Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021


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I remember that after the TBOS leak we could discuss it here under spoiler tags, we just weren't alllowed to post how to download it and ask for links and PMs.


It seems that I'm the one here who didn't pre-order the album... I always prefer to buy CD's or vinyls in my usual record store the day when they are released, 'cause of the problems with the shippings. The new Maiden is no exception...
I cancelled my Amazon pre-order when my local record shop told me they'd have it on the day. I'll be there when it opens, then go up the road to ASDA to get the limited edition beer and t-shirt.
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But if you’d dreamt that you’d heard the album, you could certainly comment on what you’d imagined the album sounded like! :ok:
I swear I had a dream earlier in the week that the title track was playing and it was literally just layers upon layers of taiko drums. Like, imagine a classic Maiden mid-solo harmony that's just played on taiko drums of different pitches. Just remember thinking in the dream they surely weren't going to play that one live. :bigsmile:


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You're forgetting that Iron Maiden fans aren't Tool fans or Yes fans. The reason why basically nobody is bored when Maiden play The Red and the Black or even Seventh Son is because the songs are usually sandwiched between shorter or more universally recognizeable tracks.


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How about giving 0 shits about reviews and actually just hearing the album and then deciding. The psychological thing about reviews is they bend your expectations towards the album and when you hear the actual thing you almost end up not liking it as much as you thought you would. So let’s not get too hyped up about the reviews and just hear the album. 8 days more to go.


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Judging by dates this is big f*** up from someone. When I preordered CD day after Senjutsu was available to buy shop informed me that they will deliver album no sooner that on 9th of September.