The Fallen Angel

How good is The Fallen Angel on a scale of 1-10?

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We've heard that lick already in The Clansman. (And that one already sounded familiar because it sounds like a reworked version of the Wasted Years lick).
@Forostar Yes maybe we have but that doesn't bother me. It's a good lick and the context is different and it is in the background.
Things that bother me more are for an example the Em-C-D-Em or Em-C-G-D chord progression that the band uses far to often.
The context is not that different. Like in The Clansman, here it's again used to bring some "variation" in the chorus. To spice it up. The band forgot however, that some people still know the songs in VXI very well, even though it had a different line-up and was made in a less prosperous time. So instead of more variation, it's more recycling.

Fine that it does not bother you! I have become allergic to such deja-vu's.
We've heard that lick already in The Clansman. (And that one already sounded familiar because it sounds like a reworked version of the Wasted Years lick).

Which in turn is quite similar to the lick in Losfer Words. I however don't mind it either.
This is the forgotten gem of the album IMO. As cool as The Mercenary is, I wish they would've played this regularly instead. Or have them both in the set. The main riff has a major Thin Lizzy vibe, love that. The chorus is one of their best. Also one of my favorite Bruce performances on the album. He was really at his peak during this time. The diminished licks are a lot of fun and give this a very sinister vibe.

One of my favorite short rockers of the reunion era.

Some really cool lyrics here, and Adrian's riff is savage. However, the song is too short to be repetitious, which I tolerate much better on longer tracks. 8/10
Comfortably the worst track on the album I think. The "you and only god will know" bit is the only bit of the album I genuinely dislike. The guitars and heaviness are cool though.


The Fallen Angel is another short rocker written by Adrian Smith (the second and final of his writing contributions). It may be one of Maiden’s heaviest songs, with a lead riff that could have come from one of Bruce’s later solo albums. Though it is the shortest song on the album, there is a three guitarist solo trade-off to die for, starting with H’s wah-drenched lead, carried by Murray’s silky legato runs, and climaxing with a massive dynamic shift for Jan’s madcap finale.
Remember that song about the fallen angel? The one that was good? Yeah, this is not Moonchild. Not that bad of a song overall, but it's not that memorable either. Could it be it's the end of the world? Well how the fuck should I know?! And if I ever hear anymore bullshit about being the chosen one...

7/10, because at least it's fun.
I personally find this song to be criminally underrated. I think it's brilliant, both musical and lyrically, just enough to surpass most of Maiden's shorter songs. This should've been released as a single instead of "Out of the Silent Planet", and should've been played live more. Not worthy of a full-on 10, because it's still not a masterpiece, but a 9? Definitely, and a very strong 9.
An OK harmonized opening riff leads into a much better bouncy, greasy riff. The verse is OK, but Bruce struggles to stay on key in parts. The pre-chorus is better, but the chorus isn't quite as good as it needs to be. There's some "Losfer Words" style noodling on top of its second round.

Another run from verse through chorus and we get a pretty cool extended solo section before coming back around to the chorus. Nice extended vocal and crunch on the outro.

This song is generally good, but has a fair amount holding it back as well. Since it's better than other songs I've rated a 6, I'll round it up to a 7/10.
It just came to me that the intro riff is actually almost identical to aces high.