What guitar do you play?

Dick Brucinson

Dave Sustaine
Thank you for your input :ok: I assumed the Hotone was on its last legs, it was fairly cheap and getting a little old now (I also tended to leave it switched on when I wasn't playing which could've led to premature burnout), sadly they're not made anymore or I'd have just bought a replacement.

Funnily enough mini versions of the Fortin and ISP were my two choices for replacements, as I'm looking to downsize my pedalboard and those were the two best small-sized gates I could find. The Fortin's additional input is interesting, I'll have to play around with my rig to figure out how noisy my board actually is and whether it's worth forking out the additional money for it. Regardless of that it does seem to be the best-reviewed noise gate around.

There is SO MUCH of interesting gear, it's hard to make a choice. My Thomann wishlist atm sums up approximately 15.000 Euro, but it will take three years or so until I have my hands on all this stuff I want.

A few things on my wishlist are for example
-JHS Haunting Mids (Mids Booster)
-Empress Effects Heavy (top quality Distortion pedal)
-BBE Sonic Stomp Mini (sort of an Exciter)
-Stone Deaf Q Boost (universal Preamp)


Last Son of The Miracle
So I'm a bassist now. :cool: Been thinking of trying it out for a while but didn't want to pay out for all the gear and not take to it, but luckily a friend of mine lent me one of his to have a play around with and see how I get on.

I like it, but I don't think I've quite got the finger plucking technique down correctly as I'm getting a lot of string noise. It's not fret buzz, it sounds as though I'm plucking them too hard and they're rattling against the frets, though it doesn't feel like I'm plucking particularly hard, without an amp it's difficult to judge how much of a problem it's going to be. Would some string noise be acceptable for bass?


Pica Serdica
^ Bass guitar, basse de cromorne (sadly extinct), and bass oboe (baritone actually but let's turn a blind eye here), should be listed among the pinnacles of humanity's achievements.