Posting a new meme everyday 'til Iron Maiden releases new studio album


Meme Lord
Title says it all.

I got the idea from the Dream Theater reddit and this guy "Moopyisdank" did it for 266 consecutive days until "Distant Memories" came out.

I'm probably going to fail, get tired or run out of memes. However, this is at least a good reason to log in everyday and write something (for example, what the hell did you guys do in GMAC?!?!?!)

DISCLAIMER: The following memes are of dubious quality and it should be not viewed by anyone.

Welcome to the shit show.
Day 1
Something recent:

I hope you’re ready to do this every day for the rest of your life.
But we know for a fact it was recorded in Paris and finalized the same day Bruce had chicken for dinner. Steve dreamt about football that very same night and Dave smiled for an hour straight after 8 beers at the pub.
Day 6
At least until 2018...


@Zare Oh, backup! Nice. And if we think on the same person, one of those button would be really worn off lately...
@Diesel 11 Nope. Maiden England is a done deal: 3 legs - 3 years. LOTB is starting to look like "Lost". 4 years in, 5th on the horizon and who knows what awaits us in 6th season (I hope we get better ending than "Lost" did.)