The Concert Thread

Saw Alice in Chains open for Guns N Roses last night at Minute Maid Park (stadium where Houston Astros play). Took my son and his girlfriend.
AIC played good and William screamed his ass off but sound quality wasn't the best.

1 hour 15 minutes later, GnR finally started!
Production was far better than expected and so was Axel. Sure he strains at times but he still has the moves and attitude!
Slash and rest of band were spot on!
Long show (we left during Patience cause kids had school next morning!).
Due to late start, GnR skipped Coma (1 of my favs) as encore but still enjoyed Slither by Velvet Revolver and Estranged.



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Went to see Francis Rossi (of Status Quo fame) live a couple of weeks ago. The show was called Tunes and Chat and that's what we got: nice acoustic versions of Status Quo songs (18 songs in total) with lots of stories about them (the one about What You're Proposing was priceless :lol: ). Very enjoyable!

Next concert will be The Waterboys at the same venue. It will be my 8th time seeing the band live and the first one without fiddle player extraordinaire Steve Wickham, so I am curious about how the band will sound without him.
Saw Unleash the Archers last night. Local band Lycanthro opened - they announced they're off to Birmingham for a festival next summer, which is cool for them. Lutharo and Paladin were the openers. Lutharo wasn't really my bag and Paladin's bassist got turned away at the border so they played as a three piece. Archers were epic as always, mostly playing songs off Abyss with three from Apex, an older song, and a song off their upcoming sixth album. They confirmed an album announcement is coming in January!
Was supposed to see Jesus Jones tonight, but they had last-minute visa issues and had to postpone their U.S. tour to an as-yet-undetermined future date. Bummer.
Finally rescheduled to late March '24. Groovy.
Saw The Waterboys last Saturday. It was the 8th time (and 6th at the same venue) and Mike Scott & co. did not disappoint, although I did miss Steve Wickham's fiddle on the folkier tunes. The Pan Within (with Because the Night intro and outro) was the highlight of the first set, with Strange Boat being my favourite son on the second set, and The Whole of the Moon a sublime encore. Special mention to Long Strange Golden Road and Piper at the Gates of Dawn, with Mike Scott narrating the text from The Wind in the Willows over a hypnotic and mesmerising musical background.
Going to see The Aristocrats in one hour. I already saw Guthrie Govan having dinner at the pub below the place I’m staying.
Saw Metal Church last night with their new singer.
Really tight awesome show!
Seen them many times and they have yet to disappoint.

Past few tours with Mike Howe had only maybe 1 song each in the set from 1st 2 lps, but this tour played half of each of 1st 2 lps!


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Next concert, and probably the last for 2023, would be Fascinating Aïda. I cannot wait!

Excellent show by Fascinating Aïda in Guildford last week on their 40th anniversary tour. They had me in stitches all night, with a mix of old and new songs, including one about A Tory MP, which basically was a hilarious recipe on how to create one mixing the characteristics of baddies from different eras and films (these ladies do not pull their punches). Absolutely hilarious and one that would have made @THESEVENTHMARINER very happy.

Here's one of the oldies they played last week:

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So far things for 2024 look relatively quiet on the concert front. I have tickets to see Suede and Manic Street Preachers at Cardiff Castle in July with my wife and daughter (second night), and also a ticket to see them again in London. I might go to see Tool in London with a mate in June.

I have seen that a Maiden tribute (Ion Maiden... a fully charged one it seems) are also coming to town in February. Has anyone here ever seen them live?
Haven't bought tix yet but plan to see:
November- Mammoth WVH/Nita Strauss
December- Iron Maidens/Burning Witches

January- Mr Big
February- Haken
Living Colour/Extreme (maybe; depends on work)
April - Steve Hackett (ditto)
August - Hagar/Satriani/Bonham/ Anthony with Loverboy

Bought tix for:
May - Steve Vai/Joe Satriani
September- Creed/3 Doors Down
November- Maiden (Ft Worth)!!!
March - Jesus Jones (rescheduled from June '23, $72 after taxes and fees for 4th row center seating)
May - Judas Priest ($90 after taxes and fees for back-half nosebleeds in a smaller venue???)
October - Iron Maiden ($300 after taxes and fees for a moderately close second-row side section arena seat?!?!)

Not sure how the Priest ticket is going to work out -- I've never been to the venue before, so the side balcony seat could be pretty decent or could be not so great. Figured I should see Priest live at least once before they call it quits. Probably should've caught them last time with Queensrÿche instead, but Sabaton will have to do...

Not willing to pay more than $100/ticket for anything other than Bruce or Maiden at this point, and I'm still pretty steamed about the price of the Maiden ticket. Oh well.
I just paid $110 for a front of the balcony seat for Priest/Sabaton. Honestly, I almost didn't pull the trigger, but it's a good seat and it will definitely be the last time I pay to see Judas Priest. If I justify it as $55 per band, it's really not so bad.
Floor was cheaper for Maiden, another reason to pick it.
Yeah, I'm too old to enjoy spending an entire evening standing, being shoved, and constantly smelling a combination of jock sweat and pot smoke with a moderate risk of having beer spilled on me or being puked on. Reserved seating all the way for me. I'm willing to pay a small premium for that privilege, but there's outright gouging going on post-pandemic.

FWIW, the balcony seating for Priest was only ~$10 higher than the floor price. The Maiden tickets were on a whole different level, and more than half of the gouging was on Ticketmaster's end rather than the band's, but still...