The Wicker Man

How good is The Wicker Man on a scale of 1-10?

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Ancient Mariner
Now seriously, Running Wild apart The Wicker Man is still one hell of a tune (actually the second best from the album IMO) and gave it a 8.75/10 (so for this pole I round it up to a 9). If they maintained the second vocals on the chorus it would be a straight 9 and the main riff was a bit less... errrr... "familiar" it would be a solid 9.5 (and easily the best track from the lot).
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Out of the Silent Planet
Although I like the original solo of ''The Wicker Man'' a lot, the additional part of it during the LOTB tour fits quite well. Adrian really can't go wrong with this kind of fills... especially live.



Out of the Silent Planet

While I like Rock in Rio, it's a bit of a shame that became the one and only document of the BNW tour. I can't help but think they were much better throughout the tour.
The whole BNW tour was one of Maiden's best in terms of performances (and setlist too), but the performance in Rock In Rio 2001 is outstanding - it's still Maiden's best concert imo.