Heavy with Steven screaming over the band, overall a nicer heavier song - 8.5/10

Get The Lead Out - An Okay song with a nice groove from the band -- 7.5/10

Lick and A Promise - This song reminds me so much of early rock songs and it really works, pleasantly surprised by this track -8.5/10

Home Tonight - This song sounds like it could be a Queen song, being covered by Aerosmith, Overall a solid ballad and a nice way to close off the album -8/10

Overall 80%



Head Games - Foreigner
Format: Vinyl

Dirty White Boy - Killer guitar work opens up the album and Lou sings really well on this track as per usual, fast paced and catchy. The hit machines have done it again. -9/10

Love On The Telephone - Synths and keys with a solid guitar riff introduces the next song, a song about being paranoid about losing ones love through a phone call, never heard this song before and it rocks. - 8.5/10

Women - A heavier drumbeat kicks off the next song, Lou sings in a deeper voice for the most part of this song, which adds a different dynamic to it, this song isn't quite as good as the previous two but it is a solid track - 8/10

I'll Get Even With You - A solid track, has the cliches of foreigner but it is still solid. -8/10

Seventeen - Another solid song, doesn't stick out too much but the band plays really well as a whole. - 7.5/10

Head Games - I love the guitar intro to this track, the bass work is really solid. Catchy and classic. Killer track - 10/10

The Modern Day - Mick takes over lead vocals on this track, he sings quite well on the track not anything amazing the band plays quite well on this track. A solid track overall - 8/10

Blinded By Science - Pianos introduce the longest song on the album, the first true ballad of the album, not the typical ballad but the atypical nature of it really works - 8.5/10

Do What You Like - An upbeat acoustic track, not an amazing track but a nice and pleasant one - 7.5/10

Rev On The Red Line - The album closes off with a solid finale song, not too rocking but not too relaxed a strong mid tempo track with great instrumentation by the band. -8/10

Overall 83%



Prequelle - Ghost
Format: CD/Digital

Ashes - An ominous introduction occurs with the band coming into play a really strong introduction - 8/10

Rats - The first true song on the album transitions from the introduction, balancing their brand of poppy metal perfectly Ghost delivers a strong upbeat rock trap. The solo section is really well done - 10/10

Faith - A heavy beat is quickly established, the band sounds amazing, the lyrics take a bit to get properly used to but when you do the song is good - 8.5/10

See The Light - The organ sound which sounds exactly like the chorus of Life Eternal introduces a slower song, the song overall doesn't really jive to me. But it is a decent track - 7/10

Miasma - An extended instrumental track, with a overall feel to it, Although I feel like it could have been a wicked and epic track with vocals the instrumental does a great job. -8.5/10

Dance Macabre - Unbelievably catchy, great groove, another amazing Ghost song; The consistent beat throughout the song drives the song onwards and the guitar work really jives with the vocals. - 10/10

Pro Memoria - Very orchestrated beginning into piano with Tobias singing to Lucifer, this track doesn't quite jive with me but overall it does fill Ghost's style completely. -7/10

Witch Image - I jump back into the Ghost stream on this song, alternating between subdued verses and heavier chorus'. This song is really well put together, the vocals mesh super well with the band. - 10/10

Helvetesfonster - Another instrumental piece, I have to say I think this album would have been good with just 2 but don't know which of the 3 to drop/switch up. The flute really works well with the band, you can tell they thought through its usage just as much as they do with vocals and the band. Overall a solid instrumental - 7.5/10

Life Eternal - I really like this track, it works super well especially as a closing track although I do have to say the way the previous track ends would be an excellent way to end the album. - 10/10

Overall 87%



From The Fires - Greta Van Fleet
Format: CD/Digital

Safari Song - Yea it screams Zeppelin, but at the same time it doesn't matter the song kicks ass and we aren't getting any new Zeppelin anytime soon so we may as well take some all out 70s style rock and roll - 9/10

Edge Of Darkness - An unreal song, the sheer talent in these kids is amazing, the band is tight. - 10/10

Flower Power - An acoustic intro leads into a ballad of sorts, this song doesn't click fully to me but it still shows tons of potential for the band - 7/10

A Change Is Gonna Come - I really like this cover, it is short and sweet but dynamic at the same time. The band is fairly subdued throughout the first half track but the vocals really shine throughout the entire track. - 8/10

Highway Tune - Another faster paced rocker, fun tune perfect for driving to. Soaring screams and great instrumentation - 9/10

Meet On The Ledge - Another slower track, this one is another cover, and once again it really doesn't jive with me, the elements are there but it doesn't quite work. - 6.5/10

Talk On The Street - Decent track, has a good groove but doesn't blow me away by any means. Good track - 7/10

Black Smoke Rising - An absolutely unreal tune which blew me away the first time I heard it, needless to say the band is tight and they song screams old school - 10/10

Overall 83%
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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...

Album 66/365

1. Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen - Great opening, but it starts to go south as it goes along. The chorus does nothing whatsoever. Solid but a bit silly for my taste. 7/10

2. Der Meister - The guitars here are great, but man, those keyboards in the chorus are just weird. Bring down an otherwise solid song. 6/10

3. Weisses Fleisch - Some interesting ideas here but the song doesn't quite blow me out of the water, although it's pretty solid overall. 7/10

4. Asche Zu Asche - Okay, this is the best song on here so far. The chorus is simply yet really catchy and there's really not much that bothers me with this one. I wouldn't exactly call it a fantastic song but it's pretty good. 8/10

5. Seemann - Huh, that was a really interesting song. Not the sort of thing I expected to hear from Rammstein. Calm at parts and violently stormy at others. Pretty good. 8/10

6. Du Riechst So Gut - Quite a banger, though I doubt it'll become a favorite from them overall. Pretty good chorus though. Nice hooks. 8/10

7. Das Alte Leid - Pretty solid song, although not quite as good as the three that preceded it. I like the rising tension throughout though. 7/10

8. Heirate Mich - Another pretty solid song. Not much else to say about it. 7/10

9. Herzeleid - Solid title track. 7/10

10. Laichzeit - Eh, this one doesn't really do much for me. Not terrible but kinda bland. 6/10

11. Rammstein - Not the best eponymous song I've ever heard. Kinda boring although I guess it's solid enough. 6/10

Solid enough debut, although it never really manages to hit the ball out of the park. Still better than I expected though and I'm looking forward to seeing how the band will progress.

Rating: 70%

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner
I was starting to worry about you...


Phenomenon - UFO
Format: Vinyl

Too Young To Know - Schenker introduces himself really well with some melodic guitar playing Mogg sounds so young on this track. A calmer track with some nice licks and a solid performance by the band. There is a distinct sound of this band and it shows on this track - 8/10

Crystal Light - The first Schenker penned track on the album, slower with Mogg singing softly, reminds me of their earlier work, the little that I've heard anyways, some solid but subdued guitar work from Schenker, an indicator of what is to come with epic tracks like Love to Love, just not quite at the strength of such epics - 7.5/10

Doctor Doctor - The keys intro leads into a great riff by Schenker, Mogg and crew have finally hit their stride. Not quite a perfect track but so damn close to being so it gets a 10 anyways. - 10/10

Space Child - Another slower song, feeling very atmospheric and spacy; Schenker puts in some really strong work on his solo fitting the space theme of it perfectly this feels like OG UFO and while I'm not a huge fan of the style it works really well. - 8.5/10

Rock Bottom - The monstrous rock bottom, and underrated epic track from the 70s. More people need to hear this song. The entire band is on fire once again here. - 10/10

Oh My - A heavy riff introduces the 2nd side of the album, Mogg has some solid vocals here. Great soloing by Schenker, a rather short song but it doesn't give you a chance to wish it was longer since it closes off right at the proper moment - 8.5/10

Time On My Hands - A decent song, acoustic guitarwork by Schenker is on par with everything else he has done on the album. Mogg and crew also put in a pretty good preformance. Song just isn't amazing - 7.5/10

Built For Comfort - A Willie Dixon cover follows up, the song reminds me of Zeppelin in the beginning, which makes sense since Zep covered a fair number of Willie's songs. Nice groove and Schenker puts in some work on his guitar. Overall pretty solid - 7.5/10

Lipstick Traces - The shortest song on the album features a calm guitar instrumental, not bad but not great - 7.5/10

Queen Of The Deep - Starting off calm this track gets heavier as it progresses, becoming more dynamic and Mogg's vocals begin to soar. Schenker's solo is another strong one. Closing off the album on a higher note - 8.5/10

Overall 83.5 but it is more of a 78%, solid enjoyable but not amazing.
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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...

Album 67/365

1. Sehnsucht - Solid song overall, but it's not quite the best thing IMO. Hopefully the album gets better as it progresses. 7/10

2. Engel - Okay, this song is pretty great. No chorus in the traditional sense but the band makes for a really interesting track nonetheless. The use of female vocals helps set it apart and Till's line, "Gott weiß ich will kein Engel sein," is pretty awesome. Not quite perfect but it's really good. 9/10

3. Tier - Pumping track with a lot of bite and a lot of grit. Pretty cool. 8/10

4. Bestrafe Mich - Dark song that's basically Rammstein and Sexuality 101. But it's a good song too. 8/10

5. Du Hast - What a great song. It's the most popular of any they've released, and for good reason, because it's the perfect example of how well Rammstein works as a band. The melding of industrial music with metal guitars backs a chilling track in which they play around with the pronunciations of the word "hast" and "hasst". For many - including myself - it's the entryway into the band, and while it isn't my favorite song from them, it's up there. 10/10

6. Bück Dich - Pretty aggressive song but it uses that aggression well. 8/10

7. Spiel Mit Mir - Man, this song just sounds like it's a horror film in sonic form. Really brings out that fear really well. 8/10

8. Klavier - Had no clue that a song about a piano could be so chilling. Does a lot of what "Seemann" did on the debut, but does it better. I really like this song. 9/10

9. Alter Mann - Was kind of hoping it would build up into some more badass, but no matter, this was a pretty good song nonetheless. I like it. 8/10

10. Eifersucht - Yeah okay, this one's nothing special. Too repetitive. 6/10

11. Küss Mich (Fellfrosch) - That pre-chorus is awesome. The rest of the song holds up pretty well too. Great stuff. 9/10

-- Stripped - Solid cover. 7/10

That was a pretty good album, definitely better than the debut. Not quite perfect, but they're really finding and defining their sound here and the songs mostly range from good to great.

Rating: 82%

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...

Album 68/365

1. Mein Herz Brennt - Okay, holy shit, this is an epic way to open an album. I never really gave this song too much attention before but Jesus, it's awesome. The build from a lullaby sort of song into a chilling pre-chorus exploding at last with "MEIN HERZ BRENNT!" is so good. 10/10

2. Links 2-3-4 - Following up that opener has gotta be tough, but they do it well with this militaristic song declaring their political alignment openly. It's pretty great. 9/10

3. Sonne - This song is heavy as fuck, but somehow Rammstein make the chorus sound emotional on top of the blazing guitars. I love this song, it's awesome. 10/10

4. Ich Will - This is another song I hadn't put much stock in before, but damn, it's great. Slaughtering stuff with a great hook. 10/10

5. Feuer Frei - I can't remember how many times I've listened to this song, but it's still as good as the first time I heard it, if not better. It's a full-on metallic assault on the earlobes and holy fucking shit is it just insanely good. 11/10

6. Mutter - Rammstein are at it with their weird as hell lyricism again, but man, this song is awesome. So far this album is just one good song after another and this title track doesn't change that. 10/10

7. Spieluhr - Jesus this album is good. This song is fucking great too. The use of the child vocals in the chorus really brings out the emotionally chilling vibe. 10/10

8. Zwitter - Weakest song so far. It's pretty good, but the chorus and bridge don't quite knock it out of the park. The verses are great though. 8/10

9. Rein Raus - Quite a banger. Thumping song with a lot of bite to it. I like. 9/10

10. Adios - Good song, a little better than "Zwitter" but also not quite as good as the others here. 8/10

11. Nebel - Great ending song. 9/10

-- Halleluja - Dang, this is pretty great. Could've included it on the actual album honestly. 9/10

They really upped their game here. This album is way better than its two predecessors. The music is heavy yet richly woven, the songs great, and the performances are top notch. Hope they can top this.

Rating: 95%