which one song would you definitely like to have back in the next setlist?

Dick Brucinson

Dave Sustaine
The Talisman for me. unfortunately I have missed out the 2010/2011 tour, so I have never seen that one live yet. the En Vivo release and also the Moscow bootleg make pretty clear this is a bombastic live song. very underrated in my opinion.
I would back Talisman. Dance of Death is a song I would love to see beeing played live again, think it works really well. And would really like a song from No Prayer. Oh, and Still Life
Never Seen But Possible - Rime & Killers
I've never seen either live before and they would fall into the Definitely Maybe Possible category, in my opinion. Although maybe not so much Killers sayin as it was left out in 2005. But then again, maybe thats cos they did it in 2003 and couldn't be fucked doin it again so soon. So theres slim hope, I believe.

Never Seen; Not Likely To
Two id like but reckon extremely unlikely would be Infinite Dreams and Paschendale. Never seen either. Oh and 7th Son.

Would Gladly See Again
Dance of Death and Phantom. Two stone cold bangers.

Just Me?
And finally Id love them to cover Blind Guardians Mirror Mirror at every gig. Maybe just before Iron Maiden.
I did pick a #1 but I also listed the runners up.
5- The Clairvoyant
4- Phantom of the Opera
3- Die With Your Boots On
2- Murders in the Rue Morgue
1- Caught Somewhere in Time

It's odd how many of my favorites have never been played live: Alexander the Great, The Nomad, Montsegur, Isle of Avalon, Starblind.
These tend to be longer songs which could be one reason why they didn't make the cut.

Source: https://forum.maidenfans.com/threads/iron-maiden-songs-–-a-rough-overview-of-their-“live-history”.16270/
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Are you on the lash mate? :lol:

Nope, obviously there's tons of songs better than it but I've already seen most of them. I reckon there's more to be gained bringing something back that I haven't seen already.

So that only leaves VXI and the tours before 93.

I've seen pretty much everything that can be brought "back", you're talking really only the following from the non-VXI albums
Strange World
Innocent Exile
Prodigal Son
Still Life
To Tame a Land
Losfer Words
Caught Somewhere in Time
Sea of Madness
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
Stranger in a Strange Land
Holy Smoke
No Prayer for the Dying
The Assassin
Hooks in You

Ok, I'd probably pick most of them over the Angel and the Gambler, but I like the novelty of Bruce and Adrian playing BALZE!!1 era stuff, plus the mischievousness of the Angel and the Gambler annoying people. Maybe the Edge of Darkness is a better track but that doen't have the annoyance factor, and genuinely I feel Angel and the Gambler would be better live than anything else from the Blaze era that hasn't already been played from this line up.
VXI was my first Maiden tour and TAATG was great fun live. It had a lot more energy and unless my memory is knackered I'm sure they trimmed it down a bit.
For better or for worse, TAATG was built from the ground up as a live song with built in audience participation, hence the repeated singalong choruses. I’d love to have heard it lives. The Buenos Aires bootleg with Blazing Blazer Blaze Bayley sounds phenomenal, including that track.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see Maiden live until 2010. I envy you and all those for to see the Blaze era live.