iron maiden

  1. IronCarnage


    Hello everyone and welcome to this new and improved version of the HUGE bootleg collection changes: MANY FIXES MORE STUFF ADDED MORE VERSIONS ADDED LOTS MORE FLAC AND OTHER FORMATS OVER 2000+ BOOTLEGS OVER 300GB I hope you all enjoy
  2. Randalf

    THE FUTURE PAST TOUR - The Setlist Contest! WINNERS: blackie2380, MrKnickerbocker & Collin

    It's not too early, right? Right..? Do you remember the The Ultimate TLOTB Setlist Thread? Now that The Future Past Tour 2023, along with it's theme, has been announced, it is also time to start properly speculating and guessing the setlist. With LOTB, I kicked this one off relatively close to...
  3. Randalf

    Maiden bangers - these songs slap!

    First of all, apologies. I blame Senjutsu thread. This is a bit far-fetched, I know. But we do have a sub-forum for setlist fantasies and all, so... maybe this isn't too much out there or whatever. So, the idea is to take bit of a tabula rasa approach to Maiden catalogue and wonder if there...
  4. Diesel 11

    THE IRON MAIDEN COVERENDUM: Nominations Closed!

    The Iron Maiden Coverendum Submissions Wanted! As some of the other forum games start to wind down, I will be hosting The Iron Maiden Coverendum to see which is the greatest cover of an Iron Maiden song. However, I can't put this together myself. Hence, I'm asking MaidenFans to submit any cover...
  5. Luisma

    Detailed Discography Of The Beast Facebook Page

    My dear blood brothers, some of you may know that about a month ago I started selling my ebook Detailed Discography Of The Beast which is the end result of more than 25 years of intensive research on all things Maiden related. The selling of the book has being doing great and all the money from...
  6. RLonger

    Iron Maiden & Clive Burr Legacy - brand new FB site!!!

    I’d like to invite you to visit and LIKE my new "Maiden – refering" FB site. Iron Maiden & Clive Burr Legacy is the virtual realm for Iron Maiden maniax worldwide, dedicated people who support and adore in the grace one of the biggest and most influential rock & metal bands in the history...
  7. GroundZero

    Guess The Iron Maiden Song!

    Simple: someone will be posting a clue about an Iron Maiden song and others will try to guess it! Let's get started with the game's rules: ***NO SPOILERS ABOUT THE LOTB TOUR - NO CLUES LIKE "THIS SONG WAS PLAYED ON THE ONGOING TOUR"*** RULES: The song you're giving clues about must be...
  8. Thunderstick Lives!

    My SAMSON fansite is online - exclusive interviews

    Hello guys, I would like to inform you that I created a detailed SAMSON fansite featuring precious infos about this great and successful band which paved the way to the whole NWOBHM movement and launched the career of Bruce Dickinson and many others (Thunderstick, Mel Gaynor, Pete Jupp, Merv...
  9. Thunderstick Lives!

    My SAMSON fansite is online - exclusive interviews (Nicky Moore and others)

    Hello guys, I'm a longtime Samson/Iron Maiden/Bruce Dickinson/Thunderstick fan. I would like to inform you that I created a detailed SAMSON fansite featuring precious infos about this great and successful band which paved the way to the whole NWOBHM movement. I hope you'll like it. It also...
  10. Nathan Alexander

    What do you think is better, Aces High Or Silver Wings?

    Personally I prefer Silver Wings. Silver Wings Aces High
  11. Trond Nicolaisen

    Roy Z Produces Darkside Of Aquarius cover

    Norwegian metallers Tomorrow's Outlook have covered Bruce Dickinson's "Darkside Of Aquarius" for their new concept album, A Voice Unheard, in collaboration with two of the leading members of Russia's biggest and most famous heavy metal band, Aria. "Darkside Of Aquarius" is taken from Bruce...
  12. Moonchild

    Kids from Elementary School in Belgrade (Serbia); Bruce Dickinson - Tears Of The Dragon (Cover)

    My country is damaged with bad music. This is unbelievable for my country. I am proud!
  13. Sir Metal

    2014 Iron Maiden Tribute CD - Awesome !

    Well, the fact that I have heard probably every Maiden tribute Album would be an understatement. Then yesterday, too my utmost delight, I came across this little gem. Fucking awesome is the only way I can describe it. Just listen to "Alexander the Great".....shit every song is well done...
  14. VannenDave

    More Iron Maiden Watches? Maybe. Maybe Not.

    Vannen has so many more Maiden watch designs coming up that they want to make (Powerslave, Piece of Mind, Somewhere in Time, Aces High, Live After Death, etc.), but the band doesn't have time promote the watches online. So. Now it's up to the fans to support/promote all future Maiden x Vannen...
  15. L

    Brisbane 2016 Ticket Trade

    Hey everyone, I have tickets for me and a couple mates but are in different areas. I am looking to trade 2 SGA5 tickets for 2 SGA4 tickets. I am willing to throw in some cash as the tickets the area is futher back. Cheers :) - Liam.
  16. RALFPL

    Vote For Planet Rock Award 2016

    Let's support Maiden in Planet Rock Award poll.
  17. G

    Naples wants Maiden

    The italian dates of the 2016 Iron Maiden Tour don't have the city of Naples in south italy. Naples in his history hosted many historical bands such as Deep Purple, Genesis and Iron Maiden too. So spread the hashtag: #napleswantsmaiden Naples loves you.
  18. ollyhills


    Hi all! Now I don't want to be unseemly or uncouth here or anything but I was just wondering if any fanclub members might have any pre sale codes they weren't going to use? I'm going to be grabbing a couple tickets for Vegas show and if I can bypass the rush then any help would be greatly...
  19. pilau

    Can someone please tell me what's with that DINOSAUR

    Haven't posted here for a long while, but trust me--I've been lurking. I do have to raise the question though. It hasn't really been discussed so far (I had a search done priorly). Which is kind of surprising to me--am I missing something here? I mean, I never proclaimed to be the sharpest tool...