The Wicker Man

How good is The Wicker Man on a scale of 1-10?

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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
A really ripping riff opens up Brave New World in the form of "The Wicker Man". The song launches the album well, introducing Maiden's new three guitar lineup and reintroducing both Bruce and Adrian back in the band. It's a great rocker with a lot of great pieces to it, yet somehow it's also the worst song on the album. And it's still strong as fuck. 8
The video’s shit but it’s an absolute belter of a return from Bruce and Adrian and demonstrates exactly what the band had been missing for a while. Nicos drum sound is quality. Glad they stuck with Janick, hes helped write some of maidens best tunes.


In the labyrinth of eternity
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While I like Rock in Rio, it's a bit of a shame that became the one and only document of the BNW tour. I can't help but think they were much better throughout the tour.


Out of the Silent Planet
A great riff opens this classic. The verses and the chorus are superb. Adrian's solo is a highlight (one of his best). The melody that Dave do under the chorus is also great. The ''oh-oh'' part is perfect to end the song. Awesome riff and drums. One of the best songs from the reunion era and overall one of the best songs (and openers) of Maiden. Instant classic! Top 10 song for me, soooo... 10/10