The Official Book of Souls Tour 2017 Thread (Warning: Spoilers Within)


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I was at Bristow last night on the lawn. Awesome show! Same setlist. All the guys were amazing and had a lot of energy. Bruce was great and hitting the notes, great solos by Dave and Adrian, Janick and Nicko were great too. It was surprisingly louder than I expected, but not as heavy as Black Sabbath when I saw them last year.
Ghost was great also and most of the crowd were into them.
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I'll be in Tampa one week from today... I'll have my finger crossed about the set list changing but as always, I'm just happy to see them all together and still playing...


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T minus 26 days ...and counting til' San Bernardino!!! The Lads are on U.S soil finally! A long time waiting but it sounds like it will be well worth the wait from the fine reviews, As always! !!:cheers:


driving up to Tampa on Sunday. kind of bummed out about the setlist considering I've been to Ft. Lauderdale 2016 tour opening show. IM never took too many chances with their setlists and even less nowdays.

glad to see them with a proper opener this time around.


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Also the backstage footage of Bruce talking then running onstage for the end of IESF is awesome.
Loved that moment. A totally seamless transition between messing around backstage and having thousands of people in the palm of his hand. He's a natural.


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Came across this bit of gossip over at the Guardian the other day:

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23 May 2017 2:31

Speaking with a mate of mine from Maidens road crew recently. The band are very aware that their time is short... they are straight in the studio after this tour for another album and back on the road then 2018 a greatest hits tour and that could be it because Nico is suffering with his wrists and general fitness, if he goes the bands folds.. no replacement.

Enjoy them while you can.​