The Hangover Thread

Oh, I know Budweiser mate. There seriously is nothing worse than Sternburg, except Jägermeister.
No, I know you know Budweiser, I'm talking about Budweiser American Ale.... a new toxic substance that they have come up with recently. I hate everything they have but I would drink a regular Budweiser over that shit any day. If you find some, do yourself a favor and shun it for all you are worth.
I'm sure you are, I try to do my best with that too, although it's a little harder to do it here.
I'd say Heineken, Amstel, Corona and Lebatts are probably the most popular imports around most of the US although you can get most anything you want if you go to the right stores. We have several great microbrews but unfortunately, what we are really known for is complete crap.
Forostar said:
I could be mistaken but I believe Carlsberg is very popular outside your country. Not proud of it?  ;)
Let's call it royal piss, or something.
Don't get me wrong, Carlsberg is a fine lager in the sense that almost anyone can enjoy it, but I wouldn't hail it as our finest achievement in the fine arts of brewing. Carlsberg Elephant and the mighty Tuborg Gold aka. The Golden Lady, on the other hand, are a great introduction to the tastier (and stronger) side of Danish beer, not to mention the many fine micro-breweries that have sprung up over the past few decades. Also worthy of mention are a lot of the older breweries (Ceres, Albani, Thor, Faxe etc.), many of which unfortunately have been engulfed by the mastodon that is Carlsberg. They even produce all of the cheap awful-tasting "beer" that you get at the discount store, only with a shorter brewing time and cheaper ingredients.
Thor beer? Oughta rule, only because of its name.

I guess the following picture is Thor beer from Austria.
The Danish one looks like this:


I think it's still sold in a few shops, but it's been a while since I've seen one. Nothing much to write home about anyway to be honest. This, on the other hand:


is simply amazing, not to mention:


Which, at 7.7%, is one of the best strong pilsners ever brewed, hands down.

Sorry for the long post, but I couldn't find any pictures of the bottles on their sides  :P
This beer is one of my favourite Dutch ones:


But I'll be the first to admit that a lot of foreign beers taste better. I am certainly not an expert but I have a collegue at work who has brought several German ones which were very memorable. Most Belgian beers I have tried are pretty good too. Some Polish beers taste very good as well imho.
Interesting you should say that [foreign beers] Foro, I mean the Dutch have produced some good beers - Grolsch, for example, being my choice of draught.
Why all this talk about beer in the hangover thread? I am hungover today and the last thing I want is beer. At the university the "chemistry club" had an event last night called "Chemie Grand Prix" which is our own local version of Eurovision Song Contest. There is huge variation in both genres and quality, but the main idea is: You take a more or less known song, and write lyrics that are related to everyday life among chemistry/chemical engineering students. Me and two mates did this; keyboards, bass guitar and myself on guitar. A couple of times during the song, the keyboardist got lost and almost stopped playing - and halfway through my first guitar solo (the music was Comfortably Numb), my shoulder strap fell of at the low end of the guitar. This, of course, forced me to hold the guitar in an awkward way - the problem was that I was also supposed to sing, and I couldn't both reach the microphone and play guitar at the same time ... Finally, somebody got me a chair and lowered the microphone, but by then the singing part was almost finished anyway. Despite all the mischief, I managed to play a final solo which was quite well received by the audience, but that didn't save us from finishing as no. 10 out of 10.

Then we started drinking. Beer and whisky. Too much whisky. That's why I have a hangover today.
I'm glad we have this thread because hangovers do suck hard. I feel for you EW, I was there 3 days ago.
Thanks for the sympathy. I am now able to eat without my stomach rioting, and the headache is fading away. I have now entered the phase where I can drink liters of water, soda or coffee non-stop.

And this is a good thread, yes. Tomorrow I may even enjoy reading the discussion about different beers.
I recently drank whiskey that a friend brought from home. it was called "Shtock" I think.
It had a fucking EXPIRATION DATE. I think it was made in 2006, and the expiration sayd something something 2007. Drank it anyway, got sick to my stomach for 2 days.
I didnt even know whiskey has an expiration date.