The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

How good is The Thin Line Between Love and Hate on a scale of 1-10?

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"The Thin Line Between Love And Hate".......
I agree. The duality of man
'the Thin Line Between Love And Hate'

The lyrics are slightly antithetic to Rousseau's myth of the "good savage" that states that every human being is basically good by nature, and that it's society that perverts them.

The song states in fact that you can't blame society for all the evils of this world and that some people have an evil streak in them, no matter what. I suppose it's human nature to have both good and bad in us, then it's up to us to decide which part should take over on the other one.

As another song goes:

Am I evil?
Yes I am!
Am I evil?
I am man!

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10. Absolutely one of the best Maiden songs ever. Epic guitar work, Bruce doing his thing better than ever, and some profound lyrics.


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Very much an amazing song. My favorite Dave song too behind Still Life and Deja Vu. So much beauty in the last 4 minutes, amazing chorus along with great depth almost written like a true poem lyrically


Maidens closing tracks are often the best on the album, and the task to close an Iron Maiden is hard. This track is good, but it nowhere in the same league as Hallowed be Thy Name or Alexander The Great in my opinion.

The song is emotional and Bruce singing on the high parts sends shivers down my spine. The chorus, as well as the last phrases are powerful. The guitar solos are also excellent. I really like the end, when you think that it's over the song takes off again and 2 new guitar solos comes in.

But there are parts I don't think is that great. The first riff is quite boring. The low singing from Bruce are not his best. And some parts of the lyrics doesn't click with like many other lyrics on the album.

But still a good song and a solid ending on this album.



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The first half of this song is pretty average, the second half is pretty good.
1º and 5º solo in The thin Line Between Love & Hate is of the Adrian. Many find that the ground are all of the Dave, but are not.

An old comment, I see, but I will reply anyhow. All five solos on this song are by Dave. Listen to the tone, the licks and the phrasing. It's Dave all the way.

Great song, one of my favorites on the album and Dave is totally on fire. Some nice guitar work (all of Dave's solos are really good).
The only part I don't link is the "there's a thin line between love and hate"-bridge. It's kind of dull and lifeless.


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This is a good song but probably the most forgettable on the album for me. I always enjoy it but I never have the urge to go back to it. Not a huge fan of the harmonies during the verses and the chorus is a bit underwhelming. I think I dig the second half a bit more. The soft part is awesome and there are some really great melodies and soloing toward the end.

I just heard The Educated Fool melody buried in the mix at the 4:30 mark. Is that intentional?

One of the stranger Maiden songs. Can't really compare it to anything else they've done. Interesting way to end the album.


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This is quite an odd song for Maiden with the vocal harmonies during the verses and the relatively quiet second half, but it's easily my favorite Dave-penned track the band has ever done. Maybe it's the unusual (for Maiden) key of F#m that gets me -- I don't know. I even like how the song ends gracefully on a soft note, which I'm not usually a fan of with Maiden, but here it works well because it doesn't end in the same quiet way the song began (like with half of the reunion-era songs).
Great song. The lyrics feel sort of awkward in relation to the music at times, but that's true with a lot of Steve's tracks. Great lyrics, soaring vocals and an amazingly beautiful instrumental section. 10/10


Decent song for the first half but spectacular in the second half. Bruce's vocal is astonishing, especially during the soft part. Close to greatness this one but it needed a change of direction and momentum above the 2 part song that it effectively is.



Stupendously good track, better than ten out of ten. Sends shivers up my spine every time I hear it, and the last four mins (beginning with the quiet instrumental break, which just builds and builds) is incredible.
And yes, it's a fundamental truth. There is indeed a fine line between love and hate: anyone who has experienced an acrimonious break-up with someone they once loved knows of the potential for love to turn sour.