Russia invades Ukraine

Rest in pieces, ruzzian occupants. Now imagine, if the West still would fear the ESCALATION. :facepalm: This precise strike would be impossible.
Now you see, that FIRE MUST BE FOUGHT WITH THE FIRE. After Ukraine damaged several ruzzian navy ships, Black Sea is no more under rashists blocade, and if I am right, several grain ships already left Ukrainian ports. So, one more time: fight those bastards with all the best arms, no negotiations until they left occupied territories. They only understand language of power and might. When they are kicked in the teeth, so to speak. No truce or ceasefire, because putin needs to recover his army and recoup military strength. Only forward, till the complete Ukrainian victory. The Ring (putins regime) must be destroyed.

This video clearly shows how you must deal with aggressor. Only then he will retreat and leave you alone. Do you think negotiations would change anything? (Oh, yes, Ukraine would lose it's purse territories) In Ukraine's case the West is obliged to give Ukraine all arms that are needed to kick russia in the teeth. Only then international law and order will be saved. And if you don't get it it.... then we are doomed.

People, read and learn:

"There was a time, not too long ago, when people debated if sending helmets to Ukrainian soldiers would cross russia’s “red line”. Seriously.

Yet every single time one of russia’s so-called red lines is crossed, the people telling you to fear apocalyptic consequences suddenly lose interest in that one. It’s always the next red line we are supposed to fear.

Remember when russia held a big ceremony with all its elites to celebrate its illegal annexation and declared those territories “russia forever”?

Commentators insisted that meant there’s no way the russian psyche could ever possibly handle any loss of that occupied territory without those mysterious souls resorting to nuclear Armageddon.

Yet the ceremonial ink was barely dry when russia made more “tactical retreats” (or “goodwill gestures”) and hardly anyone in russia cared.

Remember the moskva was hailed by russia as a proudly unsinkable flagship. Then it was just an old ship whose loss was no big deal. ‘Look, here’s most of the crew in a parade’, they showed off afterwards. ‘This is fine’.

It’s always russia that afterwards dismisses any suggestion of humiliation to the point that it’s illegal to criticise the military for withdrawals and losses anyway.

The latest example is, of course, Ukraine’s devastatingly effective strikes on the black sea fleet in Crimea where the temporary occupation is becoming increasingly untenable.

You’d think the fact this hasn’t resulted in WW3 would be a bigger story. Remember, a lot of people with way too much influence insisted that would be the case.

The real story though is how many Ukrainian lives have been wasted by not giving Ukraine more help and more quickly. This will be the story of this war that future generations studying this period will scorn us for.

In the Baltics, we know a thing or two about how russia’s threats work (and how to ensure they don’t work).

For decades, the Baltics have been told we are risking russia’s wrath when standing up to it. But, to us, only international law constitutes red lines. It is this attitude that has kept us free, secure, prosperous independent democracies.

Russia’s aggression is still based on its old adage: “Push through mush, stop at steel”. The aggression will always worsen when it perceives weakness and when it believes it can get away with few consequences. Like when we get mushy over their imaginary red lines. That enables russia to advance and keep insisting that it has more red lines. When Russia advances on that weakness and feels fewer consequences, its threats get louder. The real risk of a much larger war will also increase when russian aggression is rewarded.

This isn’t 4D chess. Russia is just a classic bully, as sophisticated as in any school playground.

Conversely, russia de-escalates when it encounters strength. Don’t worry about what excuses it will have to tell its people. It will lie as it always does. It will ignore the contradictions with its previous positions. And almost no one in russia will care.

Russia lied itself into this war and can always as easily lie itself out of it.

It’s time to remember what red lines really matter for our world. Aggressors don’t set them. That’s how world wars start. Instead, we have the UN Charter and international law. That’s how we ended the last world war. We agreed all sovereign nations could rule themselves and choose their own security alliances. We agreed we’d never again let aggressors tear up borders and commit genocide.

The Baltics tried to warn the world in 2014 that if russia didn’t face proper consequences for invading and occupying Crimea, it would keep escalating. And so it did. The world should have helped Ukraine more then.

But it’s never too late to help Ukraine more now. We will all always pay a higher price next time if we shirk our responsibility to confront aggression.

If you want de-escalation, support a victory for Ukraine and a tribunal for russia."

Source: Bad Baltic Takes
Hmmm... I wonder how Roger Waters will defend Gaza, after today's events.
And yes, I agree that russia is involved in all of this. One or another way. By the way, today is putins birthday. Coincidence? (And 50 years since Yom Kippur war)


After latest putin's speech at annual Valdai meeting in Sochi... If anyone still wants to negotiate with him, then he is mentally disabled. Period.
And Scholz is a coward. Criminally. By his refuse to give ukrainians Taurus, he sends submissive signals to putin. In longterm such inaction may have very bad consequences. Esp. If Trump will become the next president of US. :facepalm: Which leads to another conclusion, that Biden is also very 'wrong'. Regarding gun portioning.
Also we can draw a conclusion, that the weaker the West's response will be to putin's war, the more unstable regions we will see in the future. Democracies without teeth are worth nothing. That's reality of our world for ya.


I agree. Dear West, keep ignoring the problem... But the problem is... it won't go away. You will have to deal with This. And you know it.

Connect the dots...

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That last post summarizes it all quite well. Escalation? How do you "escalate" a conflict when it is already at a level where a large country's very existence as an independent nation is at play, and where their infrastructure is attacked on a regular basis from land, air, and sea? The only thing I would consider an escalation here is if a NATO country decided to attack Russia themselves.

Donating aircraft, long-range missiles and tanks only serves to level the playing field. Mordor does not have air superiority as such, but they do have a larger capacity for air strikes and allowing Ukraine to defend or strike back cannot in any sense of the word be called escalation.
Scholz and other political leaders, it's not too late to wake up. Later the price will be even higher. Or... all they will continue to do is to "strongly condemn" :facepalm:

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You know, You don't have to look over my shoulder with a prepared "taser" (ban, etc.) right? As for Scholz, maybe some Maiden fans from Germany are reading. They have the power to influence their government.

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edit2: Also, this thread is called russia invades Ukraine. Germany is involved. I am expressing my concerns. So....
edit3: If my concerns annoys You. It's only Your problem.
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You know, You don't have to look over my shoulder with a prepared "taser" (ban, etc.) right?
I've let you post in here without saying anything for months, because the thread is functionally dead as you simply post twitter links and rant on without any level of intelligent thought or desire for actual conversation. I might as well *close* the thread.
As for Scholz, maybe some Maiden fans from Germany are reading. They have the power to influence their government.
That's right, they do, and they aren't going to listen to your histrionics.

edit: You know Iron Maiden doesn't read Maidenfans, right?
Not relevant.

edit2: Also, this thread is called russia invades Ukraine. Germany is involved. I am expressing my concerns. So....
You have killed this thread, and I didn't say not to express your concerns. Stop creating little strawmen to beat up.

edit3: If my concerns annoys You. It's only Your problem.
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So, Axis of Evil of our generation is formed. China, russia, Iran. Plus smaller satelittes. Now we have USA's involvement into Ukraine's war and Israel's.
Imagine, North Korea (with China's blessing) decides to invade South Korea. This will deplete US resources even more. And only then, as a cherry on top, China will invade Taiwan. US and whole Europe suddenly will find itself in a grave situation.
Well any of those wars are possible but I don't know about the US and the whole of Euope being in a grave situation. Those countries bordering Russia, and former Soviet states, absolutely.

I don't see any joined up axis. Opportunism, yes, but it's hardly a co-ordinated plot. I don't see China backing wars that harm China's trade.

Iran is too busy trying to subjugate its own people.
Those countries bordering Russia, and former Soviet states, absolutely.
I live here. :rolleyes:
I don't see China backing wars that harm China's trade.
I agree about this aspect. The fact that China is trading with the democratic world may have big impact on decision not to go to war.
But I think there is some sort of coordination. there's a big chance that russia and Iran is involved in latest atrocities that happened in Israel.
Well, Iran has been the primary backer for Hamas and Hezbollah for decades, now. There's research suggesting that Iran used cryptocurrencies to send hundreds of millions of US dollars to Hamas, Hezbollah and PIJ. And Bibi was getting pretty snuggly with Putin, until this attack, when Putin dropped him publicly basically immediately. I'm not sure how much Russia had to do with it - destabilizing the Israel-KSA relations normalization process seems a more immediate goal for Iran than anything - but dividing up western supplies and making the west supply Israel as well as NATO certainly plays into Putin's hands.