Posting a new meme everyday 'til Iron Maiden releases new studio album


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Day 264
So next week you will have beaten that guy
Well done!!! :clap:

It's amazing that he just started at a random date and it by coincidence runs to almost the exact same length of time as the dream theatre fan.

It is a weird coincidence, isn't it? Or is it...

And isn't it even weirder that Dream Theater just recently published a song named "The Alien"? Hm, hm....


After the war?
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Great Maidenfans Meme War.
Sauce, please.

Mr MR is marching by the beat of his own drum, and I think it is even harder to make a new meme with the same template every day. So, kudos for that. As per last meme, I find that whole situation hilarious. If he didn't recreate that photo at least a dozen times throughout his life, I wouldn't say a thing. There was a quote somewhere on Twitter that was spot on. It went something like: "If there were only a photo for a situation like that, something like a baby trying to grab a dollar bill..." But alas, none of us are saints, for example:

Day 265