The Wrathchildren ride again?


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I don't have access to a guitar currently but it's possible I will return home soon. In theory, I'm definitely up for it. I would rather do something other than Empire of the Clouds. If we're talking about long epics, I would pick Rime any day of the week, but I'm interested to hear what others think.


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I'm down for whatever as long as I can sing it and play a couple guitar parts! I definitely might request a key change as before depending on the material.


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I'll be Rod.

Do we want to do something in the epic vein again, or a little shorter? Classic covers, I assume, are preferable?

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As a teleworking teacher -and although I happen to play the guitar and the bass- my availability would rather fit the likes of "The Ides of March". Or even "Churchill's Speech". :D


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Since we did a classic last time, I’d love to do a post 90s song this time. I also enjoyed doing a tune that isn’t often played by Maiden.