Shadows Of The Valley

How good is Shadows of the Valley on a scale of 1-10?

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Educated Fool
I feel like this track gets dismissed solely because of the intro.

It has happened with me. I was kinda mad with the wasted years intro and that made me dislike this song just because. Bad choice. Once I got over the wasted years intro, I started to like it and now I am in love with it. Probably top 3 or 4 from the album.
It's beginning to become one of my favourite maiden moments. Adrians solo before that bit is also very different

Adrian's solo is really nice. It sounds like a part of the wind sweeping across the valley of death. Or a raven journeying high above. those comparing the opening to Wasted Years also compare the main riff in Hallowed Be Thy Name to the final part of Gengis Khan?
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Lampwick 43

Barstool Warrior
This song is settling in nicely as my #3 of the album. (Behind TBOS and TRATB.) I've said it before, but I'm still holding out hope that this song will make it on to the live setlist. 8/10


Ancient Mariner
Think this song is squeaking into my top 10 nowadays. Fantastic, fantastic song. I actually really enjoy the Wasted Years intro and hope they play it live to troll the living daylights out of people.

Brave New Pilgrim

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I love the melodies in this song, particularly towards the end. Could have done without the last chorus section, though. Still amongst my favorites on the album.


8/10. This one is my 2nd least favorite on The Book Of Souls ahead of Death Or Glory, which sucks because that's an entire side on vinyl. That being said, it's still a good song on a great album! The intro is really the only thing I don't care for on the song, but the rest makes up for it. Maybe this song will grow on me more eventually.

Lampwick 43

Barstool Warrior
8/10. This one is my 2nd least favorite on The Book Of Souls
This is interesting. This song is my 3rd favorite of the album, yet I also give it 8/10 as well. Either we have different rating systems, or you must LOVE this album immensely.

For the record, this is legitimately my favorite album since 7th Son, and my #3 Maiden album overall.

I did think about giving this song a 9/10, but I keep that reserved for incredible songs, While 10/10 is strictly for masterpieces.


the Office Block Persecution Affinity CEO
Well, for me it's 9/10, along with 9/10 for both TBOS and TRATB. In my opinion this album does not have masterpieces, being in fact the first album since Virtual to do so. :D


the Office Block Persecution Affinity CEO
Still not getting the love for this one. Can't get into it.

Well, I too wasn't convinced at first... I didn't like the Wasted intro. But then I concentrated on Bruce ("Mind over matter..." ... "Into the valley of death...") and my appreciation has grown a lot.


Ancient Mariner
It's growing on me, I'm beginning to like it, along with The Great Unknown.

The only song I really can't get into is When The River Runs Deep.


Ghost of the Navigator
This song has some of my favorite lyrics from the album.
"Into the valley of death, fear no evil
We will go forward no matter the cost
Into the valley of death, follow me now
Bring me your souls and I'll make it our last"


Libera et impera!
The more I listen to this, the more I think this is the best song on the album, and potentially a 10/10 track (or at least a 9). It almost seems like a hybrid, like a mad scientist threw some previous Maiden songs together in a blender, and yet, it works, and works stupendously.

Bruce, the lyrics, the riffs, that's amazing.


So, based on interviews with band members or people's overall reaction to this track, what do you guys think is the likelihood of it being played on the upcoming tour?