Thunderstick Lives!

Hello guys,
I would like to inform you that I created a detailed SAMSON fansite featuring precious infos about this great and successful band which paved the way to the whole NWOBHM movement and launched the career of Bruce Dickinson and many others (Thunderstick, Mel Gaynor, Pete Jupp, Merv Goldsworthy).
It also features exclusive interviews with former SAMSON members: UK legend Nicky Moore; Mick White; AOR singer Peter Scallan; drummer Billy Fleming. More to come.


Spread the link wherever you can. It's a work of passion.
Thank you so much. Glad to be here again. Metal forever !!!
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Nice looking site! The link you give in the post redirects to a message about leaving Facebook first though. The link in your sig works.
There are news about the 4th SAMSON box-set of remastered albums, check it out.
It contains: Look to the future (1988); Refugee (1990) and P.S.... (2006). Plus many bonus tracks.

I'm working on an interview with John McCoy (Samson 1979/1986; Gillan; Mammoth). I think you will love it.