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Years Wasted
My dear blood brothers, some of you may know that about a month ago I started selling my ebook Detailed Discography Of The Beast which is the end result of more than 25 years of intensive research on all things Maiden related. The selling of the book has being doing great and all the money from it is being used to support the lives of my old folks (82 years each) in a country devastated by hyperinflation.

Well, now to promote the book I have created a FB page where I'll be constantly posting info contained in the book. If your like what you see, please press the like button on FB.

You can also get more info about the book by subscribing here

Thanks for your interest and huge support!
Hello everybody. I dunno how many people have seen this thread but in any case I come to all of you with the following news. Yesteday, my mum (82 years old) fell and broke her shoulder in 3 parts and must be operated. My family doesn't have the money to pay for this operation and I must help them with what I can so from now on, and until the operation can be performed, all the proceedings will be destined to my mums operation.

So if you want/can get the ebook, know that you will not only be paying for the ebook but also helping my family and me.

All the best blood brothers

P.S. Remember you can get the info to pay for the ebook by subscribing here
Things have been getting more complicated so my family and I had to open a GoFundme:

In this occasion I come before you to ask help for my mum. An inspirational women because of ther faith, devotion, love and family values. This campaign is to get funds to get a prosthesis 'cause on Friday 17, she fell and broke her shoulder in 3 different parts. If you can't help with funds, help by spreading the campaign. Thanks!

Hi mate
Hi Luisma, does your book by any chance have any rare Derek Riggs Eddie's in it? If not I'm sure it still good. And where is the link to buy the book as well, please?

Hi mate! The book those contain some drawings that Derek did that not to many people are familiar with because they're really old. About the link here it is bit you could also just drop me a PM and I'll give you the PayPal address so you can just pay and get the book sent to you without going into the subscribe page!