The Wrathchildren ride again?

She’s a top level musician but is also probably not of the notoriety level where she can afford to not be gigging right now. I don’t see a problem with what she’s doing.

Plan is for the guitarists to play different solos.
You could get Kevin Shirley to mix it.

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It’s pretty exciting! The Cave studio. What to do with 72 channels? Do you have a project that needs a mix? I’ve mixed 28 songs in the last two weeks for unsigned acts and have had a ball!!! Got another 15 in the pipeline. Do you have something that needs a mix? Take advantage of this affordable Isolation Days mixing before we get back to our schedules and travel and let’s get your project mixed. Email me: Mixes done is the order they’re received. SSL Duality.
He can handle it: "Hey hey!! If you would like to hire me to sing on a Chorus,Song, or Album email me at I’m available! Death to Cleans and anything in between ,Ya know what I mean!"
I wonder what he charges. A lot of prominent Metal singers are offering services, it's almost surreal in a way. I had a friend hire Derek Sherinian to play on his EP recently.
Yeah. I’d rather sing it myself than hire Stu.

But kudos to him for taking the initiative and actually offering something up for fans of his that would be interested. I like that musicians are doing this these days, so long as the rates aren’t astronomical.