Ancient Mariner
New album Carolus Rex will be out in May 2012 and it will be available on English and Swedish language.

Sabaton’s new lineup !

Joakim Brodén – Vocals
Pär Sundström – Bass
Chris Rörland – Guitars
Thobbe Englund – Guitars
Robban Bäck – Drums
Yeah, I saw a short video introducing the new band members. Hopefully the changes won't have too much of a (negative) impact; but let's be honest, the band is mostly about the singer, who I believes does the majority of the songwriting too.
Looking forward to the new album. Do I understand you correctly there, and each song will be available in each language? Or is it a mixture?
but let's be honest, the band is mostly about the singer,

Indeed, so I'm not really worried. I also like the change in lyrical direction: It's modest enough to keep the band recognisable, and different enough to keep it fresh.
2 different CDs I assume. Just like e.g. Trust who did that with their French and English versions. These had the same music, but different vocals (and lyrics naturally) and different album titles.

In the case of Sabaton I can imagine that the album titles are the same.
That chorus didn't come from beyond my imagination.
Actually, it came straight out of Gamma Ray's "Beyond the Black Hole":

Listen to that song and the Sabaton one suddenly drags as hell.
I must confess to being disappointed with those two songs (by which I mean the two Sabaton songs, although that Gamma Ray one doesn't do it for me either).
I like the first one much more (still this is blown out of the sky by the GR-midpiece alone though. ;-) )
Random note: I knew that Sabaton were big in Poland. Did not know they are beyond huge. Headlining Europes supposedly biggest festival with several hundred thousand attendants... Looking forward to their annual headliner slot at Falun Rockstad (local festical in their hometown where I currently reside, in two weeks. Nat's going too)
I've become a big Sabaton nut after recently discovering them and they fit my ipod as i get most of my metal from the continent. And come... November? i think i'll get to see how they deliver live in Manchester :edmetal:
As theyve retained all the writing talent in the band the huge change in lineup has'nt really translated into an appreciable change in direction or sound and a pretty nice transition. Also interesting Carolus Rex has been supplied in English/Swedish when im in the process of trying to learn Swedish :D
They are getting worse with every album IMO. Primo Victoria, Attero Dominatus and The Art Of War are pretty awesome, Metalizer is terrible, Coat Of Arms and Carolus Rex are too simplistic and formulaic.
i agree with metalizer except for two songs which are pretty catchy (birds of war and shadows) but really thats a redo of their first... release? so i wouldnt say it shows of their progression, through all of their other albums i see a pretty consistent band however moving to a cleaner sound
I'm another recent Sabaton discoveree, thanks to LooseCannon/Perun on chat the other month. I can't say that the later albums are worse but they've certainly been played less by me.

Back when I was first getting into music (and a little again these days because I am not listening to as much new stuff) I used to usually only have 1-2 new albums at a time, and I would put them on in the background whilst doing other things. If I found something catching - be it tune, lyrics, whatever - after a few rotations I would sit down and give it a real listen paying full attention. Let's just say it's been a long time since I have found myself 'joining in' before the first play has ended (Panzer Batallion!).... whether that's good or bad I don't know. It could mean over simplicity/predictable, but I like the songs so who cares!

Voice reminds me of Lordi a bit, but less growl.
They certainly provide a punchy energetic break from any combination of symphonic metal or lengthier maiden songs or folk metal im listening to lately. :edmetal:
Came home just now from Sabaton's headliner gig at Rockstad Falun (home town gig). Even better than last year - And even more pyro. And even larger audience, 10 000. Great gig. I appreciate Carolus Rex a wee bit more, the songs worked very well live.

Iced Earth was awesome as well yesterday.
I have just started listening to Sabaton and I am thoroughly enjoying them so far. I've picked up Carolus Rex and Coat of Arms already, and I shall continue to work my way backwards in time!

Small note: I looked up the original version of "Twilight of the Thunder God" (as I am not an Amon Amarth fan) and Sabaton's version slays it!