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    New posters! Who are you?

    I am indeed the one from Newfoundland!
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    New posters! Who are you?

    Hello all! I realize I probably never posted here enough to be recognized, by most of you, so don't feel bad for having no idea who I am. I drifted away from the website for a long time, but I'm glad to be back! Also, I like to think my post quality will be a bit higher than before, because...
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    Who shares in the blame?

    As the Sentenced song goes, "Jesus saves? We will piss upon your graves!"
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    Sweden Rock Festival

    That they do, both good songs too. And Yax, all I can do is glare enviously. because that seemed like a really great time.
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    Finland ? Metal heaven !!

    So here's the links to the songs: You Break My Heart: Sielut iskee tulta:
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    Little Mosque on the Prairie

    I watched the pilot when it first came on CBC and I can't imagine the show doing very good just wasn't that funny, I'll admit that the airport scene was funny but other then that I didn't find it funny. I also think that the show was extremely overhyped on CBC with commercials for...
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    Burn the books!

    Out of all the books, the one that reallt sticks out to me is Lord of the Flies because of the reason why it was banned: Well, aren't we?  :(
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    Long Songs

    Or to the more nerdy metal fans, Blind Guardian's cover on the single for Fly is the alternative to the alternative.
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    Iron Maiden on Canadian TV - CBC's "The Hour"

    I'll watch the streamed version, but I meant to tape it because I wasn't going to be home then. I set the timer and everything, but I forgot to go to the bloody channel and missed it!  :mad:
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    Maiden Singles

    Is the point of this thread asking if we knew that Iron Maiden made singles?  :huh:
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    I hate Newfoundland

    I was in a rush, so I put my faith in the nearest source of information, which was unfortunatly wikipedia.  :blush2:
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    I hate Newfoundland

    No worries, no offence taken. As for Mount Pearl and Corner Brook, I was pretty sure that Mount Pearl was considered part of St. John's and I wasn't sure about the status of Corner Brook, so I just agreed with wikipedia.
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    I hate Newfoundland

    Well, can't say as I knew that about us Newfoundlanders. I've never known us for being mean to peole outside of Newfoundland, (I thought our stereotype was stupid but nice :D) but since I live in only live in a small town with few people outside of Newfoundland living in it I can't back that up...
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    Lame and not so lame jokes

    Two peanuts walked into a bar, one was asalted.
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    Re: The Last Word In return, have a picture that will scar you for life.  :D