"The Book of Souls" - Official pre-release thread (CONTAINS ALBUM SPOILERS)

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I'm not entirely sure, but I think Kyle Boyack was referring to "Charlotte the Harlot" there and not "Starblind." Or at least, I'd hope that's what he meant by that comment. ;)

I'm very curious to see where Bruce takes "If Eternity Should Fail." I think that'll be a bit of a surprise, especially with all of the focus on "Empire of the Clouds."
Here, it's the 2nd highest rated song of the album, after WTWWB. And, if you understand the subject matter of Starblind and then look at the name of If Eternity Should Fail, it actually makes perfect sense.
I was saying it was my least favorite song.The verse and choruses are only two different rythms so it gets boring to me. But I like the song and how the whole song is pretty much a guitar solo. The middle sections is really cool to that song though. But my top 3 from the album are, WTWWB, Mother of Mercy, and the talisman.
Steve said no Book of Souls would see the light of day before somebody bought his freaking house already!
I really did think that was Bruce for a minute, but upon doing a quick search online it turns out its actually "City of Golden Gates" by Attick Demons:

Not a bad song though, even if they are an attempted Maiden clone!
Thanks a lot! I didn't know of their existance. The voice is very similar, but at 2:30 I started to have some doubts...
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