I just finished listening to The War to End All Wars.

Terrible fucking album.

It didn't make much of an impact for me on release, but I've just recently re-discovered it and been enjoying it a fair bit. Although I still don't know enough Sabaton to compare it to earlier albums, but I do think it's better than The Great War.

Why didn't you like it?
I think the album is OK. A step down from The Great War for me, which I like quite a bit, but the new one still has a few memorable tracks.
Absolutely terrible. Just very Sabaton by the numbers, nothing really interesting or inspired, and the constant sappy/happy tone really bothered me. This isn't a band trying to challenge themselves at all.
The crazy thing about being a Sabaton fan is that I can agree with these points and still enjoy the album.
Yeah these are all criticisms you could’ve lobbied at Sabaton since at least Heroes if not earlier. Just a matter of which uninspired retread you end up liking. I’m just glad the album has some bops and isn’t nearly as meh as The Last Stand. Still wish they’d push themselves though.
This isn't a band trying to challenge themselves at all.

To be completely fair, this is basically Sabaton. They found their formula with Art of War at the latest and stuck with it, the only development being a drift further and further into the disco sphere.
Instead of paying $50 for a shirt at recent Sabaton show, went to their website and saw the previous US tour (which I saw) shirt was more than half off so I bought that Instead.

It was shipped in a cool Sabaton bag!
Also included Sabaton official 50 page magazine!
Anybody going to see them on this massive arena tour in Europe?
Still cant belive that Sabaton is biggest metal band in Europe minus Maiden and Rammstein. I would say they sell even more tickets than Nightwish.