Shadows Of The Valley

How good is Shadows of the Valley on a scale of 1-10?

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This appears to be least anticipated song on the album, as it's the last to receive any comment on this board.
With The Book of Souls ending disc 1 and Death or Glory starting disc 2 in a solid manner, the high level remains. The song has an intro in which the lead guitar recalls Wasted Years. At some point I thought I heard a sentence ending with "... Sea of Madness!"

This is the second song having a part with "Montségur"-style riffing. Solo order: J / A / D.

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This song has epic written all over it. A lot of other people have already called this song boring, but it's the exact opposite. It's like Where Eagles Dare was on Somewhere in Time, but then the chorus is just blinding. Perhaps one of the best songs on the album. 10/10
Another song that will most likely be a sleeper, which is a shame, because this song is just so energetic, pounding, and a joy to listen to.
If I hadn't read the credits, I'd swear this was a Smith song (Fallen Angel, Lord of Light)
It's just the riff after the chorus that screams Jan.
To me this is actually, and I have to say surprisingly, the song that is most "post-reunion" on BoS so far... And very Jan'ish! But I mean this in a good way!!
Haha ;) Always though of Jan as a stellar songwriter, so for his sake NO! :p But if everything sounded post-reunion guess that would be a bit boring. This album is surprisingly fresh and breaks a lot of barriers! ..blablah, NO I guess i cannot mean this in a bad way! haha ;)
Jan is so underrated that it actually huts. I mean - Adrian is my all time favorite beacuse he's just pure awesomness (is that even a word? Maybe pure Smithnes is better? Whatever!) but Jan is briliant and this album prove this big time.
I like how this album sound. Shadows of the valley is one of my favorite songs on this album at this moment. So many great melodies...
I dont know if I'm translated this correctly but i just love the way Bruce sings "Ask them the queeeeeestioooons.......tell them noooo lieeeeeesss"
(first time between 1:35 - 1:42). And yes, the guitar part in the beginning is a variant of wasted years but in slow motion.

I like this song very much! Not so much on the first listen but it has grown as hell on me.
And more amazing melodic guitars to open this one up! I love the Wasted Years feel to them. And I went insane when first hearing "listen closely to THE raven's call"!