The Fallen Angel

How good is The Fallen Angel on a scale of 1-10?

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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
A really thunderous intro leads into a decent riff that leads into a great verse that leads to a great pre-chorus that leads to a great chorus. This song is really strong and features some great lyrics and a great performance from all involved. It's a great rocker, all-told. 9


Out of the Silent Planet
Exploding start to the song, heavy riff, the verses are good, the pre-chorus is even better and the chorus is great. Awesome guitar fills under the chorus by Dave. Powerful drumming and all solos are great (love the start of Adrian's solo). The long note at the end by Bruce is top-notch too. Overall, this is a great short rocker. 9/10
love the many flashbacks to Killers throughout this steely, fleeting gem of a banger.

The Fallen Angel seemed filler-ish upon first listen, but as time went by its stature grew - as it stands nearly 20 years since my first listen, its placement is perfect (between the many epics on the album) and the riffage and Bruce's harmonized/layered vocals in the chorus are always a delight.