The Wrathchildren ride again?

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Can someone explain the difference between standard and half step please? I can hear the two vocal takes sound slightly different but I can't explain what's going on.


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Definitely half step down, MrK's voice can really power into the vocals there.

For the record, I'm not a major OOTSP fan either, but I like the fact WCs aren't going for something too obvious or too much of a Maiden favourite, where imitation of the original would be what everyone is looking for. I look forward to seeing where they take this.

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I think half-step down would sound more unique since like 90% of Maiden’s songs are in Em. Have they ever written a song in Ebm?

After having not heard the song in years, I do still greatly enjoy it. The verses are insanely good. I particularly love the melodic low guitar harmony in the last few choruses (probably Adrian; he does something similar in Ghost of the Navigator).

The solo section isn’t terrible, but the first half of the solo itself is pretty bland. The most melodic part of the song to me is the pre-chorus and second half of the solo. Is the whole solo a Janick one?


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Just discovered this thread. I think Knicks sounds great and I like the choice of song. Would you be able to change the solos and do your own ones, guys? It would be a good opportunity to prove you are better than some old men from the UK.


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I would say the guitarists get to do what they think is right for the music! If they wanna do the same solo, sure. If they wanna go wild, even better.

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It doesn't specifically say no covers, just that the lyrics and vocal melody have to be written. The odds are probably low that she'd agree to guest with The Wrathchildren anyway, but she has covered 'Wasted Years' live acoustically and I think has been involved with the Maiden United project.

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hmm. Well, far above the recording budget of The Wrathchildren, then!
Crowdfunding, bro. As LC alluded to, if those us who are able to chip in then we can make it no problem.

Who the fuck is this girl and why does she think she can charge more than top level session musicians?
She is a top level musician herself. She has five solo albums, ten albums with The Gathering, three with Ayreon, four with Devin Townsend and loads more.

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I see Wiz. That's why she has to advertise overcharged services over Instagram.