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The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Discussion in 'Brave New World' started by Anonymous, Oct 2, 2003.


How good is The Thin Line Between Love and Hate on a scale of 1-10?

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  1. Jeffmetal

    Jeffmetal Ancient Mariner

    Re: Daily Song: The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

    10. Perfect, meaningful, full of tear inducing melodies and what is maybe Dave's best solo, ever - the one before the slow part. Perfect ending to a perfect record. :edmetal:
  2. Taker

    Taker Cannon Fodder

    Re: Daily Song: The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

    YES! I lose my mind a little bit every time I hear it. The rest of the song is equally incredible... Bruce's vocal would be amongst my top 3 Dickinson performances, and Davey is simply on fire. My favorite song on the album, and well ensconced within my personal top 5 Maiden songs. Superlatives fail me... [hr][/hr]Oh yeah...10 out of 10.
  3. Unknown One

    Unknown One I see the ghost of navigators.

    Re: Daily Song: The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

    I like the high vocals that Bruce does in this song, but not a huge fan of the lower vocals (up to the 2min mark and in some other points). The slower section from about halfway mark really is great though. A great instrumental section and I quite like the latter half of the song. I can see why people says it drags on too long, and there is a lot of repetition (riffs) in the 2nd half of the song. Still gets an 8/10 though.
  4. The Mid-Distance Runner

    The Mid-Distance Runner Climb like a lemur!!

    Re: Daily Song: The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

    One of the greatest closers in the Maiden catalogue.  The air raid siren reaches unheard levels and Dave's solos are tear-inducingly emotional.  The song is full of change-ups and contains two choruses, I love it when Maiden do this.  The second half of this song is so incredible that it makes the front half seem a little week (which it isn't, merely an optical lillusion due to the greatness of the second half).  So maybe due to this slight lack of balance it will score a 9.
  5. Jupz

    Jupz Ancient Mariner

    Re: Daily Song: The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

    My favourite performance by Bruce of all time, an absolutely fantastic song with a great instrumental section. 10.
  6. national acrobat

    national acrobat Ancient Mariner

    A brilliant end to the album, and in the top half of all the album-closers. The lyrics are interesting and meaningful, and I find the slow, calm parts full of feeling. This one does click with me, 9/10.
  7. Travis The Dragon

    Travis The Dragon The dreamers may die, but the dreams live on.

    What an incredible song! I just love all the instrumental parts at the end. It's almost like another Translvania/Genghis Khan/Losfer words. My 2nd favorite song from the album for sure. 9/10
  8. The Flash

    The Flash Dennis Wilcock did 9/11

    Instrumental parts are fantastic and the harmony of this song is perfect. And Bruce is on fire. 9/10.
  9. Onhell

    Onhell Mexican Revolutionary

    Amazing song. I love how just when you think it is over it breaks into another solo.
  10. Chartwell

    Chartwell Trooper

    Maiden albums are sometimes tough to listen to all the way through, not because of poor quality, but because the band is so demanding and requires so much of the brain to process the intricate and complex music. For that reason, BNW was one that I almost never heard the back end of. But this forum has really made me go back and re-evaluate songs, and Thin Line has been getting a lot of play lately. I agree entirely that this is in the top half of album closes - it's far far better than the Legacy, Alexander the Great, To Tame a Land, Journeyman (while, not far better, but better), IMO better than Fear of the Dark, beats the stuffing out of Mother Russia, and don't get me started on Only the Good Die Young. I'd put it up with When the Wild Wind Blows, Rime, Hallowed... yep, it's THAT good. 10/10.
  11. Night Prowler

    Night Prowler ɹǝlʍoɹԀ ʇɥƃᴉN Staff Member

    I never really liked this song until last summer. From then now on, it just "clicked" and I love it now. I wasn't sure whether to give it 9/10 or 10/10, but you know what, it deserves a 10/10!
  12. Fugazi

    Fugazi Alchemist

    10/10, Like the guitar sound and melodies, like the vocals and lyrics, I always enjoy listening to this song, if I could I would give it more than a 10.
  13. Mosh

    Mosh The years just pass like trains Staff Member

    This is a pretty good song. It has some good moments but nothing that makes me really impressed. I don't get the huge love for it that most people have for it apparently. Still pretty good though. 8/10
  14. Edu_Smith

    Edu_Smith Eduardo

    1º and 5º solo  in The thin Line Between Love & Hate is of the Adrian. Many find that the ground are all of the Dave, but are not.
  15. Groteskfull

    Groteskfull Supervillain

    Eh, really?...

    Anyway, I like this song a lot; the intro riff, the vocal harmonies during the verses, the "mystical" sort of melody near the end... I kinda like how they left in the joking/laughing at the very end.

    It's pretty late now, but I gave it an 8/10
  16. Forostar

    Forostar Conjure the Death Star again

  17. Edu_Smith

    Edu_Smith Eduardo

    yes, it believes
  18. Donner

    Donner Ancient Mariner

    8- Bruce's vocals are the highlight of this song for me.  Everything else is sort of secondary.  I never liked how it just chilled out, I wish it had a more normal ending.  Still, great melodies just not quite there for this to be an amazing song.
  19. 10. What a great closer! Very cool lyrics. I feel the chorus is one of maiden's best! Bruce's high vocals and the great instrumental sections really stand out on this one for me. I was upset when I was watching Rock in Rio for the first time because they were playing so many BNW songs but not this one.
  20. Revelations85

    Revelations85 Trooper

    I absolutely LOVE the chorus. 10/10.

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