which one song would you definitely like to have back in the next setlist?


Pica Serdica
So embarrassed to admit I read the subject as "in the sex netlist".
Seeing an oculist at the first opportunity, hope no other specialists needed.


Ancient Mariner
They made it clear in the tour announcement that only one song from the 90's would get played so that rumour definitely isn't true.

They may have considered it for the 2012 leg but I really doubt it.

I've seen this No Prayer for the Dying was rehearsed for the Maiden England tour "rumour" circling around here multiple times yet I haven't seen a single source actually supporting this.

So yeah, I very much doubt it too.


Ancient Marinade
You, sir, have yourself a deal!
I have NOT seen it live as of yet. Are there any spare balls I can eat?

More songs I want to see live again:

Infinite Dreams
El Dorito
Book of Souls
Speed of Light
Be Quick or Be Dead


Any Blaze songs that aren’t Sign or Clan:
Man on the Edge
Lord of the Flies