The Hangover Thread

Went to the Great British Beer Festival yesterday; considering we got stuck in traffic and were there for only 2 hours I managed to get really quite pissed. Probably something to do with that 9% beer....

Also there's one beer which I should warn you all of, but I can't remember its name. It smelled of shit.
errg so i went over board last night and blacked out, my mommy woke me up on the washroom floor at 530.....I worked at 6am. :down: :down:
the worst I have eve felt in my life I would say I'm never gena drink again but I'm going up north in 3 days.
Let me put it this way: I'm currently enduring some rather unfair treatment and there is nothing I can do about it.
Cheers. I'm not very positive that it will end soon, but one can always hope.
Great party last night. At first I didn't feel like going, but it was bloody brilliant. The guy who threw it explicitly asked us not to stay sober.
Christmas party at work was OK.  Drank a lot to make up for it.  Fell in with some random girl and her boyfriend, both of whom are fucking awesome people.  She loaned me Dragon Age: Origins.  Well worth the headache.