The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

How good is The Thin Line Between Love and Hate on a scale of 1-10?

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I always thought that it's one of the best songs of the album, 10/10
I don't think Murray was inspired in 'Ordinary World' by Duran Duran (but shit, it has something of it), but…maybe it was his wife that she's been listened that song at that moment and whitsling trough the house everyday and burning Murray's ears and mind? :lol


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I don't know if I'd go as far as to say he was inspired by it (or maybe he was, given "The Nomad"... :ninja:), but there's definitely a similarity. Who knows, OW's a well known song, maybe he had it somewhere in the back of his mind as he wrote that melody, or maybe it's just complete coincidence.

Whatever, this is still one of Dave's greatest compositions and a fantastic way to end my favourite album. Dave and Bruce (for the most part) really shine on this song. The verses could've done without the weird vocal doubling and the melody isn't all that, but the final section is one of the most beautiful and uplifting parts Maiden have ever come out with. Solid 8.


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Really liked Murray's idea of putting a clean guitar together with distorted guitars in this song in the final section. When Two Worlds Collide uses this as well together with Brave New World. However in Brave New World, Murray doesn't switch to overdrive until the first chorus.


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Heavy start to the song. The riff is good, the verses & the pre-chorus too. The actual chorus is one of the best things in the song. The middle part (similar to the one in ''The Nomad'') is so effective. Bruce's high pitched singing during this part is trademark for him. Good solos from Dave and great triple-lead guitar harmonies. The song is full of melodies and it's one of those Dave songs that are underrated. 8/10


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General CommentI've not long Finished reading Brave new World, and what RainbowDemon is saying really fits the song well.
"At what age begin to learn
of which way out we will turn"
This Seems to be talking about the 'conditioning' that every child in Brave new world have to go through. At what age do they begin their path? As soon as they are decanted, they have their social class specified and have no way to change that.
This seems to follow John's Final bleak outlook on life and society very well, about how he feels everything is much too complicated, not just a good and bad, or love and hate. The thin Line between love and Hate, for John, seems to be crossed when Lenina trys moving on John, who Loved her, but snaps at the sight of her (last chapter) and whips her almost. if not, to death.
Well, thats how i see the song anyway. Great song. Ikkieon July 30, 2006 Link

General CommentThis song is the concluding song about Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. It generalises the theories put forth in the book and analyzes them. It is from the point of view of John the Savage, because he understands in the end that he will escape the world that he is from and will go on to eternity where he will be free and live forever. the_apparition has some good points, if you throw that in with what I'm talking about from the book then it all makes sense. John realises that the world is so much more complex than had ever realised.


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Nice interpretations @TheTalisman, but I bet the meaning of the song has nothing to do with Brave New World. The latter was one of Bruce's lyrical contributions and not the overarching theme for the album or any other song off it. :)

That being said, it is time to re-read Brave New World again. The other day I was driving on the Hog's Back!


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Through the lyrics, Harris seems to address his dilemma
if the antisocial behavior is a product of innate momentum or environment
upbringing. According to Dickinson, the lyrics refer indirectly to
Karma, a concept found in Buddhism and Hinduism, which
correlates the causes of happiness or unhappiness of the individual with who he is and
the positive or negative "energy" that the individual accumulates through them
his thoughts and actions.


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Mr. Blue Sky

Very good closer! I don't have that much to say here really, except to applaud Murray again. His lead work here is superb and drives the entire piece, although Bruce has some truly epic wailing lines throughout. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that hilarious ending blooper they smartly decided to keep on the recording, though. Nice job, boys.


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I always enjoyed this song with many atypical moments, heavy guitars and its many solos. During the first listen I was blown away from this song /album's ending and this flavor never left me since.
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This song is quite the mixed bag. It gets off to a really rough start. There are a lot of things I don’t care for (the harmonized verses, so glad Maiden more or less ditched vocal harmonies after this album, some less than memorable guitar parts, word salad lyrics). But at the same time, they take it to really cool places. There are some cool riffs and I really love Steve’s lyrics. Similar to Dream of Mirrors, the musing on morality and mortality are classic Maiden but with fresh maturity. The “I will hope” chorus is great. This song really gets going at that point. The instrumental stuff afterwards is awesome, love all the layering. Then when things slow down it’s really fantastic. Love the space, love the melodies. The buildup is fantastic.

I have a complicated relationship with this one. I go into it wanting it to be over, but by the end it’s the best thing Maiden has ever done. I guess there truly is a thin line between love and hate.



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What is the sloppy Janick special you can hear? If I am not mistaken, all solos are Dave's...
I know it's an old post, but some people will always think a solo they don't like is played by Janick...and sometimes they can't tell the difference between Roy Z and Adrian on Accident of Birth/The Chemical Wedding either, they like to believe that Adrian played most of the solos.

Everything good should always be played Dave and Adrian, Roy Z they even don't want to acknowledge, and Janick is shit.

That's how biased they are.

Anyway, Dave's early solo parts in this track might be a bit loose, but they still sound rather okay to me - it's clearly a weird riff and underlying rhythm to play a solo over, I believe that he did rather well considering this.
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Love in anger
I know it's an old post, but some people will always think a solo they don't like is played by Janick...and sometimes they can't tell the difference between Roy Z and Adrian on Accident of Birth/The Chemical Wedding either, they like to believe that Adrian played most of the solos.
Thankfully I’m not one of those people, and I just made an honest mistake in this case. And I acknowledge Roy Z. plenty.

Just because I generally dislike Janick’s (and sometimes Dave’s) loose soloing style doesn’t mean that I’m biased. It just means that my taste is different from yours.


Out of the Silent Planet
This song is tied at #2 for the Maiden song with the most solos (all five solos are played by Dave, I think... the most in a song from him):

''The Parchment'' - 6.
''Mother Russia'' - 5.
''The Thin Line Between Love And Hate'' - 5.


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I was mistaken. The penultimate solo was played by Janick.
Well, I think he listened closely to Dave's solo style in this song, and didn't want to deviate too much from that?

That's musicianship.

I also thought it was Dave before, but the guitar tone sounds much closer to the one heard on Janick's solo in Brave New World, than anything played by Dave on this album, if you really pay attention.


Ancient Mariner
Gorgeous song, best from the album IMO. Although being quite long and different from the rest the second part works perfectly as an outro to the entire album (plus it's an amazing section). A solid 9.